Club Leadership: Pathways Paths and Projects

Have you ever wanted to know what lies ahead? Have you every felt frustrated an not being able to plan properly?

Welcome to Pathways! This unique learning experience will challenge and inspire you to reach new heights both personally and professionally.
To assist you in selecting your Path, here’s an overview of the Paths available to you.

There are 11 paths available in Pathways:

  1. Motivation Strategies: Build motivational leadership and communication skills
  2. Presentation Mastery: Build public speaking skills
  3. Leadership Development: Build communication and leadership skills
  4. Innovative Planning: Build creative project management and communication skills
  5. Visionary Communication: Build innovative communication and leadership skills
  6. Strategic Relationships: Build networking, leadership and communication skills
  7. Dynamic Leadership:Build strategic leadership and conflict resolution skills
  8. Persuasive Influence: Build skills to lead in complex situations
  9. Effective Coaching: Build interpersonal communication, leadership and coaching skills
  10. Team Collaboration: Build collaborative leadership skills
  11. Engaging Humor:Build skills as humorous and engaging speaker

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