Mar 19 District Prize Word search

 Prize Word search

Guest edited by Alex Knibbs (Saffron Walden Speakers) Division G Director


  • Email completed crossword to by Friday 19th April 2019
  • All correct answers will be entered in a prize draw. Winners and Answers will be published in the February Edition

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Grid showing identified words and highlighted yellow cells






1. Enjoy the word search by finding all the words on the grid.

2. Using the highlighted letters in the yellow fields, identify another 9-lettered Toastmaster-related word.


3. An additional cryptic clue: Upstanding trait shown by mauled tiny tiger (9)

February 2019 D71 Newsletter Quiz Answers

On this occasion the quiz setter beat the District and gets the prize

By Elizabeth Jordan DTM, Hertfordshire Speakers

  1. What is the name of the keynote speaker at the 2019 D71 Spring Conference in Norwich? Answer = Eldonna Lewis Fernandez.
  2. The club quality checklist is a useful measure of the ……….. of a club. Answer = Health
  3. Travelling Toastmaster (Jan 2019) Adrian Jefferson Chofor is pictured standing in front of which famous site in Paris. Answer = The Eiffel Tower
  4. Which membership drive, and club growth incentive occurs between 1st Feb and March 31st? Answer = Talk Up Toastmasters
  5. Deepak Menon, DTM, currently holds which Toastmaster Officer role? Answer = International President-Elect
  6. Approximately how many clubs are there in D71? a)100 clubs b)200 clubs or c)300 clubs? Answer= b) 200 clubs
  7. Of the 10 Distinguished Club Program Goals (DCP), how many are Education and Training goals? Seven
  8. Which topic will be covered in the new Path to be made available in Pathways in February 2019? Answer = Humour.
  9. What is the name of the Region 10 Storyteller, Stand-up Comic and the first Toastmaster in Europe to be awarded a Pathways DTM? Answer= Julie Kertesz.
  10. After completing level 2 in Pathways, there is an option to complete The Pathways Mentoring program which consists of three sections: Prepare to Mentor, Mentoring and …………………. Answer: Advanced Mentoring.

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