June ’19 New Clubs

Welcome New Clubs

Congratulations to all involved

JTI Ireland

JTI Ireland (14) is a corporate club that chartered in Dublin on the 4th of June 2019. It is the fifth new club to charter in the Dublin area and is aligned into Division M Area 26. The two sponsors who helped get it started are 2018-19 Area Directors Mary F. Burnham (Area 5) and Bobby Buckley (Area 18 )and the two Mentors to help establish the club over then next 6-12 months are 2018-19 District Director Patricia O’Reilly and Christopher Werner

Birmingham New Street Speakers

Birmingham New Street Speakers (13) is a community club that chartered on the 22nd of May 2019 and aligned into Division E Area 39. 2018-29 Division E Director Andy Nichols and 2018-29 Area 42 Director Mish Barad were the club Sponsors with Tanya Barad and 2019-20 Area 42 Director Sanatan Shelat coming in as the Mentors

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