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World Championship of Public Speaking prep

If you can get to London on Saturday 15 July, you will be treated to a day-long spectacular known as the “Road to Vancouver”. You’ll be supporting our D71 International Speech Contest champion Vinette Hoffman-Jackson, as she prepares for the world’s biggest stage! Vinette will be representing us at the World Championship of Public Speaking in Vancouver in August! Come along Saturday as she delivers her speech alongside the other European champions.

Besides hearing Vinette and the other champs, there will be a World Championship panel moderated by Iain Hawkins featuring former WCOPS finalist Olivia Schofield.

There will also be an evaluation masterclass by Taz Miah, and Antonio Meza’s world-class keynote. The organisers promise another surprise, for a truly spectacular Saturday.

Networking reception and option to go to dinner afterwards — what’s not to like? Click here to get more information and buy your tickets!  Hope to see you there!

— Laura

Show your support for our champion Saturday at the Road to Vancouver event in London!

Show your support for our champion Saturday at the Road to Vancouver event in London!



Do you dread speaking in front of others? If you do, you’re not alone. But you can conquer that fear, painlessly and enjoyably, by attending a Speechcraft programme. Keep looking here for more information as we update the deliverables


Speechcraft is designed to help you develop your presentation and public speaking skills. You learn and practice in a friendly non threatening environment. Experienced Toastmasters present the fundamentals of public speaking in the relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere of a Toastmasters meeting. It is run as four weekly two-hour sessions where you will pick up many speaking tools and tips.


Speachcraft will improve your performance at:

  • Conducting and participating in business meetings
  • Motivating people
  • Interviewing for jobs
  • Selling ideas and products
  • Solving problems