April 2019

April ’19 Membership Growth – Beat the Clock

Membership Growth – Beat the Clock

1ST MAY – 30TH JUNE 2019

By Gerard Mannix, Club Growth Director

District 71 has been very successful in growing membership each year by increasing the percentage of new member intake from year to year. Last year, 2017-18, our percentage intake of new members was the highest since the District reformed in 2014. A growing club and subsequently a growing district, is dynamic, and everyone benefits. Growing members feeds into the distinguished club program and into the distinguished district program.

Every club should aim to leave their club strong in membership when they hand over to the incoming committee on the 30th June. To facilitate this there are some excellent incentives for adding members in May and June.

Club incentives

  • Add 1-2 members ………..$50 voucher to purchase goods at TI store
  • Add 3-4 members…………$100 voucher to purchase goods at TI store
  • Add 5+ members………….$150 voucher to purchase goods at TI store

Add +5 members to enter a draw for a ticket to the Killarney conference, May 2020


Walsall Toastmasters club get a paid voucher for the Norwich Conference. This well-deserved prize is from “Talk up Toastmasters” 1st February-31st March where the club added 11 new members. A new club from September 2018 thriving. Three clubs brought in 10+ members in this period.

The draw took place at the Listowel Toastmasters meeting

Congratulations to all clubs in the endeavour to welcome new members.

PLEASE, PLEASE never lose that momentum. CLUB GROWTH Director, Gerard Mannix

Welcome & Congratulations

Dublin 15 Toastmasters Chartered on the 31st March 2019 in District 71, Area C16

Wednesday / 1st & 3rd 8:00PM

10th new club of 2018-19

History #12 District 71 Achievements in the’80s

By Ted Corcoran DTM, Past International President

Growth in the ’80s, as I said, while slow but steady, was gradually creeping closer to what was then seen as the magical figure of 50 clubs. Educational completions, though, were a problem and failure to meet our targets in these areas resulted in the District frequently failing to achieve Distinguished District status. Notable exceptions to this were in 1984/85, when Select Distinguished status (top 12) was achieved under the leadership of David Lindsey (Aylesbury and Thame). This was the first success at International level for the now 13-year-old district. David, a member since 1974, also possesses the distinct honour of achieving the first DTM, awarded in D71, to a member. This is what David wrote in the September/October 1985 edition of “The Spokesman”, the British and Irish Toastmasters District 71 Bulletin.

Select Distinguished District Award (mouse damaged)

Select Distinguished District Award (mouse damaged)

District 71 has achieved the award of Select Distinguished District for its progress during the year. Santa Ana sets certain targets for each District at the beginning of the Toastmasters Year. We were given a goal of 27 CTMs (we made 91!), 6 ATMs (we made it!), 3 new clubs (we got 4) and about 100 new members (we got over 230!). In addition, two Youth Leadership Courses and two Success/Leadership seminars were given. The award has never been won by District 71. In January 1985 the District was 45th in the World rankings (out of 75 Districts), and by the end of June we had risen to 11th which is a terrific achievement brought about by sheer hard work on the part of everyone in the British and Irish District – Members, Club Officers, Area and District Executives.”

(Note: CTM then = CC now, Santa Ana = WHQ)

1980’s District 71 Governor's Regalia, which was later replaced by the current gold chain regalia

1980’s District 71 Governor’s Regalia, which was later replaced by the current gold chain regalia

“When you consider the challenges of distance between Britain and Ireland, and between both countries and WHQ and the costs of phone calls and postage, this was an admirable achievement. For example, surface mail from the U.S. took at least three months to reach the district. The postage, by airmail, of a simple educational module cost about $40 while it cost £2.77 sterling to post a new member kit from Britain, where they were stored, to Ireland. Remember this was a very small district of about 35 clubs and less than 1000 members.

Equally meritorious – because they faced the same challenges – were the achievements of Harry Knox (DLS), in 1987/88, and Joe Prendergast (Clonmel), in 1989/90, in achieving Distinguished District status. One can’t omit, either, the achievements of the other DGs during this decade who kept the show on the road in difficult circumstances. These were, Andrew Ducker (Oxford) 1979/80, Mike Murdock (Shillelagh) 1980/81, Gerald Keen (Grosvenor Sq), 1981/82, George Gallagher­Daggitt (Oxford), 1982/83, Mary O’Connor (Waterford), 1983/84, who served as the first DG from Ireland after four years of service from the afore mentioned, Mary Dwan (Dun Laoghaire) 1985/86, Norman Rhodes (Maidenhead) 1986/87, who received the International President’s Citation in August, 1989, awarded for outstanding contributions to TI, and John Earnshaw (Oxford), 1988/89.

Past District Governor Norman Rhodes celebrating 30years since founding Maidenhead Speakers

District Conference IS IT TOO LATE TO BOOK? #Norwich19

By Red Skelton DTM, Conference Team member


Wow, is it only a couple of weeks before the Norwich Conference? I am getting so excited and can’t wait for the weekend to begin. I have a friend that hasn’t booked yet and was wondering if I could tell her about all the presenters and entertainment for the weekend. I said not a problem! There will be two Keynote Speakers Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez and Marcus Hemsley. There will also be six workshops throughout the weekend including; Eldonnna Lewis-Fernandez, Marcus Hemsley, Bret Freeman, Julian Hammond, Shaun Durkin and Laura Bruce. All will be inspiring and enjoyable.

The entertainment will be top class as well. The D-Day Darlings will be performing on Friday evening while the Joe Ringer Band will be performing Saturday evening. The Rock Vox Choir will also be performing during pre-drinks on Saturday evening.

The theme of the conference is, “going back to the 1940s”. People will embrace this theme in many ways. From the traditional 1940s dress the whole weekend to the 1940s Friday evening wear, we just want you to enjoy the 1940 theme.

My friend was very excited about the idea of coming and asked if I knew if there were any more tickets available? I told her that there are still a few tickets available and if she wanted to go then please go to the conference website https://www.norwichconference2019.com to book the ticket and also check on the availability of hotels. I warned her that the conference will be selling out fast so not to delay her booking. She booked immediately so not to miss this exciting experience.

Lastly, bring your club banner with you. Do not worry about the dowels so you can fold your banner and fit it in your hand luggage if flying from Ireland. Please leave your banner when you check in for the conference. You will get it back once the conference is over. I hope to see as many of you as possible during this extraordinary event!

Do not miss out on a weekend of fun, friends and your Toastmaster family.


Four individuals have cancelled their tickets for the Norwich Conference. These tickets were purchased at the Earlybird rate and will go on sale immediately for the Earlybird rate of £240. These tickets will be on a first come first served basis. Please send your interest and intent to the “Contact Us” link and ensure you add your name and the number of tickets you want. These will sell out fast so please contact the conference team via the website.

New Open Night Pull-Up Banner Incentive

By Daniel Sandars DTM, Public Relations Manager

Earn Your Club a professional pull up banner.

They stand Two Meters tall and offer high impact portable branding at your club events.

To Do

  1. Hold an Open Night between now and 30th June 2019
  2. Add one new member from that Open Night before 30th June 2019.
  3. Email a copy of an Open Night promotional item (e.g. flyer) plus a copy of guest list highlighting who joined.


Closing date for applications Sunday 7th July 2019

Open Night Tips: http://d71toastmasters.org/open-night/

April #WeAreToastmasters picks

April ’19 Member Spotlight

  • Name Helen Kelly
  • Date Joined Toastmasters Feb 2014
  • Home Club Livingston Speakers

Journey highlights

  • won a contest; Club Contest
  • visited another club- visited Linlithgow Speakers, Dunfermline Toastmasters, and Stirling Speakers all in Area 33

Why did you join Toastmasters?

I joined as I wanted to gain leadership skills to help with my work and voluntary commitments.

How has Toastmasters helped you?

It has made me more confident and able to deal with situations without panicking

What are you most proud of about your Toastmaster Club?

The amount of people who have benefitted from the programme and who have gained skills and confidence.

What’s been the highlight of your week?

Visiting Stirling Speakers, the newly chartered club in Area 33.

What are you working on now?

Workbook – speciality speeches

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Pause – I’m a pause promoter as this can help eradicate ah’s and ums.

What technology innovation made the most impact on your life and why?

My phone. I rarely use a computer now as I can send emails, take photos, use Facebook all on my phone. It’s easy to carry around and I can upload instantly.

What is the best thing that’s happened to you in the last year?

Becoming Area Director for Area 33

Where’s your favourite place in the world?


Who inspires you?

Pauline Dix my mentor and founder member of Livingston Speakers

What is your greatest achievement?

Every time I complete a manual is an achievement

Opening Doors – enabling, empowering and delegating in your team

by Sam Warner DTM, Shropshire Speakers Toastmasters International club

With great power comes great responsibility. If you’ve ever experienced an over-zealous new team leader or manager, you might have this phrase ringing in your ears. It’s common practise for companies to promote members of staff into leadership roles and then develop them once there, instead of giving them the tools to do the job and then promoting them into the role once equipped.

The thing about a Toastmasters International public speaking club is that it provides an excellent opportunity for anyone seeking this toolset and mindset to try it out in a safe place, supported and encouraged instead of looking over their shoulder in fear of making a “career limiting” mistake or worse ruining someone else’s career through poor line management. It’s not just about making toasts or speeches, it’s so much more.

I’m going to share my story with you as I hope to inspire you to consider that there is another way….

Having worked in the corporate world for over 20 years I have experienced and witnessed many shocking and unprofessional incidents borne out of a lack of experience and understanding. The crucial factor to becoming a new leader of any kind is self-awareness; to understand your impact on others and to learn to listen first. Most people are never taught how to be a follower never mind a leader! At school we were told to sit down, shut up and do as we were told! It just felt like all the doors were firmly shut.

My own capability before I discovered Toastmasters was limited – I see that now – but I was unconsciously incompetent then. I would copy other team leaders hoping they were good role models to emulate but that only served to perpetuate bad practise, inconsistency and stressful conversations with disgruntled staff. Nothing seemed to change for the better, and there seemed to be limited formal training, you were supposed to just figure it out. The coping mechanisms and expected behaviours were never explained and I was struggling to be effective and influential.

After joining Toastmasters, I was given the opportunity to start learning the skills of leadership by undertaking the role of Mentor. It’s such a simple role, between two people meeting up monthly and one helping the other to achieve specific goals using the benefit of their knowledge and experience. But it taught me how to be a good listener. It taught me to remove myself from the equation – it’s not about me – it’s all about them. It also honed my problem-solving skills as I helped them navigate the challenges they faced.

Soon after that I wanted more. I became a deputy for one of the Club Committee roles, so I could learn the ropes before taking on the role officially. A few months later I was invited to apply for the full role and was voted in. I was now accountable for 23 people’s happiness! Then I was hooked; receiving excellent and useable feedback and evaluation with examples of what worked well, and what could be improved upon; so, I could assess how I was getting on in the role. This meant I could make small adjustments to become the best I could be. I thrived, and the club thrived.

When was the last time you gave or received great usable feedback with specific examples?

In the Toastmasters training programme, I noticed there were many opportunities there for me to lead on projects outside our club meetings. At the time I was planning on applying for the position of Project Manager at work (a promotion) so it seemed ideal. I was excited to get stuck in and thought that doing something that gave back to my Community would be the most rewarding non-work-related project.

I started my first Youth Leadership Program with a set of 15 students in an Academy near where I lived. I led a small team of Toastmasters to deliver the material and that meant delegating whole sections to them and watching without correcting them or interfering! Over ten weeks we guided the students towards the delivery of a showcase event where they all delivered speeches of more than four minutes each on a variety of subjects chosen by the students themselves. It was very well received by their parents and the school principal and I was asked back to duplicate our results with a new cohort. 5 years later I am about to deliver my seventh program….

Whilst all this was going on I was also delivering full training days using the Better Speaker Series and Leadership Excellence Series manuals to members and non-members alike, and I used my High-Performance Leadership Project to help me build and coordinate the team I used to deliver the training days. It walked me through from Vision, Mission etc right through to lessons learned after delivery, using delegation so that I didn’t do all the work myself.

Simultaneously I did get the promotion at work and I found the skills I picked up in Toastmasters were essential to my new role of communicating clearly at all levels with many different teams, colleagues, suppliers, stakeholders and customers. It taught me how to give effective feedback and how to delegate. I learned how to listen and lead.

Do you know any leaders who are good at listening?

The next opportunities gave me the remaining tools I needed to enable and empower.

I had really thrown myself into this personal development side of life and was enjoying it immensely. It was not long before I was asked to apply for the role of Area Director which gave me oversight of 5 clubs (and approximately 120 members). This brought in the new dynamic of trusting people I barely knew to undertake tasks towards a joint goal. Whilst this was tricky at first I soon found my stride and saw the similarities between this and working with remote teams in my job. I found I was able to help new people grow into leadership roles by using those mentoring skills I had learned all those years ago. I didn’t have to tell them how to do something I could just tell them the outcome I desired. My job was to guide them, check in with them and ensure they felt supported and encouraged. I made myself available and approachable – some needed more help than others, but I soon learned to tap into their working styles quickly.

I also learned the power of persuasion. It’s amazing how influential you can become when you say quietly to someone “I can see you doing X. I think you’d be really great at that, why don’t you give it a try?”

The pinnacle of my leadership training to date with Toastmasters was being asked to serve on the District Leadership Team as Administration Manager. Our small team of seven people led the 5000+ members in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and England (North of London) through their own leadership and public speaking training journeys to help more and more people walk through open doors. The role came with travel, networking, operating at a senior level and ensuring all milestones were reached on time and within budget.

Hmmm doesn’t that sound familiar – that was what I was doing as a Project Manager!

The skills I learned have also enabled me to spread my wings further. I have started my own business as a communications specialist helping Autistic adults at work/ in to work and I deliver keynotes on the Transition from Follower to Leader and on Autism in the workplace.

I put on the very first TEDxTelford in 2018 with 15 live speakers and 100 people in the audience and am organising a second one. I was able to lead the organising team, coach the speakers, MC the event and get everything done in good time and inside budget and we sold out a week prior to the event.

Last year I achieved the highest award for all my work in Toastmasters International and can now call myself a Distinguished Toastmaster. Without doubt Toastmasters has been instrumental in my personal development and has opened many doors for me in terms of work and relationships. I believe that in becoming self-aware I have become a nicer person to be around and I have a very full and happy life.

Oh, and did I forget to mention – I am Autistic…. J

April ’19 Guest Division D

By Division D Director Shaun Durkin

The ‘ancient eastern’ seaboard of Division D comprises Areas 08, 28, 40 and 50. The value of ‘service’ is one which we can sometimes take for granted, but in a Division with an average club size of just 22 members, our clubs rely heavily on the dedication, expertise and commitments of key members and club officers, a number of whom may be supporting other clubs through dual membership or combined club/area roles.

New membership leading to club sustainability and growth is therefore a key component of Club Success Plans and with 104 new members across the Division in 2018/19, this shows the dedication of our club committees. We will continue working to increase our membership base right through to June.

If I was to describe the culture of Division D it is convivial, collegial and caring. I saw this first hand at our ‘divisional’ Club Officer training in Carlow (July) and Divisional Contests in Naas (November) and I’m thankful to all, including my team of Area Directors, who are making my role so much easier.

Area 08

by Director Jim Keating

Area 08 consists of 5 clubs; two in Waterford City, and clubs in the towns of Clonmel, Cashel and Dungarvan. The Area Director is Jim Keating, who is ably assisted by Anthony Phelan.

Area activity has included two well run and high standard Speaking Contests with a combined attendance of more than 100 Toastmasters or guests. Contests were held in Waterford, hosted by DLS Communicators and in Clonmel hosted by the local Club. Members from 4 of our clubs qualified for Divisional Finals.

Clonmel Toastmasters having achieved 5 in-a-row Distinguished President Awards

DLS Communicators

Tower Toastmasters

A successful Speechcraft course was run for staff members of South Tipperary General Hospital in Clonmel. The course was coordinated by Isweri Pillay with assistance from members in all Clubs. Denis Corcoran of Clonmel Toastmasters ran Youth Leadership courses for about six groups of Transition Year students for 16 years. Denis has ‘retired’ which is Toastmasters loss. This year Mick White, of Clonmel and Patricia Loughnane of Thurles and Cashel kept on the good work.

The Area had members who did not renew but overall membership numbers have held up. There were several initiatives seeking new members including Open Meetings planned, promoted and provided in several Clubs. Dungarvan members went out to a large, local firm and did a presentation to staff about the learning and social opportunities offered by Toastmasters. The firm encouraged their people to join the club and Dungarvan, a smaller club, got 3 new members.

All Clubs use Social Media to a greater or lesser extent. This work requires knowledge, persistence and effort; it is an area where we can all improve. Pathways is available now to all members – there are good resources available online and some members have worked hard at promoting Pathways, either as Ambassadors or within Clubs. There is a reasonable level of take up. At this stage I am sure that nearly all members of Toastmasters use electronic communication in their work or social activity. Yet I believe that one to one support may be needed to accelerate take-up of Pathways in our Area.

Area 28

by Director Loretto Kenny

Area 28 consists of five clubs with a total of 119 members. These clubs are Athy, Clane, Kildare, Maynooth and Naas. I have the honour of being their Area Director. From my club visits I have found the club meetings to be vibrant, informative and energising with a bit of “fun” thrown in.

Our Area 28 Final in the International Speech and Evaluation Contest was a high-quality event hosted by Maynooth Toastmasters. I wish all our successful contestants the very best of luck in the further stages of the contests.

The Contest Chair for the evening was Jane Mooney. On behalf of Area 28, I would like to congratulate Jane on becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster.

I would also like to acknowledge the great work and leadership that is being shown in Area 28 by a committed group of Toastmasters who do everything in their power to keep their clubs growing and thriving.

Naas Toastmasters delivers Pathways Workshop

Naas Toastmasters ran a Pathways Workshop in March to support members’ educational progression. Division D Director and Naas VPE, Shaun Durkin, facilitated the workshop that covered the basics of Base Camp; Frequently Asked Questions (Paths, Levels, and Projects); Educational Transcript (Accessing and Completing a Project; Completing Evaluations; Viewing Tutorials; Requesting online feedback; and receiving badges.

Of note during the workshop, was the fact that most participants had reached the same stage in their Pathways competence, that of having selected their Path – and delivering the Project speech(s) during a club night – but not progressing to completing the required assignment within their Pathways ‘Education Transcript’.

Members were delighted that the workshop dealt with this issue and went on the show the link between Pathways online material, recording members’ speeches in EasySpeak and how the achievement of Pathways Levels is notified to Toastmasters International via the ‘Club Central’ function.

Area 40

by Director Niamh Doherty

Area 40 consists of the clubs of Thurles, Kilkenny, Carlow, Portlaoise and Kiltegan.

Kilkenny Toastmasters host Divisional Contests

In Area 40, Kilkenny Toastmasters hosted the Division D International Speech and Evaluation Contests. Shaun Durkin (Division D Director) facilitated an informative and interactive workshop on ‘Contest Judging – A Values Driven Responsibility’.

Shaun Durkin (Division Director), David Clinton (International Speech winner), Sarah O’Connor (Evaluation Contest winner) and Katherine Ryan (Contest Chair)

Area 50

By Director Ita Finnerty

Area 50 consists of the clubs of Enniscorthy, Gorey, Wexford and Elavon Arklow.

Wexford Toastmasters Celebrate 10th Anniversary

In Area 50, Wexford Toastmasters are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. The Wexford club was founded by Bettie Marie Burger Smit and Brian Matthews DTM, members of the Enniscorthy Toastmasters Club, the first club in the county. Enniscorthy members also set up the club in Gorey. Today, all three clubs continue to flourish.

Wexford Toastmasters have been busy marking the year; hosting a public workshop ‘Persuade on Purpose’ presented by Eric Fitzpatrick on January 13th, and later that month a night of socialising and celebration in Wexford Harbour Boat and Tennis Club. A presentation was made to Bettie and Brian by club President Eddie Cassidy, which was followed by the cutting of the anniversary cake by both founding members. Former Wexford Toastmasters and members from Enniscorthy and Gorey also joined in the celebrations to make it a night to remember for the club.

Wexford Toastmasters were also honoured with a Mayoral reception on November 22nd, 2018 to acknowledge the contribution that Toastmasters has made in Wexford. The club is particularly diverse with members of six nationalities and people involved from all walks of life. The club currently meets in The Wexford Harbour Boat Club on the first and third Thursday of the month.

A Birthday Party in Celebration of the First Anniversary of Pathways

By Elizabeth Jordan DTM, Hertfordshire Speakers

President Jillian Haslam

Members and guests at Hertfordshire Speakers Toastmasters Club were in celebratory mood on Monday 25th March. The club was celebrating the first anniversary of the rollout of Pathways to clubs across what was then Region 11 (now Region 10).

A birthday helium balloon swayed gently above the large birthday cake that was displayed on the table and which acted like a magnet to those curious to read the words written on it.

Club President, Jillian Haslam, opened the meeting with a proud smile as she shared the three accomplishments the club had achieved to date.

The most exciting news was that 100% of club members were enrolled on Pathways before the first anniversary. She praised the club’s members for the sterling effort they made to reach this impressive result. She also praised the club’s Pathways Champion – Elizabeth Jordan – for her role in helping members to adopt and enjoy Pathways.

Elizabeth Jordan

1) Pathways Adoption

•100% of its members enrolled on pathways

•64% of its members have completed an Ice Breaker

•4 members have completed L1

•1 member has completed LDL5 and VCL3 and The Pathways Mentoring Program

Specially designed Pathways certificates by Philip Carey were presented to members who had completed their Icebreakers, Level 1’s, L5 and the Mentoring Program. Wojtek Zulja, Area 20 Director, John Allsop, Area Director-elect and Vinette Hoffman-Jackson, Pathways Ambassador presented the certificates.

2) A President’s Distinguished Club

The President of Hertfordshire Speakers was thrilled to announce that the club was President’s Distinguished with 9 awards completed in March, well before the end of the Toastmaster’s year. This was a proud moment for the club which has a track record of achieving President’s Distinguished status.

3) Contest Winners

The third success celebrated was having two members from Herts Speakers: Elizabeth Jordan and Surosh Pillay – representing Area20 at the Division H International Speech and Evaluation contests on Saturday 30th March at Cranfield University. They were invited to cut the cake, which was enjoyed by members and guests during the Networking Break.

The evening ended on a high note with words of thanks and congratulations from Area 20 Director, Wojtek Zulja who said: “Congratulations for the great achievement on the first anniversary of Pathways launch – I really liked your concept of celebration“.

April 2019: Prize Quiz

Guest edited by Elizabeth Jordan DTM Hertfordshire Speakers







  • Email completed crossword to daniel.PR_Manager_D71@sandars.org.uk by Friday 24th May 2019
  • All correct answers will be entered in a prize draw. Winners and Answers will be published in the February Edition

Win Mini Notebook and Pen Set


Item 6850K

Toastmasters Quiz Questions

1) Engaging ………….is the name of new Pathways path that was introduced in February 2019? (6)

2 The month in 2018 in which Pathways was rolled out in Region 11, including D71…….…………(5)

3) The number of semi-finals that will be held at the D71 Norwich conference? …………………….(5)

4) The D-Day …………..……… are the special Guest Act appearing at the Norwich Conference? (8)

5) Lark Doley has declared this Toastmaster Year, The Year of the ………………………………… (3)

6) The 2018–2019 International Speech Contest is the first to include ………….….. quarterfinals. (6)

7) One job of the Base Camp Manager is to …………………………………….… level completion. (6)

8) One of the four Toastmasters Core Values. …………………………………………………………(10)

9) The number of paths now available in Pathways. …………………………………………………..(6)

Answer to March 19 Newsletter Word Search

Hidden Word: INTEGRITY

Congratulations to Sam Forsberg of Dunfermline Toastmasters, Division S