Dec ’18 Club Growth update

By Gerard Mannix, Club Growth Director

Dec ’18 Club Growth update owes much thanks for the magnificent work you are undertaking

New Club Initiatives

Any member who has a suggestion of a location, community or a workplace which could has the potential for a new club please contact myself Gerard Mannix,  your Area or Division Director or any member of the District team. You are invited to be involved in the GROWTH of Toastmasters District 71

Cash Incentive

: Allow 45 pounds/50 euro support for one-time room hire costs for your demo meeting.

New Clubs Report

With immense pleasure District 71 can announce our latest club, bringing to 4 this Toastmaster year. Very many congratulations to all involved.

Salesforce Dublin Toastmasters, Club Number: 7126746, District 71 Area M54, Charter Date: 1st November 2018

District Director Patricia O’Reilly also carried out Club banner presentations to last year’s (2017-18) recently chartered clubs in Division A (Southern Ireland) Lee Valley Speakers (#4858276 chartered 24/4/2018) in Area A11 and Republic of Work Toastmasters Club (#6779360 chartered 2/5/2018) in Area A23.

Fall into Winter Award

Does your club have many guests? Toastmaster clubs need to encourage new members to join to maintain quality meetings and continuity. This time of year, District 71 has an incentive for clubs that add 4 plus members. Each club that attains these extra members will qualify for a pizza voucher valued at 45 euro. Yet, if the club does not like that food then alternately there is a voucher valued at 45 dollars for purchase of goods from the Toastmasters International store.

November 1st to 31st December

  • Clubs that add 4 plus members during this period will be awarded a pizza voucher valued at 45 euro or for those in the sterling currency a voucher valued at 40 pounds
  • Or a voucher valued at 45 dollars for purchase of goods at Toastmasters International store.

Help for weaker clubs

Club coaching: 100 euro/ 90 pounds assistance per club with 12 or fewer members. Club coach reward $15 to successful coaches

Wishing all members and their families a Happy and Peaceful Christmas

[Always check the The Latest Information on District Incentives]

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