Club Sponsors & Mentors

Patricia2As Club Growth Director I recognise how much commitment, time and effort our members put in to sponsoring and mentoring new clubs.  So this year the District will recognise this hard work by giving qualifying club sponsors and mentors a token gift pen-pencil

Club sponsors qualify when the club charters and club mentors qualify 6 months after the club charters


The team working to charter a new club usually consists of the following:-

Two sponsors

Two mentors

Club Sponsors

A  club sponsor helps to set up a new club.  The duties of a new club sponsor:-

  • Organise the new club
  • Set up regular club meetings
  • Help complete the charter paperwork and plan the charter presentation

A club sponsor gets recognition from Toastmasters International WHEN THE CLUB CHARTERS and this goes towards your Advanced Leader Silver award.

Club Mentors

As mentors, you are a new club’s primary nurturers, educating and training by example. It is impossible to tutor a new club about every situation it may encounter but if you instil best practices from the beginning, it will be prepared to overcome the obstacles it encounters and sustain its members’ educational growth. As mentors you are responsible for the beginning of a club’s journey.

The duties of a new club mentor include:-

  • Advise the club officers on their roles and responsibilities
  • Help the club achieve quality meetings
  • Help build and maintain membership

The mentor’s role officially starts when the club charters and continues for 6 to 12 months.   Mentors and the new club’s president sign and return the Get Credit form to World Headquarters after mentors have completed six months of service.  This goes towards your Advanced Leader Silver award.





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