December 2018

A Christmas message from District 71 Director – Patricia O’Reilly, DTM

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Jack Frost nipping at your nose

Yuletide carols being sung by a choir

And folk dressed up like Eskimos…
(The Christmas Song)

Season’s Greetings to all members of District 71. 

I would like to thank all of you for giving selflessly of your time to your fellow club members and your clubs.

Just as you do in your Toastmasters clubs, at this Christmas season please give selflessly of your time to your family, relatives, friends, neighbours, the elderly and the vulnerable in your community. Remember that “Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.” Anonymous

On behalf of the District Leadership Team, I wish you all a happy and joyous Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

And so, I’m offering this simple phrase

To kids from one to ninety-two

Although it’s been said many times, many ways

“Merry Christmas to you”.
(The Christmas Song)


The day Dan Rex, CEO of Toastmasters International, came to District 71

Dan Rex District 71 IrelandDan Rex District 71 Ireland

By Patricia O’Reilly, DTM, District 71 Director, 2018-19

It was on, it was off and then miraculously it was on again and Dan Rex touched down on District 71 soil on Friday 16th November.

After a quick lunch it was off to EI Toastmasters to present the Toastmasters International Corporate Recognition Award to Enterprise Ireland, the company that supports EI Toastmasters. The engraving reads “Toastmasters International recognizes Enterprise Ireland for enhancing employee engagement through continuing support of Toastmasters Communication and Leadership programs”.

At EI, Lucy Clarke took on the role of Toastmaster and we were treated to a moving speech by member Greg Coyle, inspiring words from Dan Rex as he presented the award and an acceptance speech by Stephen Creaner, Executive Director of Enterprise Ireland.

Next it was off to pre-charter club Irish Life where Ronan Kearney and Paul Egan had organised a lively topics session and Dan spoke about the benefits of joining a Toastmasters club.
Dan Rex District 71 Ireland
On Friday evening Dan addressed the audience at the Division M contest and impressed everyone with his easy, relaxed style and his accessibility. Running a contest is pressure enough but that pressure is magnified when the CEO of Toastmasters International is attending. My thanks to the Division M team – Teresa, Bobby, Shalini and John.

Dan Rex District 71 IrelandOne member of Toastmasters was sitting on a train at 6 am on Saturday morning as he travelled from Cork to Dublin to interview Dan for his [District 71 sponsored] Podcast “Talk Show for Talkers”. [see on 24th Nov and 7th Dec shows]

That’s commitment for you. Ted Mellamphy is seen here interviewing Dan. I was present at this interview and I was struck by Ted’s interviewing style. It was like looking at two people having a relaxed fireside chat, although there were times when I wondered just who was interviewing whom.

Saturday afternoon Dan delivered an informative and thought-provoking workshop on “Quality Clubs”. He started this workshop by flashing on screen the club mission which is “to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth“. He then dissected the mission statement word by word. It redefined for us what is at the heart of our clubs. Everyone who attended the workshop was struck by Dan’s accessibility, by his knowledge of the club environment and what makes a quality club. Dan was very generous with his time and willingly and patiently posed for photographs. I am indebted to Colin Byford for the photographs which follow. It was an honour to have Dan Rex visit our District. He was likeable, approachable and gave very generously of his time.

Dan Rex District 71 Ireland

Dan Rex District 71 Ireland

Dan Rex District 71 Ireland

Dan Rex District 71 Ireland

Please note: Colin Byford sent me the photographs he took at the workshop. If Colin took any of you then email me and I’ll email it to you.

Stepping into a Leadership Role – Why not you?

By Elizabeth Nostedt, DTM; Region 10 Advisor, Past Region 11 Advisor, and Past District 59 Director

Within a brief time (if it hasn’t already happened by the time this goes to print), your District team will be asking YOU if you would like to step forward and take a leadership role at the District level – as an Area Director, Division Director or higher. You may have many different thoughts about this – like:

  • Am I ready for this?
  • Do I really want to do this?
  • I have so many other things happening now.
  • What do I have to do in this role X?
  • and so on.

Leadership roles are not obvious to all of us, but they can certainly help us grow as people. Let me tell you a few leadership stories from my career in Toastmasters and in a corporate setting.

As Area Director (AD) – this is the true test of serving others.

As Area Director, people may look up to you as the person that should know everything. But that is not necessary – because there are so many resources in Toastmasters to help you – like the District Leader manual. This is exactly what I learned – I did not have to be an expert. I knew how to read – and I learned to ask good questions. I could ask the person who was AD before me, and I could ask other District leaders. I could also say – “I don’t know the answers to that.” I further learned that when I conducted Club Officer Training and when I visited the clubs in Area – I learned so much about people. I learned about their wants and needs and dreams for being a leader. I learned that I was the servant leader to them.

I set the vision for the Area for the year. I believed that our clubs could be Presidents Distinguished and through the training sessions, we reviewed how to do it with the club leaders. They caught the vision and understood it. We achieved it.

As soon as that Leadership Vision was clear, then it was my role to help them implement it. It included further interpretation of what each goal meant and what actions were necessary.

The biggest learnings came from working with others as volunteers. Of course, all the club officers are volunteers! And as AD, we are volunteers. So, it is not like at work where we work with employees, that they are expected to do the work because they are employees and get paid to work. It meant that I reflected on if I needed help with something, how could I best ask for help, and would this appeal to the person I asked, so that they would help.

As CGD, PQD and District Director

These roles further expanded my learnings as a leader, because there were more committees and more work to be done THROUGH others. A vision, an inspirational idea, enthusiasm for the work, willingness to do the work myself – these were all ways to work through others to achieve our goals. I learned to coach others with great open-ended questions so that they often found the answers they were seeking.

Was it all easy? Definitely not! I can certainly say there were challenges – but they also meant large leadership/personal learning lessons. There were people who could not get along with each other, an area director who did not want to build a new club – because he/she knew better, keeping District conferences within budget, and so on – each challenge came with a new lesson to be learned.

Servant leaders are motivated by caring and the agenda they seek is mutual benefit.” -Stephen M.R. Covey

When working in a corporate setting

I have worked for many years in various corporate settings – from being an “ordinary” employee, to being a department manager and leader of a large group and to my current position as a Senior Project Manager on IT and Business projects. Each of these roles of leadership meant something new.

As an “ordinary” employee, I was the leader of my own work. I learned time management of my own time. Some of you may think that it is tough when a manager is telling you what to do, but what if you yourself are the slave driver!! This is comparable to you as an ordinary Toastmasters member who also must take responsibility and needs encouragement to reach the next level of growth and awards.

As a Department manager, then I saw the people who were motivated by what they were doing, and those who were not motivated. As I see it now, all motivation is “self-motivation” and it was my work to ensure that we could find the things that would keep all the employees motivated in some way. This is perhaps like you as an Area Director, where you can see the clubs that are motivated to reach DCP and others that simply do not care.

As a Senior Project Manager now, I am caught between what my Management Team wants me to deliver, and what my team members say they can deliver. That is another dilemma. This is perhaps like the Division Director role – caught between the Area director and the District Leadership Team.

In each role at work, and in each level at Toastmasters, I take the time to reflect what lessons I have learned, and there are so many. They have made me a better person and a better leader – and they were so worth doing because of how much I have grown.

The Region Advisors’ D71 #MyWhy challenge

By Daniel Sandars, Public Relations Manager

Our Region Advisor Elizabeth Nostedt visits our district in late January 2019 and has challenged members to produce their #MyWhy videos. The #MyWhy campaign is an initiative of Toastmasters International see and also see example

The concept is simple:

  1. Record a one-minute (or less) video telling us your story. During the first 30 seconds, explain your motivation or the personal or professional challenge you faced. Then spend 30 seconds explaining how Toastmasters has helped you.
  2. At the end of your video, hold up this sign ( and say, “And that’s my why!” If you can’t print the sign, write #MyWhy on a piece of paper or hold up the sign on your phone.
  3. To share your video with friends and family, post it on your personal social media pages with hashtag #MyWhy and tag Toastmasters International. Make your post public so the world can hear your story! The District has a that you can use to (re) publish your video so please ask me to do that (see below).
  4. Email a link to your video to Daniel the District Public Relations Manager before the deadline including details of your home club.

The Prize Draw Deadline Friday 18th January 2019 at 21:00 GMT


Patricia (District Director) and Elizabeth (Regional Advisor) have very kindly donated a Wireless Presentation Advancer and a Youth Leadership Program kit. The winners will be announced at the District Officer Training events in late January and your Area or Division Director will be entrusted with the prizes to present to you at your club.


Dec ’18 Program Quality Update

By John Cox, Program Quality Director

Season’s Greetings

Club Quality – How are we doing?

It’s been a busy time of year leading up to Christmas with Club, Area and Division Contests, a visit from Toastmasters International CEO, Dan Rex, and Area Director Club Visits and their reports being produced. Many thanks for all the challenging work that has gone into these activities.

I urge club Presidents to share the Area Director’s Club Visit Reports with all their officers and identify those key areas for improvement.

Consider carrying out the Moments of Truth educational in your clubs to get members’ views on areas for improvement. You will find their feedback and potential support invaluable.

Identifying areas of improvement is the easy bit – doing something about it will be the real test for the leadership team and their members.

Common themes for potential improvement that have emerged from those reports include:

  • Information provided to guests
  • Inducting and engaging new members – bringing them quickly up to speed
  • Promoting/marketing the club
  • Running a Guest/Open Night to bring in new members
  • Navigating Pathways
  • Social events
  • Educational sessions
  • Increasing membership

The Japanese practice something they call Kaizen – change for the better, continuous improvement – and is a measure of both the leadership of their organisations and the engagement of their employees.

I believe we need to get better at challenging the status quo – in the same way that we encourage our members to improve, we need to apply the same improvement principles to our clubs.

Let’s strive to make our clubs better each year and I’m sure we will see that reflected in member retention, increases in membership and more members achieving their personal goals.

The second Club Visit Reports, to be completed by May, will be a good indicator of the improvements that have been made.

[Always check the The Latest Information on District Incentives]

Youth Leadership and Speechcraft Programmes

I am still pushing for clubs to reach out into their communities with new Youth Leadership Programmes and Speechcraft. I have YLP and Speechcraft Kits, and promotional materials available so please get in touch.

[This edition contains a selection of Speechcraft case studies to help and inspire you]


Please also look at who in your club has still to enrol on Pathways. This information is available on your Club Roster on the TI website.

Appoint a Pathways Champion to help those who may be struggling to get to grips with the programme. There are now materials around to help understand each of the 10 Paths and the associated Projects at each level:

All the Evaluation Forms can also be found online and downloaded at:

It would be great to see which clubs manage to get 100% of their members enrolled on Pathways and all their newer members progressing through their various Levels.

I will be looking to reward those clubs who make the greatest progress.

2019 Norwich Conference – May 10-12

Don’t forget to book your place for our only conference in 2019.

As well as all four contest semi-finals and finals, there will be educational workshops, the District Council meeting with the District Leader elections and some great speakers’ including Eldonna Lewis Fernandez and Marcus Hemsley.

The theme will be the 1940’s and we will be entertained by the D-Day Darlings and The Joe Ringer Band. The venue is the Holiday Inn Norwich North, right next to Norwich Airport. I’m sure it will be another great conference so Book Now!

I guess this will be the last newsletter before the Christmas break so can I please wish you a brilliant Christmas and New Year and hope that you get all you wish for in 2019.

Dec ’18 Club Growth update

By Gerard Mannix, Club Growth Director

Dec ’18 Club Growth update owes much thanks for the magnificent work you are undertaking

New Club Initiatives

Any member who has a suggestion of a location, community or a workplace which could has the potential for a new club please contact myself Gerard Mannix,  your Area or Division Director or any member of the District team. You are invited to be involved in the GROWTH of Toastmasters District 71

Cash Incentive

: Allow 45 pounds/50 euro support for one-time room hire costs for your demo meeting.

New Clubs Report

With immense pleasure District 71 can announce our latest club, bringing to 4 this Toastmaster year. Very many congratulations to all involved.

Salesforce Dublin Toastmasters, Club Number: 7126746, District 71 Area M54, Charter Date: 1st November 2018

District Director Patricia O’Reilly also carried out Club banner presentations to last year’s (2017-18) recently chartered clubs in Division A (Southern Ireland) Lee Valley Speakers (#4858276 chartered 24/4/2018) in Area A11 and Republic of Work Toastmasters Club (#6779360 chartered 2/5/2018) in Area A23.

Fall into Winter Award

Does your club have many guests? Toastmaster clubs need to encourage new members to join to maintain quality meetings and continuity. This time of year, District 71 has an incentive for clubs that add 4 plus members. Each club that attains these extra members will qualify for a pizza voucher valued at 45 euro. Yet, if the club does not like that food then alternately there is a voucher valued at 45 dollars for purchase of goods from the Toastmasters International store.

November 1st to 31st December

  • Clubs that add 4 plus members during this period will be awarded a pizza voucher valued at 45 euro or for those in the sterling currency a voucher valued at 40 pounds
  • Or a voucher valued at 45 dollars for purchase of goods at Toastmasters International store.

Help for weaker clubs

Club coaching: 100 euro/ 90 pounds assistance per club with 12 or fewer members. Club coach reward $15 to successful coaches

Wishing all members and their families a Happy and Peaceful Christmas

[Always check the The Latest Information on District Incentives]

Guest Division N

By Division Director John McFadzean

Traveling Toastmaster September 2018, John McFadzean, CL, of Southport, Merseyside, England, balances on a paddleboard at Southport Marine Lake in Southport, England.

I can’t get to my Club; but I need my TM fix…

By Nik Lakhani CC, ALB, President of Warrington Toastmasters, Area 31, Division N, District 71

I faced a crisis a few weeks ago. The wife’s away visiting her elderly parents abroad, and I’m the dutiful husband who “volunteered” to give up all my evening activities for 3 weeks to ensure our teenage kids can roll their eyes at me when I ask them nicely to do their homework!

This meant no volleyball, golf, or a quiet pint with friends at the local. In addition, I couldn’t go to my club, Warrington Toastmasters, for 3 straight meetings. We are an energetic and lively bunch who meet every Monday night at the Village Hotel in Warrington. I was VPE at the time and desperate not to miss my TM fix.

What do I do?

I can do most of my VPE role offline: schedule speeches, assign roles, etc. What about my fix? You know, the feeling you get from showing up, learning something new and having fun?

Crisis led to doubt and then onto despair. I can’t do cold turkey. It’s just not fair!

A chance conversation with a sympathetic member ignited a spark in me. “Have you tried online attendance?”, asked Anne. I then understood something clearly at last: I can attend a meeting online. Not just that, a meeting whilst sitting, in my boxers, sipping a tall glass of ice cold cider – whilst sporting psychedelic gaming headphones belonging to Teenager Number One.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think of this as an alternative to my local club. I love walking through the door every Monday night and contribute to a unique event of fun and learning with laughter.

This was complementary to my TM fix. A blue pill for my speaking journey, an enhancer, an extension if you will. I was blown away with the world I found through my newly requisitioned headphones and hitherto unused webcam.

I found 3 clubs within 150 miles of me that had online attendance: White Rose Speakers, Leeds; Luton Speakers Club, Luton; and, Cornerstone Communicators Advanced Toastmasters, St. Albans. All 3 are in District 71 – check them out.

Due to my work schedule at the time (and homework duties), I found some other online attendance clubs more suited to my requirements. These are: Competitive Communicators; Online Presenters and Global Trainers Online. Always visit a club twice, see what it’s like. If you feel good about it, just join as a dual member.

So, what was it like?

Well, amazing: I joined 3 more clubs and now I have a bigger family in Toastmasters. I have given them the benefit of my experience e.g. helping one club specifically to set up a robust Mentoring programme. Also, I have learned many things that I have brought back to Warrington Toastmasters, for example, being creative with Table Topics and special events to help attract visitors, member retention, and just have more fun. One such event is going to be like “Snow White Kills Sneezy – The Murder Trial“.

Ultimately, being a member of more clubs helps you accelerate your learning, gives you different challenges and pushes you out of your comfort zone. I have already picked up the knack of looking at the camera directly often.

The biggest point I would say is that the members you see and meet online are more tech savvy, more motivated and more qualified than the ones I’ve met at our traditional “bricks and mortar” clubs. The result of this is means I have hundreds of years’ worth of experience to call up in terms of Toastmasters and, particularly, Pathways. Most of the people online seem to be multiple DTMs with 18 months’ experience of Pathways.

There must be many members who will benefit from this. We have some who have difficulty in attending due to being a carer for a loved one, being ill or incapacitated. Let them speak and lead too.

In summary, online attendance helps you show up, learn something new and have fun.

From Babbling to Brilliant to Public Speaking: The tale of a public speaker

By Clésia Mendes, Warrington Toastmasters Vice President Public Relations

We all have our own reasons to joining Toastmasters, whether is to become more confident when speaking in public, having a safe secure space to practice public speaking and leadership skills, or expand our social circle. Recently I have discovered, that we all have our own reasons to keep coming back.

My reason to join was to have a safe secure space to practice public speaking, my reason to stay engaged was the friends I’ve made in my club, my reason to keep returning was that as time went by, my leadership skills started to emerge and started to get invited to attend other Toastmasters clubs, first to give Evaluations, then Educational sessions, then Workshops from Toastmasters International “The Successful Club Series” such as “Evaluate to Motivate”. And recently have been invited to deliver a 3-hour workshop for the Storyhouse Theatre in Chester, at 2pm of Saturday, 26th January 2019. And by the way, I was given the main stage, which is an 800-person venue.

How is this relevant to you? How is this relevant to your club? While members have their own reasons to join Toastmasters, they will have their own reasons to stay engaged, and their own reasons to keep coming back. And these evolve over time. Gaining clarity may take time but is a worthwhile pursuit. And experience show, we gain clarity by going through the process of being engaged, delivering speeches, taking leadership roles, officer roles, etc.

Why is this important? It is important because when we know this, then we can take the time to create the best conditions for our own skills and abilities to emerge and flourish. We can be more patient with ourselves, our development, our members growth and consequently Toastmasters growth.

Imagine how would it be like, if everyone knew that becoming a Toastmaster is like embarking on a journey of transformation and there’s plenty of time, opportunities, and support, for them to become who they really want to become.

In conclusion, everyone has reasons to join Toastmasters, something they want to achieve, do, or become. As time goes by, everyone develops reasons to keep coming back, which may be different from the original reasons. As they keep returning, they will gain clarity regarding what to do next, and the relevant opportunities will start to reveal themselves at the right time for the right person.

Area Fabulous Fifteen is on Fire as it continues its quest to be the best.

By Jane Craggs

Our Area Director has been pulling out the stops and by the end of 2018 will have visited all the clubs three times: once to get to know them and the clubs to get to know her, once for “the visit” and another time for fun. She always takes on a role and is supportive and helpful. Lynn Gregory is the power3 par excellence (i.e. cubed; ؞ better than X3). Well done to Lynn who has thrown herself wholeheartedly into the role, not being afraid to ask for advice and assistance; takes in her stride that some Toastmasters are not always as responsive and polite as she might expect; when to go the extra mile; when to say “no” and to speak her mind. All the clubs love her and look forward to her visits.

The four Chartered clubs: (in alphabetical order) Leeds City Toastmasters, Strictly Speaking Harrogate, White Rose Speakers and York EbOrators are all going from strength to strength, attracting visitors and signing up new members. Area Fabulous 15 is now small enough in area to make it easy to visit other clubs which is encouraged so members get that extra stimulation of seeing different speakers in a different environment but within the familiar safe confines of the Toastmasters structure. We hope this initiative will encourage members to visit clubs when they are away on business or on holiday. I never tire of telling the story of when I went to a meeting in Jaipur, India which, (sad Toastmaster that I am you may say) was one of the main highlights of our holiday. What a way to spend your 60th birthday …

The other clubs are all special: Asselby Advanced is a wonderful forum open to anyone with CC or above to experience hard-core meetings without the frills. We meet once a month and as an advanced club, we do not use up meeting-time describing the organisation or the roles as we assume these are known values. We can try out innovative ideas and the time is spent on in-depth evaluations. Bradford Speaks continues to grow and is situated in an ideal area for business and education. It is a pity they do not use easySPEAK, which I feel is a great tool that makes life easy for organisers, members, and District Officers to interact. Headingley Speakers, the latest pre-charter club is run, (for now), and supported by The Area Fabulous Fifteen Female Famous Five (also in alphabetical order) Jane Craggs, Clare Crowther (was 15, now 21), Lynn Gregory, Tina Norbury and Jean Stewart (was 15, now 21); no border issues for us! The valiant crew launching this new club put in the hours, the knowledge, the experience, and the love and are trying to create an exemplary Toastmasters club, meeting in a lovely historic venue. We hope to charter soon, very soon.

Happy Christmas to all and Happy toastmastering for 2019.

Area 21’s Newsletter contribution

By Becky Pennington

Many thanks to Murali, Andy and Matt for their respective sections and photos

Andrew Hodge has been running educational sessions with a twist at Hull Speakers. His interactive and energising sessions take place at the beginning of meetings and get members up on their feet and applying new techniques throughout the evening. Andrew’s sessions have focussed on different areas of being an effective speaker including stage anchoring, gesture archetypes, emotional states, and vocal variety. Andrew says, “We’ve all sat through ‘educational sessions’ from ‘experts’ that were a very delivery of content that could have been read off a website – I wanted to offer something that everyone, especially new people, with various learning styles would benefit from.”

Doncaster Speakers organised a special Toastmasters meeting for the graduates at Unipart Rail (President Andy Howell’s workplace). Six members of Doncaster Speakers performed roles, three graduates delivered icebreakers and eight took on Table Topics. The November meeting was a massive success, with Unipart Rail already requesting a follow-up session and is offering to pay for Toastmaster membership for all who attended. Unipart Rail’s Human Resources director Lucy Weaver and first-time ah counter summed up the meeting as “You nailed it! All was fantastic. Thank you.”

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield Councillor Anne Murphy visited Sheffield Speakers in January, delivering a speech on her life and role as Lord Mayor, which one member had the (daunting) task of evaluating. The Lord Mayor’s Consort Mr Gavin Holliday won in an innovative Table Topics session, where speakers had to sell new and ridiculous inventions revealed to them from behind closed doors!

In November, Sheffield hosted an action-packed Toastmasters event to celebrate the formation of the new Division N. Toastmasters enjoyed participating in a Murder Mystery icebreaker, watching the Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests, attending interactive workshops, and celebrating together with a meal and games. We hope that Area 21 set the bar high and look forward to future Division N events.

Dec ’18: Prize Cryptic Crossword

Guest edited by Alex Knibbs (Saffron Waldon Speakers)




  • Email completed crossword to by Friday 4th January 2019
  • All correct answers will be entered in a prize draw. Winners and Answers will be published in the January Edition

Win Mini Notebook and Pen Set

Item 6850K

Cryptic Clues Across

4 Named ruminant rumoured to have gone down in history (7)
7 Len lost messy cake (7)
8 Listen out for decoration (6)
12 Jovial demeanour at Xmas time (5)
14 Cockney rhyming eye is a tasty treat (5,3)
15 Can assault dishevel jolly fellow? (5,5)
16 Often pulled at Xmas time (7)
17 Nordic animal (8)
18 Chilly sounding fictional character (6,3,7)
21 Unusual German makes resting place for a special infant (6)
22 Being upon high seen from strange angle (5)
23 Gift holder hung at Xmas (8)
24 Considered beverage? (6,4)

Cryptic Clues Down

1 Dynamic and legendary – reveals illuminating item (6)
2 Santa’s helpers hiding in steel vessels (5)
3 Girl sung at Xmas? (5)
5 Gift from a wise man perhaps? (5)
6 Five set to create seasonal vibe (7)
9 Vanity, it can make for a Xmas scenario (8)
10 One of Rudolph’s mates (6)
11 Man brings sweet smell for essential oil (12)
12 Stole item strangely to entice kiss (8)
13 Sounds like you will, in short, find this log (4)
19 Popular bird from Ankara, maybe (6)
20 Santa’s vehicle damaged his leg (6)

Easy Clues Across

4 Pull’s Santa’s sleigh: the one with the red nose (7)
7 Densely textured German cake popular at Xmas (7)
8 Christmas tree decoration (6)
12 We wish you a _____ Xmas (5)
14 Small sweet-tasting Christmas pie (5,3)
15 Father Christmas (5,5)
16 You pull one, they go bang and reveal a small gift (7)
17 Rudolph was one (8)
18 Fun Christmas carol about a character with lumps of coal for eyes (6,3,7)
21 Away in a ______ (6)
22 A benevolent, supernatural celestial being (5)
23 Hang one of these up for Christmas gifts (8)
24 Warmed alcoholic drink popular at Xmas (6,4)

Easy Clues Down

1 Wax item that can be lit to provide decoration (6)
2 Santa’s little helpers (5)
3 Generic name for a popular song sung at Xmas (5)
5 One of the Magi’s 3 gifts (5)
6 Cheerfully and jovially celebratory (7)
9 ‘Birth’ – popularly ascribed to the celebrated on at Xmas (8)
10 Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, ______ and Blitzen (6)
11 Another of the Magi’s 3 gifts (12)
12 Parasitic plant hung up, under which folks hope for a kiss (8)
13 ____ log: traditional Xmas sponge cake (4)
19 Large bird with a fleshy wattle (6)
20 Santa’s main mode of transport (6)

Bonus Christmas Word Scramble

By Elizabeth Jordan DTM, Hertfordshire Speakers

1 Dholrup
2 sgcoeor
3 scsrtiamh eert
4 seglhi belsl
5 nsata clasu
6 storfy
7 mesoettli
8 eendrier
9 cmieyhn
10 olne
11 whaert
12 ksgnicto
13 scsrtiamh gindudp
14 stnpeesr
15 emcin eisp

Last Month’s Crossword Results


Phil Heath

November’s Answers

  • Full name of the 2018-2019 Toastmaster International President (9) (Lark Doley)
  • Frequency of publication of the ‘Toastmaster’ magazine (7) (Monthly)
  • The New International President encourages members to strive for this (4) (Gold)
  • The new TMI Headquarters is located on a street named after a Caribbean island (7) (Jamaica)
  • The first speech in all of the ten ‘Pathways’ Paths (10) Icebreaker
  • Need to complete this activity before and after each Pathways project (11) (Assessment)
  • As a Toastmaster, we promise to treat fellow members with respect and …… (8) (Courtesy)
  • This is a Toastmaster’s Core Value (10) Excellence
  • When evaluation a speech, Toastmasters use this method (8) (Sandwich)
  • Effective feedback should include both commendations and … (15) (recommendations)
  • The D71 conference to be held in Norwich next May is named after this WW2 Bomber (9) (Lancaster)
  • Full name of the Program Quality Director (7) (John Cox)
  • The first name of the 2018-2019 World Champion of Public Speaking (6) (Ramona)