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Mar 19 update – District Conference Norwich ‘My kind of town’ #Norwich2019

District Conference: Norwich ‘My kind of town’ #Norwich2019

Red Skelton Conference Team member – Immediate past District Director

”Norwich” is my kind of town; might not be the exact words that were sang by Frank Sinatra in 1964 but, they will be the words that everyone will be singing while attending the Norwich Toastmasters Conference in 2019. #Norwich2019

There will be so much to do and so much to see that the time you spend at the conference will whizz by. You will have the chance to listen to Accredited Speaker (AS) Eldonna Lewis Fernandez AS, only the 68th Toastmaster to be awarded this coveted title. She will be telling us about the ”Art of Negotiation”. Marcus Hemsley will be the second Key Note Speaker who is the co-founder of a Google Global Award Marketing Agency. Marcus will be telling us about his journey and how his success is attributed to Toastmasters.

You will have the privilege of enjoying some world class entertainment each night. The D-Day Darlings, who became famous on Britain’s Got Talent, will be performing on Friday evening. The Rock Vox Choir will be entertaining you on the Saturday evening before Dinner and The Joe Ringer Band will be your entertainment for Saturday evening.

Friday will be 8 Semifinals where you will get the chance to listen to the best of the best from our District competing for a place in the finals being held on Saturday and Sunday. Along with the Council Meeting being held on Saturday, where the elections will be held for the 2019-2020 Toastmasters year. Also, any District business will be discussed and voted.

Will you be singing ”Norwich Is My Kind of Town” with us? If so, great will be seeing you there! If, you have not booked but are thinking about it, don’t think about it and book. If, you are not thinking about it, please do. Please think about all the fun and camaraderie you will experience and book the conference now. You will then be singing ”Norwich Is My Kind of Town”.

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#WeAreToastmasters shout outs

January Update District Conference, #Norwich2019

By Red Skelton DTM, Conference Team Member

What does Norwich, 1940s, May 2019, fun, educational and yourself all have in common? If you guessed the 2019 Norwich Conference you would be 100% correct. I am getting excited that we are only five (5) months away from what will be a fantastic and history making conference.

Fantastic? You bet. We will have two outstanding Key note speakers. Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, Accredited Speaker, Toastmasters International will be visiting us from the United States. Eldonna speaks all over the world and we are fortunate to have her come to Norwich for her Keynote and will also be presenting a workshop. Our own Marcus Hemsley is our second Keynote speaker from Norwich. Marcus is the Founder of a Strategic Digital Marketing company, Fountain. Marcus has worked with many well-known companies but also enjoys working with start-up companies as well. Fountain has been awarded two prominent awards in 2017; Growing Businesses Online Award for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Four weeks later, Fountain was a Global Google award winner. He will be presenting both a keynote and a workshop, so we are very fortunate to have Marcus at our conference.


History Making? You bet. For the first time in our history, we will be holding eight (8) Semi Finals and four (4) finals Speech competitions at one conference. Please come along and support your Division Contestant in each of the Semi Finals and for those lucky enough to make it to the final, they will need your support to help them win!!

Please go to for more information and to book your place. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new. If you have any questions, please email

June ’19 Public Relations

Public Relations

Daniel Sandars, DTM District 71 Public Relations Manager

This is my 11th and final District Newsletter. It has been an incredible year and a great pleasure. I wish my successor Brenda Lannon as much fun and good fortune as I enjoyed.

A cast of hundreds have helped deliver this year’s newsletter and I thank you all. I’d like to specifically thank my regular newsletter contributors Ted Corcoran, Elizabeth Jordan, Sudha Mani, John Kendall, Alex Knibbs, and the District Leadership Team. Special mention goes to all 12 of the Division Directors; Phillip, Larry, Barry, Shaun, Andy, Pat, Alex, Steve, Colm, Teresa, John and Avril and their teams who each brought in such informative news.

This year we aimed to deliver the District Newsletter in both email pdf hard copy and online as socially shareable articles. It is a bit more work, but it gives the articles written by hardworking members far more utility and durability.

One area where that durability may pay off well are the educational collections of best practice case studies that were introduced to ease the burdens of writing content on the Division teams. I really enjoyed collating these and we covered Pathways (twice), Club Coaching, Public Relations, Speechcraft, Youth Leadership Program, Community outreach, New Club Building, and Membership Building strategies.


Chantal Cooke is a PR agent retained by Districts 71 and 91 to promote an article a month to the national press. Last year the combined editorial value generated by this program was estimated at 0.55 million Euro (£0.5 million) with a combined readership of 40 million.

District 71 had a bumper year and put forward articles from nine members

September 2018 Sudha Mani
What to do when things go wrong with your presentation

October 2018 Richard Foster Fletcher
What to say to a staff member who’s done a terrible job

November 2018 Vinette Hoffman Jackson
Ten of the best, unusual and most effective props

December 2018 Karen O’Donnell 8 presentation pitfalls to avoid if you want to close more deals/make more sales

I’d like to thank all these splendid authors who have done such a magnificent job. Gordan Adam won the draw for a free #Norwich2019 conference ticket. Special grateful mention must go to Kit Cheng whose article How to build your confidence in public speaking proved a better fit in the District Newsletter.

February 2019 Gordan Adams How to create an attention-grabbing opening for your speech

May 2019 Jean Stewart How to add humour to your speech/presentation – even if you are not a comedian.

June 2019 Sam Warner Opening Doors – Top Ten Tips to Delegate Effectively.

Pending Rebecca Pepper How to use storytelling to ensure your message is remembered for a lifetime.

Pending Simon Day Empowering Others through Effective Feedback

#WowFactor Video

District 71 had one entry in this global initiative from Toastmasters International

Cranfield Speakers Club #WowFactor video. Based on the Moments of Truth club quality audit and part of International President Lark Dooley’s theme for 2019 at Toastmasters International #WeAreToastmasters

Cranfield’s Vice President of Public Relations Anita Devi accepts the District incentive Timing Lights

Timing Lights -Controls on the reverse

District Conference Agenda and Booking

District Conference #Norwich2019

By Red Skelton DTM, Conference Team Member

Dear Fellow D71 members,

The Agenda is finalized and it is my pleasure to announce to you the line-up for the upcoming Norwich Conference (Please click on Conference Agenda to be directed to document)

What an action packed three days this conference will offer to those that book. There will be a total of 6 workshops and two Keynote speakers. There will be a total of 12 speech contests; 8 Semi-finals and 4 finals. There will be a Candidate Showcase where those running for District office will be asked a series of questions, so you will know them better. The District Council meeting will be on Saturday where our new District officers will be elected, and any motions will be voted on. There will be entertainment each evening and a lot of food. So, the question is…. What are you waiting for?

Keep an eye on the website for additional information and remember, “Keep Calm and Book Early Bird”

Norwich Conference 2019 May 10 – 12 May 2019

Come, see and hear great speakers at our eight semi-finals and four finals of the Humorous Speech, International Speech, Table Topics and Evaluation Contests.

All the semi-finals will be held on Friday the 10th May.

The finals of the International Speech and the Table Topics Contest will be held Saturday 11th May, and the finals of the Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests will be Sunday 12th May.

For more details please go to:

District 71 Conference Early Bird deals

Join us at the Conference Norwich 10th – 12th May 2019 #Norwich2019

For the first time ever, we will have a District Conference that will feature 8 Semi-Finals and all 4 Speech Competitions: Humorous, International, Evaluation and Table Topics finals. It’s going to be quite an event!

WE’RE going BACK in time to the 1940’s!

It’s called the ‘Conference’ for good reason! So the theme this year is the fabulous 40’s! There will be a grand celebration on the Friday night, with a big band suited to the occasion. So pick your perfect period costume and join in on all of the fun!

Dancing to The Joe Ringer Band

Saturday: Keynote Speakers

Eldonna Lewis Fernandez

Marcus Hemsley


Friday – Sunday Early Bird Rate Only
Friday Only
Saturday & Sunday
Saturday Only
Sunday Only
Partner Saturday Only
Gala Dinner Night Only

Accommodation details and costs are on the conference website

Stage Payments Available on Full Package Friday – Sunday Only

Special Guests the D-Day Darlings

2019 District 71 Conference

Norwich, Norfolk 10th to 12th May 2019

Our 2019 Toastmasters Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn, Norwich from the 10th to the 12th May 2019.
In keeping, the theme of the Conference is the 1940’s so there’s plenty of scope for the Friday evening fancy dress.

Come and hear the four District Speech Finals and Keynote speaker – Eldonna Lewis Fernandez.  Entertainment will be provided by the D-Day Darlings from Britain’s Got Talent and the Joe Ringer Band.  There will be educational workshops, the District Council Meeting and much, much more.

There’s also lots to see in and around Norwich so why not make a holiday of it and think about booking now.

Go on to for more information and to book.
Looking forward to seeing you there.

Kindest regards


John Cox

Program Quality Director | District 71


Next Conference

2020 Conference Killarney, Co. Kerry 

22 – 24 May 2020

Immediate Past Conference


2019 Conference Norwich, Norfolk – 10 to 12 May 2019

At the District Council Meeting held on 11 May 2019, the Council approved four contests to be held at the next Conference in Killarney, Co. Kerry on 22 – 24 May 2020.


Sharing ideas, stories and information

Your contribution to the newsletter is welcomed! Please send articles, news, photos and information directly to our Public Relations Manager 2019-20, Brenda Lannon

Click on the link to open the newsletter or PDF.



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