Club Officers

Club oCLHfficers ensure that each club member feels his or her Toastmasters experience is worthwhile. By applying leadership techniques, a club officer ensures an atmosphere conducive to both personal and professional growth as well as achieving Toastmasters’ educational program goals.

Club Leadership Handbook

The Club Leadership Handbook is one of the most effective tools club officers can have at their disposal. One vital piece of information within is a description of each of the club officer roles.

Distinguished Club Programme

The purpose of a Toastmasters club is to provide an environment in which members learn communication and leadership skills.

The Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan helps clubs promote quality, ensure productive meetings, provide structure and guidance and increase the enthusiasm of the club. Every year, high-performing clubs are recognized, and may proudly display a Distinguished, Select Distinguished or President’s Distinguished ribbon on their club banner. Click here to view the Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan guide.

Want to see how your club is doing? Check out the Distinguished Club Programme dashboard and find your club.

Public Relations

Promoting our clubs and letting people know how much they can gain from being part of Toastmasters is key. Find out more with Toastmasters’ PR manual.

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