April ’19 Membership Growth – Beat the Clock

Membership Growth – Beat the Clock

1ST MAY – 30TH JUNE 2019

By Gerard Mannix, Club Growth Director

District 71 has been very successful in growing membership each year by increasing the percentage of new member intake from year to year. Last year, 2017-18, our percentage intake of new members was the highest since the District reformed in 2014. A growing club and subsequently a growing district, is dynamic, and everyone benefits. Growing members feeds into the distinguished club program and into the distinguished district program.

Every club should aim to leave their club strong in membership when they hand over to the incoming committee on the 30th June. To facilitate this there are some excellent incentives for adding members in May and June.

Club incentives

  • Add 1-2 members ………..$50 voucher to purchase goods at TI store
  • Add 3-4 members…………$100 voucher to purchase goods at TI store
  • Add 5+ members………….$150 voucher to purchase goods at TI store

Add +5 members to enter a draw for a ticket to the Killarney conference, May 2020


Walsall Toastmasters club get a paid voucher for the Norwich Conference. This well-deserved prize is from “Talk up Toastmasters” 1st February-31st March where the club added 11 new members. A new club from September 2018 thriving. Three clubs brought in 10+ members in this period.

The draw took place at the Listowel Toastmasters meeting

Congratulations to all clubs in the endeavour to welcome new members.

PLEASE, PLEASE never lose that momentum. CLUB GROWTH Director, Gerard Mannix

Welcome & Congratulations

Dublin 15 Toastmasters Chartered on the 31st March 2019 in District 71, Area C16

Wednesday / 1st & 3rd 8:00PM

10th new club of 2018-19

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