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Simon Day #ChantalCookePR

Effective Online Communication

Simon Day

For many of us the continuing lockdown means that most of our business communication is still happening online. As I’ve conducted online meetings and coaching sessions I have realised that there is much to learn about doing this well.

Here are some tips to help you connect with people effectively online in meetings or presentations for the lockdown and beyond:

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25th July 2020


How to End Your Online Presentation or In-Person Speech With Impact

Vinette Hoffman-Jackson

Imagine the scene. You begin to speak. Your audience is loving your presentation. Then you get to the end, but you are the only person who knows this. You may experience an awkward pause, followed by some tentative clapping as the audience realizes you’ve finished!

The sad truth is many people do not dedicate enough time and effort to the closing of their speech. They either end abruptly, tell the audience they are done, or whisper thank you. 

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13 July 2020

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