Jan ’19 PR Newsflash

#OpenNight Incentive

– stock up your club with Pathways ribbons and badges

By Daniel Sandars, Public Relations Manager

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#OpenNight Public Relations are key to a great open night. An open night (or Open House or Guest Night) highlights and engages an entire club and helps it grow. Open nights can have refreshments, decorations and a headliner speaker. They are an all-round fun night.

To claim: simply send your Open Night guest list, highlight those that joined, and tell me about the PR channel you used. Daniel Sandars, District 71 PR Manager

For Example: campus-based Cranfield Speakers (Division H) had a stall at two freshers fairs, did poster and leaflet drops around campus, created an Open Night event on Meetup and Facebook and gave additional social media publicity on Twitter and Instagram. They had 133 new enquiries of which 80 attended the open night and ten had joined within two months

Support: The District 71 Website has a page full of tips and ideas. http://d71toastmasters.org/open-night/

Additional synergistic Incentives

Club Firsts

Is your club planning to start, for the first time, a website, get a press release published, produce a club newsletter, or any other novel public relations endeavour? Yes, then claim a club ribbon pack

Club Promotional Videos

Have you noticed how powerful YouTube is become with its addictively appealing visual media? The first twenty new club promotional videos will earn the club two pathways pins and feature on the District PR channels.

External Event Grants

Have you got the opportunity to set up a stall at a public event? There are grants of 125 euro towards promotional materials and or venue costs. The grants are competitive and will be based on the likely foot fall, how well you know your target audience and your plans to attract them as guests to your club

Distinguished Club Website

Your website is often your first impression you give potential customers. Does you Club Website look good? Club ribbon pack for the best.

Write an article for Chantal

Chantal Cooke is a Public Relations agent who helps members publish educational articles to the national press. Last year we gained the editorial value of over half a million euro. This year authors will go into a prize draw for a £240 conference ticket

Travelling Toastie

It is great fun to visit other clubs to strengthen fellowship and gain ideas. Do three things 1) capture photo or testimonial video that includes the brand and your hosts, 2) distribute that out to social media where it can be seen, and 3) bring it to the District’s attention by hash tagging and or tagging us. Prize for each District’s best Travelling Toastie

#WeAreToastmasters picks

Toastmasters International D71 Division C

18 January at 12:04 ·

Excellent radio interview with Area 10 club, East Coast Toastmasters, Santry, Dublin, Ireland on the benefits of Toastmasters. Well done to President Shay Donnelly, VPE Sandra Hennessy and Club Secretary Seamus Hynes. Thanks for sharing and recommended listening 🏆🏆🏆

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