It’s dues renewal time!

Having been the President and Club Treasurer of several clubs more than once I understand the challenges of getting dues in on time. 
I also believe that Treasurers are often the “unsung heroes” of our clubs.  Particularly at this important time of the year.
Treasurers and all other officers have a key role to play in encouraging members to renew their membership, and demonstrating that toastmasters membership is great value for money.
Here are some tips:
1.  If the club can afford it offer a 10% discount for early payment.
2.  Send out 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final reminder emails.
3.  Also remind members that they can only compete in contests if they are “a member in good standing” and that there is no grace period. 
4.  In your reminder emails name and thank those that have paid and you may also want to list those still to pay.
5.  Thank those that have paid for helping the club to achieve one of its DCP goals.
6.  It’s also all about membership retention, work with your VP Membership and other officers to encourage renewals from members that you have not seen for a while.
7.  Some clubs use monthly standing orders to help members to spread the cost.
Also take a look at Monzo – a free debit card preloaded from your club bank account to pay Toastmasters International dues.         
I’m offering a gift of TI shop items to any clubs who manage to get 80% or more of
their members to pay before the deadline.
Don’t forget that the dues deadline is the end of September so think about sending out reminders and paying TI dues now – please don’t leave it to the last minute.    
Please help your Club, your Area, your Division and District to achieve their membership payment goals.                                 
If you have any other great ideas please let me know.
— John Cox, Club Growth Director

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