Enhanced Club Officer Training Summer 2020

Promote the Toastmasters promise

Congratulations on your election to serve as a club officer for 2020-2021! We are thrilled to be working together.

Club Officer Training Word ArtEffective training for club officers is one of the most critical parts of delivering our mission to our members. Without properly trained officers, clubs cannot meet members’ needs or introduce the benefits of Toastmasters to others. Club officer training is also vital means to leadership development.

This year how District 71 delivers training has changed as we prevail over the challenges of the novel Coronavirus. This year we are offered for, the first time, a District wide Club Officer Training (COT) on the 4th of July and then to provide flexibility and choice a set of officer training sessions will be held that are coordinated by our twelve Division Directors and their Areas.

Upcoming Club Officer Training

  • 09:15-13:00 Thursday August 13th, led by Paul O’Mahony, Division A Director and Sean Dwan, Division B Director; Email Paul
  • Saturday August 15th, led by Rob Partridge, Division F Director, Email Rob

What to expect

Club Officers deliver the Toastmasters International Club Mission: “We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth”

We will help you deliver that by addressing three key questions:

  1. What is my role?
  2. Why is my role important?
  3. How can I do my role well -what are the best practices?

We are including generous facilitation activities and brainstorming because in the year ahead members, officers, and their clubs face uncertainty around roles and functions and need innovative thinking and idea.

The Club Officer Role Training

For your club to claim for your training you are expected to attend the role session that applies to the role that you will serve in from the first of July. To help dual officers claim for multiple role we have staggered these sessions through the three concurrent rounds.

After completing your session, you will be able to: 1) Identify your role within the club, 2) fulfil your responsibilities within the club and club executive committee, and 3) find resources that help you fulfil your responsibilities.

What are the responsibilities of the President?

  1. Preside over meetings
  2. Earn distinguished club recognition
  3. Lead and guide
  4. Base Camp Manager

What are the responsibilities of the Vice President Education?

  • Coordinate club schedule
  • Assist with education awards
  • Base Camp Manager
  • Plan speech contests
  • Manage mentor program

What is the essence of the Vice President Membership role?

  • Ensure the club maintains membership levels that allow a high-quality club meeting
  • Know member goals and enable them to be achieved

What is the essence of the Vice President Public Relations role?

  • Promote the club to the local community
  • Notify the media when your club does something newsworthy

What is the essence of the Treasurer role?

  • The treasurer is the club’s accountant

What is the essence of the Secretary role?

  • Maintaining and managing club records, files, and correspondence
  • Ensuring the club is organized and up to date

What is the essence of the Sergeant At Arms role?

  • Manage club property
  • Make sure everything is ready for a successful meeting

Leadership Training- illustrative options

These modules were offered at the enhanced Club Officer Training on the 4th of July. Some of these maybe offered during the second round of club officer training that is on going.

Leading the Club to Success

  • This training teaches club officers motivation, delegation, coaching and SMART goal setting, as well as guiding them through the creation of the Club Success Plan.

We have split this long module across two sessions, you can attend either or both

Building a Healthy Team

Creating a Quality Club

  • This training teaches club officers about the importance of the member experience, the Toastmasters brand, Moments of Truth and the Distinguished Club Program.

Enhancing Evaluations

  • This training teaches club officers the importance of quality feedback and using evaluation criteria based on objectives from manuals, as well as providing steps to effective coaching in an evaluation.


  • The training teaches club officer how to attract guests to their meetings, convert then to members, and orient them to the club for long term retention


  • The training teaches club officers about the key features of our educational program to support our members as well as what Basecamp managers need to know and do.

Community outreach

  • This training gives Club Officers and overview of using Speechcraft and the Youth Leadership Program to forge links within their community, attract new members, and build new clubs. A set of case studies will be presented for discussion and the collaborative benefits of Toastmasters International – Rotary alliance will be discussed.
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