Diverse Community Outreach case studies

Diverse Community Outreach Activities

Outreach is an activity of providing services to any populations who might not otherwise have access to those services. A key component of outreach is that the groups providing it are not stationary, but mobile; in other words they are meeting those in need of outreach services at the locations where those in need are. In addition to delivering services, outreach has an educational role, raising the awareness of existing services


Community outreach extends beyond the Youth Leadership Program and Speechcraft. This is an embryonic section at present, but so far includes:

  1. Sam organizing two training days for the public based on the Better Speaker and Leadership Excellence series of educational speeches,
  2. Daniel describing how Area H44 have worked with redundancy re skill charity Careers Action to lay on educational demonstration meetings and a workshop, and
  3. Pat describes how Speakeasy Toastmasters Club (Mallow) spearheads an annual schools speaking competition.
  4. Unipart Rail threw down the challenge of organizing a Toastmasters Taster Session and Andy tells us how Doncaster Speakers took it up.
  5. Hertfordshire Speakers’ Elizabeth Jordan describes how Toastmasters’ members teamed up to help deliver a recent Rotary Youth Speaks Competition.


Sam Warner DTM – Shropshire Speakers & Ludlow Speakers

The thing about thinking creatively is that it sometimes takes you to places you didn’t expect to go.

To find an HPL (High Performance Leadership) project that would help more than just myself, I embarked on some research of the programmes offered by Toastmasters that were over and above the standard traditional education offering.

Lo and behold! I discovered the Leadership Excellence Series and the Better Speaker Series. I hatched a plan. To serve both my club and existing members I set about pulling together a team to help me deliver both series of presentations as two standalone days of training.

I was able to provide 10 and 11 opportunities (15 minutes for each project) for existing members to undertake advanced presentations that contributed to their Advanced Communicator Silver and their Advanced Communicator Gold. Plus, it provided a chance for new members to get a crash course in leadership or public speaking. It enabled me to deliver a project for my HPL, and for three people to be on my HPL committee. It helped individuals to help me with a PR campaign, and to entice non-members to come along to see what Toastmasters was all about. Win-win-win-win-win-win!

The first session ran in the October for the Leadership Excellence Series, we had 20 members and 4 non-members attend and we broke even charging £12 and £15 a head respectively a head for the day including a slap-up lunch. Everyone said they felt it was excellent value for money and nice to do something different in Toastmasters for a change.

The second day took place in the following March and included 14 Toastmaster members and 10 non-members at a different venue and ended up generating 4 new members for our club. Again, a slap-up lunch was provided, and the ticket prices and format remained the same.

I used my networking talents to help recruit non-Toastmasters for these events and I advertised it widely across social media, local radio, newspaper and at my place of work at the time, and in all clubs, I could reach out to (even in the neighbouring district).

It never occurred to me that we might get new members from the events and I didn’t realise how many people it would help all told when I first hatched the idea. So, it was a great revelation to learn its far-reaching positive outcomes.

I have since shared my agendas, PR campaign and methodologies with other Toastmasters and helped them to deliver the days themselves. It was a wonderful experience and I can imagine if a Toastmaster has never organised and delivered an event before it’s a fantastic way to dip their toe in the water with support and guidance, so they only have a positive experience.

I would recommend all Divisions (at least) to run one of these events annually to encourage members and provide opportunities to members to create an experience that might bring in new members and serves existing members too. If Toastmasters are struggling with ideas for HPL; this isn’t a bad idea.

I’m happy to help anyone who’d like to put one on. Just email me at Samantha_warner@hotmail.com

“You can improve your value by 50% just by learning communication skills-public speaking. ”
– Warren Buffett. “

Daniel Sandars DTM, Public Relations Manager

Milton Keynes (MK) Careers-Action is a charity whose aims are formed to get unemployed managers, technical and professional people back to work or helping them to start their own business.

Since its inception MK Careers Action and its predecessor MK Executives Action have reached out to established professionals in the Milton Keynes Area to supply skills training on the pro bono basis. Many of these individual volunteers have also been Toastmasters members leading to a situation three years ago where the then Area H44 Director (me) rallied the wider Area Toastmasters membership and organized a highly successful education demonstration evening meeting. This format has continued, and we are invited back again on the 28th of November.

We have also continued to find added value ways of interacting with MK Career Action. Last year we delivered an additional Saturday workshop format to develop the skills many Toastmasters had learnt on a recent Toastmasters International “Speaker To Trainer” workshop held at Cranfield Speakers club in Area H44. Again, last year, the icing on the cake was the opportunity to invite our then Regional Advisor Aletta Rochat to deliver her workshop “how to deliver a GREAT speech with NO time to prepare” to MK Careers Action whilst on her tour of District 71.

John Dale Operations Director of MK Career Action and Past President of Eldergate Toastmasters sums up “The partnership with Toastmasters has helped people develop their needs on the unemployment trail, to improve their confidence of speaking in front of other and to help them answer questions asked in interviews. There are also other benefits such as helping them with preparation and research before the interview. We encourage members to try out Toastmasters as a mode to help them gain confidence and training in impromptu speaking and many have at least been as a guest to Toastmasters groups in and around Milton Keynes. A number have become members over the years.”

A few examples of MK Careers Action members becoming Toastmasters include Ken and Mick who transited from sales-based career to become trainers and Carol who is just beginning to emerge as an International Motivational Speaker.

Speakeasy Toastmasters to host Schools Public Speaking Competition

Pat Sexton, VP Public Relations (Speakeasy Toastmasters Club)

Speakeasy Toastmasters Club are delighted to announce that their 13th Annual Schools Public Speaking Competition will take place on Thursday 29th November in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow at 8.00PM.

The inaugural Schools Public Speaking Competition was held in 2006 under the guidance of then President, Mary Buckley. Participants came from Transition Year students (15/16 years old) in the three Secondary schools in Mallow – Davis College, Patrician Academy and St Mary’s School.

On that occasion, Emma Nyhan of St. Mary’s Secondary School, Mallow won the Perpetual Trophy for Best Speaker and her school was awarded the Best Overall Team prize. From the outset, we have been fortunate to have the kind sponsorship and support from Mallow Credit Union and the Hibernian Hotel who provided perpetual trophies for Individual and Team winners. We are extremely grateful for their continued support.

Since then the Competition has expanded enormously with participating schools coming from all over the North Cork region. Schools in Boherbue, Buttevant, Charleville, Doneraile, Kanturk, Millstreet and Mitchelstown have graced this competition. Without exception, it is the highlight of our Toastmasters season.

Each year, students continue to inspire with their creativity, enthusiasm, and humour. Topics selected range from the serious to the sublime, from the issue of consent to the joy of rugby, from fashion to peer pressure, from bullying to the joy of being a “goth”. Reflecting the diversity that now prevails in our schools, our competition reflects the diversity of a multicultural Ireland. We hold fond memories of Davis College student, Radek Zuk who talked himself to victory in 2009 with his hilarious account of his experiences as a young Polish immigrant in Ireland.

Each speaker delivers a 5-minute speech on a topic of their choice and are judged on their content and presentation. Each school is entitled to 2 participants. Last year’s contest was, arguably, the finest yet. The winning school was Scoil Treasa, Kanturk and the Best Individual Speaker was Darragh Healy-Fitzgerald of Scoil Mhuire, Kanturk with a wonderful presentation- “Birds of a feather stereotype together”.

As part of the Schools Public Speaking Project, members of Speakeasy, Marie Fitzpatrick, Michael Cronin, and Pat Sexton run Speaking Courses in Mallow, Kanturk and Doneraile. Moreover, members of the Club act as adjudicators for School’s Debating Competitions. A significant amount of adverse publicity is directed towards today’s youth. Our Schools Public Speaking Competition tells an entirely different story. It illustrates the positive contribution that young people make to our community. If you wish to be inspired by the leaders of tomorrow, the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow on Thursday,29th November is the place to be.

Unipart Rail Taster Session – A challenge accepted!

by Andy Howell (Doncaster Speakers President)

Six Doncaster Speaker Toastmasters, 11 Graduates, one intrigued HR Director and one night to prove what Toastmasters can do!

The challenge laid down by Lucy Weaver, HR Director of Unipart Rail (UR) was to run an onsite ‘taster’ session for her Doncaster based graduates. The aim was to backup all the claims that I had made regarding what Toastmasters can do for people. Who would back away from a challenge like that!

After agreeing a date in November, the challenge began. I am lucky in Doncaster to have a very active membership full of people who want to try new things and to promote TM. Help for the evening was never in doubt.

Basic roles/structure:

  • Graduates (11):
    • 3 Icebreakers and 8 Table Topics
  • Doncaster Speakers (6):
    • Toastmaster, TT Master, Speech and TT Evaluation, Grammarian, Timekeeper
  • HR Director of Unipart Rail:
    • Ah Counter and General Evaluator

Part of the challenge was to make it a realistic meeting, so we stuck to the normal agenda, with a little more emphasis on the role explanations and some pre talk guidance.

We had 11 graduates:

  • 3 Ice Breakers who all had some prep time and advice in the weeks before they spoke
  • 8 Table topics, who had an example of a Table Topic given by the TT Master (random topic chosen by a graduate)

All of the speech evaluations were aimed at positive but real feedback, with each having a commend and recommend. The Graduates were also able to leave feedback for each other and had detailed feedback from Lucy Weaver who although not a Toastmaster is an accomplished speaker herself.

All speakers received first timer ribbons and the best speaker/TT speaker also received ribbons.

It was as close to a normal meeting as we could make it, with the only real omission was having the graduates try evaluation/roles. This will be incorporated into the next session.

Before the meeting we had 11 very nervous people, who were wondering why they volunteered. After the meeting we had 11 very engaged enthusiastic people who now see the benefits of public speaking as a skill. The graduates also all learnt things about their own styles from the nervous stances to the overuse of complex wording. It was literally the talk of the office for the next week with nothing but praise from the graduates and the HR Director.

Toastmasters Community Outreach

Front Row – Toastmasters with one hidden at the back 4th from left

Quote from Lucy the following day: “You nailed it TM! All was fantastic. Thank you” .

The challenge was successfully completed!

Unipart Rail are:

  1. Prepared to pay TM membership for any graduate who attended.
  2. Sharing their experiences with the rest of Unipart worldwide.
  3. Looking at ways to collaborate with TM (Corporate club?)


  1. We have at least one potential member.
  2. TM Oxford are looking at linking with Unipart HQ.

We tried something new and found it to be a total pleasure to share what we do and have learnt some lessons ourselves.

Hertfordshire Toastmasters in Community Outreach Program

Elizabeth Jordan DTM

Two Hertfordshire Toastmasters, Richard Rutty of pre-charter Stevenage Speakers and Elizabeth Jordan of Hertfordshire Speakers joined the Mayor of Harpenden, Councillor David Heritage as judges at the first round of the recent Rotary Youth Speaks Competition on 15th January 2019.  Both are committed to using their Toastmaster skills in the wider community to support the development of effective communication and leadership skills such as the Rotary Speaks Competition.

This well-established competition is promoted by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland.  It offers young people aged 11-13 (Intermediate level) and 14-17 (Senior) the following benefits:

  • experience in speaking on a public platform as a member of a team,
  • an incentive to formulate ideas on topical subjects,
  • discipline in dealing with a topic in a limited time,
  • the opportunity of learning and practising high standards of expression, presentation and appearance, and
  • impartial feedback and assessment of performance by experienced adjudicators
Toastmasters Community Outreach

Elizabeth Jordan with Mayor of Harpenden and Richard Rutty from East Herts and Stevenage Speakers. Richard, Mayor and Elizabeth were judges. Elizabeth was also Chief Judge.

The topics chosen were wide-ranging, including broad areas such as Politics, Philosophy, History of Science. The standard of speaking was amazingly high presenting the judges with a difficult task of choosing a winner from each age category.

The team from Beechwood Park School won the Intermediate Award with the topic ‘The World’s Greatest Invention’ and the team from Roundwood Park school won the Senior Award with the topic ‘Does Truth Exist Anymore?’

In her evaluation of the evening, Chief Judge, Toastmaster Elizabeth Jordan, shared commendations and recommendations with the competitors and told them that their speeches were amongst some of the best she had heard.

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