Best Club Website Award

Website control

Is your club website working hard on your behalf?

Your club website is the primary way that “strangers” will find your club. It’s also a great place to ‘showcase’ the amazing benefits of your club.  

Do you have an interesting club website?

Is it attracting new members to your club?

This year we have a new challenge for clubs in D71: The Distinguished Club WEBSITE Programme — or DCW for short.

To qualify, your club website will have to accumulate 1o “DWP” points. Ensuring your club has all these bases covered is more important than having a website that is “pretty”.

If your club can achieve 10 DCW points, you will get a reward — probably a set of club ribbons.

More importantly, it will ensure that your club website is a resource for potential members to find you!

No Deadline

Email with your website details before 1st April 2018

A Panel of representatives from each Division will quality assure each website submitted.





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