Get Involved!

There are lots of ways in which you can get involved in running our district.

Your involvement and contribution help make the district a success and help us serve our members better. Getting involved is also a brilliant way for us all to stretch our skills, build our knowledge and get even more fun from our Toastmasters experience!


Marketing Working Group

Led by the Club Growth Director, this group focuses on how we can grow new clubs, gain new members and help our existing clubs be strong and retain members.

You might want to focus on club growth strategy, be part of demo teams going into new locations.

You might want to focus on attracting more people to be members or on coaching clubs.

For more information, contact Club Growth Director, Gerard Mannix.

PR Working Group

Wish you knew more about PR? Want to promote your club or area but not sure how? We’ll be hosting webinars on different aspects of PR, including opportunities to get articles published with national media, and learn much from our own PR gurus.

The plan is for monthly webinars on a Sunday evening. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their role.

For more information, contact Public Relations Manager, Daniel Sandars>


Future Conferences

Have you ever thought of hosting a conference? Or being part of a group that provides guidance to people hosting conferences?

Being part of making a conference a success is an extraordinary experience – would you like to get involved?

For more information, contact Program Quality Director John Cox. 


District Alignment Committee

Districts must review and amend, if necessary, their alignment of the clubs, areas, and divisions once each year. The alignment is subject to the approval of the district council in May.

The District Alignment Committee looks at the district’s alignment and put forward a structure for the next program year. The committee should consider an alignment that services the clubs in the most effective way possible and meets the TI policy requirements.  The 2018/2019 chairperson was Jane Mooney who concluded that no realignments were needed. 

audit committee

Audit Committee

The district’s financial transactions are reviewed twice during the year and account for all district revenue and expenses. All district bank accounts and funds must be included in the district budget and audits, including any accounts held at the division and area level. All outstanding liabilities and obligations must be recorded as part of the Mid-year and Year-end audits.

An Audit Committee made up of club members who are qualified accountants is in place for 2018.19. You can read more about what Toastmasters International requires from audit committees here.

nominations committee

District Leadership Committee

In order to ensure successful district elections, the District Director must appoint a district leadership committee (previously called nominations committee). The work of the committee is critical in ensuring long-term district success. They must:

  • Seek out prospective candidates
  • Evaluate and interview candidates
  • Nominate candidates
  • Provide a complete report of candidates

The leadership committee report must be presented to the district governor at least six weeks before the district’s Annual Business Meeting and is a vital part of assuring the successful succession of leaders in our District. To find out more, contact Nominations Committee Chair Red Skelton


Youth Leadership

Every young person has the potential to become a good communicator and leader, but this potential needs to be developed. The Toastmasters Youth Leadership program’s unique eight-session, workshop-style design enables participants to develop this potential through practical experience.

Toastmasters all over the district are getting involved in running youth leadership programmes, and you can get involved too.  Program Quality Director John Cox is leading this group for 2018/2019.



This is a 6 – 8 week public speaking program which are run by Toastmasters members, sponsored by Toastmasters clubs, aimed at various organisations who wish to develop their communication and leadership skills. It’s a great way to get a new club started or to get new members up and running with the programme.

Program Quality Director John Cox is leading this group for 2018/2019.

sergeant at arms

District Sergeant at Arms

In our district we have banners, trophies and all sorts of other pieces of equipment. What would be brilliant is if someone stepped forward to be the guardian of this equipment – storing it when needed and tracking its location when it is out being useful. Want to own all our goodies? Contact District Director, Patricia O’Reilly.


Other people who are involved in 2018-19…

Our district parliamentarian is Phil Heath.

Kevin Lee is our Regalia Manager.

Thanks to everyone who is involved in making District 71 a success!

What haven’t we thought of? Is there something you would like to do to support our district, stretch yourself, and maybe even have some fun? Get in touch with our District Director, Patricia O’Reilly with your ideas.

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