January 2019: Prize Crossword

Guest edited by Elizabeth Jordan (Hertfordshire Speakers)

Amended Version


  • Email completed crossword to daniel.PR_Manager_D71@sandars.org.uk by Friday 15th February 2019
  • All correct answers will be entered in a prize draw. Winners and Answers will be published in the February Edition

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Prize Crossword GridAcross

4    Sporting metaphor used by 2018 World Champion of Public Speaking (6)

7    One of the Toastmasters Promises is to provide fellow members with helpful, ………………. evaluations (12)

9    Second name of D71 Toastmaster to have completed Presentation Mastery L5 (6) error (5) BARAD

10    Surname of International CEO of Toastmasters International (3)

11    Goals people aspire to achieve at the start of the New Year (11)

12    The ………… Speaker Program recognizes those Toastmasters members who have achieved a level of proficiency that enables them to be paid, professional speakers (10)

14    According to International President, Lark Dooley, who owns each toastmasters club? (7)


1    ………………of Truth outlines how to create a positive first impression of your club (7)

2    Judge who remains confidential in club contests (8)

3    City where 2020 World Championship of Public Speaking will take place? (5)

5    The network of mostly navigable rivers and lakes in the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk (3,6)

6    Final month of Toastmaster year (4)

8    Cathedral City where the D71 Spring Conference will be held (7)

13    City International CEO of Toastmasters visited in 2018 (6)

Last Month’s Crossword Results


Robert Beauchamp (Camulodunum Speakers)

December’s Answers

Christmas Word Scramble

Xmas Tree

dholrup Rudolph
sgcoeor Scrooge
scsrtiamh eert Christmas Tree
seglhi belsl Sleigh Bells
nsata clasu Santa Claus
storfy Frosty
mesoettli Mistletoe
eendrier Reindeer
cmieyhn Chimney
olne Noel
whaert Wreath
ksgnicto Stocking
scsrtiamh gindudp Christmas Pudding
stnpeesr Presents
emcin eisp Mince Pies
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