May ’19 Welcome New Clubs

On the 20th of May two new corporate clubs chartered into District 71, bringing to 12 the new clubs chartered this program year. Very many congratulations to all involved and their hard work.

  1. Toastmasters Takeda (11 on the map below) is based in Dublin within the pharmaceutical company Takeda Ireland. It is aligned in Division J Area 7 and the sponsor and mentor was/is Mairead Murphy
  2. Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press (12 on the map below) is aligned in Division G Area 41. The sponsors were Sultan Kus and Luc Moreau and the mentors are Robert Brooke and Martin Harnor

New Clubs in Dublin 2018-19 with latest addition, 11 Toastmasters Takeda

12 Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press

Club growth is one of the most rewarding activities for our members. As a rule of thumb there are opportunities to found new corporate clubs in companies with 200 hundred or more professional and managerial staff. A second good starting point is a company that already has a Toastmasters Club at another location and this is the case with Toastmasters Takeda who have at least one sister club Takeda Toastmasters, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Another starting point are the connections between clubs or members and the company. Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press Toastmasters Club grew from connections between the Cambridge Speakers Club and Cambridge University. Last year Cambridge Speakers ran a Speechcraft for a group of accountancy students at the University.

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