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Gordon tackled the subject of great speech openings to leave your audience well and truly hooked.

What do a great novel and a great speech have in common?  They both grab people’s attention at the very beginning. From the moment you first open your mouth to speak, you need to hook your audience’s attention

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Gordan Adams of North Bucks Speakers (Milton Keynes)

1st April 2019

Seven ways to give your speech a flying start

Seven ways to give your speech a flying start

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29th March 2019

How to grab immediate attention when you start your presentation


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28th March 2019


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28th February 2019

Richard Foster Fletcher lends a hand to Gordon Adams with this radio interview on Speech Openings.


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It is already on Twitter https://twitter.com/ShareRadioUK/status/1101158271556218880 (where they have 11k followers)
We have been told that the interview will be broadcast on Share Radio on Monday 4th March at 12.30.

27th February 2019

How to engage your audience from the first words of your speech

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22nd February 2019

How to Make Your Presentation Fly

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21st February 2019

How to create an attention-grabbing opening for your speech

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How to Grab Attention with the Opening Words of Your Presentation

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