Best Club Website Award

Website control

Websites are a wonderful way of ‘showcasing’ the amazing benefits of our clubs.  It gives potential guests a glimpse of our meetings.

Do you have an interesting club website?

Is it attracting new members to your club?

Would you like to be recognised for your website work?


Best Club Website Award

Winning Club

  • Recognised at Spring District Conference
  • Presented with a Certificate of Achievement
  • Presented with a Club gift.


Website must have sections which answer the following areas:-

  • How to improve your public speaking
  • What is Toastmasters
  • Testimonials
  • Where and when your club meets
  • About our club and values
  • Contact details

To further enhance your website, you might consider the following:-

  • Video clips of your meetings and testimonials
  • Video of a speech
  • Pictures of your meetings
  • Club Newsletter


Email with your website details before 1st April 2017

A Panel of representatives from each Division will nominate the winner.





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