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Nov 2018

Dan Rex’s visit to Ireland, Toastmastering in Division H, collated case studies from the Youth Leadership Program, the Prize quiz and much more in the November District 71 Newsletter

Oct 2018

Early bird offers at the Norwich Conference, District Incentives 2018-19, Toastmastering in Division E, An educational insight into Club Coaching, and the Prize quiz

Aug-Sept 2018

News from the international Convention, Features on the Program Quality Director, Division G and Public Relations, and the Prize quiz

Jul-Aug 2018

Welcome to District 71 Toastmasters year 2018-2019

June 2018

Public Relations Manager 2017-18 Laura Bruce’s final edition.
Highlights in this issue: Guest Division G articles (English Eastern Counties); Red Skelton and other Members of the outgoing District Leadership Team give their reviews and hopes for the future; and Ted Corcoran takes us back in time!

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Summer 2017 newsletter District 71 Toastmasters

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September 2016 Newsletter


August 2016 Newsletter

Gayna Cooper – The best salesmen don’t sell they get sales

Carmel Wynne – How indirect communication leads to misunderstanding in the workplace

Aaron Hanway – How to be remarkable in front of an audience

D71 Newsletter Feb 16

Aaron Hanway – The most important rule of selling
Aaron Hanway – How to learn 5 essential life/business skills with just one activity

Laura Bruce article

D71 Newsletter Nov 15

Bob Ferguson – The simplest way to motivate your staff





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