“Distinguished Club Website” programme

Website control

Is your club website working hard on your behalf?

Your club website is the primary way that “strangers” will find your club. It’s also a great place to ‘showcase’ the amazing benefits of your club.  

Do you have high-quality club website?

Is it attracting new members to your club?

This year we have a new challenge for clubs in D71: The “Distinguished Club WEBSITE” Programme — or “DCW” for short.

An initiative from last year’s District PR Manager Laura Bruce is the “Distinguished Club Website”. Sound familiar? Like the Distinguished Club Program, the DCW has a maximum of 10 points on offer.

The principle is that a website that meets these criteria will be helpful to potential guests and visitors.

A club’s website that meets all 11 criteria will be rewarded. [You want loot? We got loot!]

Here are the criteria for the Distinguished Club Website:

  1. Name of club and city or town the club meets in
  2. Time and date/schedule of meeting (e.g. “1st and 3rd Thursday”)
  3. Meeting venue and directions to venue
  4. Description of what a first-time might expect at a meeting
  5. Names of your club officers
  6. Photos from one of your meetings (Best speaker ribbon presentation? People chatting at your network break? New member induction ceremony?)
  7. Contact form to get in touch with the club by email AND phone number of someone at the club
  8. Information about what Toastmasters is and how it works
  9. Details about how your club is part of a larger district, within the worldwide organisation
  10. Toastmasters logo on each page – ideally as part of header
  11. Is it mobile friendly?

If your club can achieve all 11 “DCW” points, you will get a reward — probably a set of club ribbons (Item 393RP).

Distinguished Club Website Priize

Club Ribbon Pack

More importantly, it will ensure that your club website is a resource for potential members to find you!

There is no deadline but there is a one-off evaluation each month. One of our volunteer team will quality-assure your website. . .  and if you tick off all ten items, a set of ribbons will be on its way!

To participate in the DCP do this:

  1. Email Daniel Sandars, District 71 PR Manager with your website address, and
  2. Put “DCW + [your club name]” in the email subject line.
  3. OR apply below http://bit.ly/2TXlmSw

Good luck!

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