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Having articles included in local publications or being interviewed on local radio or television is a wonderful way of getting the benefits of Toastmasters to our communities.  Please let me know if you get any media coverage and I will include it here.  Share on Facebook and tag @District 71 PR  and #WeAreToastmasters – your message will be seen by many and I can then display it proudly on our District website.

Chantal Cooke (#ChantalCookePR) of Panpathic Communications is a Public Relations agent retained by Districts 71 and 91 to help us obtain national press coverage. See here to read the article writing brief and you might win tickets to the next district conference.

Simon Day (2nd article) #ChantalCookePR

Anthony Garvey #ChantalCookePR

Simon Day #ChantalCookePR

Rebecca Pepper #ChantalCookePR

Sam Warner #ChantalCookePR

Jean Stewart #ChantalCookePR

Gordon Adams #ChantalCookePR

2nd January Financial Times Brian Bollen (late Eldergate Toastmasters Division H)

“Afraid of public speaking? Become a Toastmaster”

Dan Rex

In late November 2018 Dan Rex visited District 71.  Many thanks to Toastmasters Shalini Sinha and Ted Mellamphy for the interviews.


Karen O’Donnell #ChantalCookePR

Vinette Hoffman-Jackson #ChantalCookePR

Richard Foster-Fletcher #ChantalCookePR

Sudha Mani #ChantalCookePR

Deirdre is talking her way to the Windy City

Mallow Star

Readership 8k

August 9, 2018

Daniel Sandars, District 71 Public Relations Manager
Deirdre Linehan, of Speakeasy Toastmasters and Failte Toastmasters, outshone more than 900 UK and Ireland contestants to win the district competition of the Toastmasters International Speech Contest recently, and now advances to the semi final of the contest, vying for one of 10 spots in the World Championship of Public Speaking…


Authour Karen O’Donnell (Baltinglass Speakers)

Family Friendly Networking

Readership: 10k

September, 12 2018

Use the 3 Cs: engage your team and make your business more profitable


Readership: 71,715

Improve your business profitability with the 3C approach to employees

How employee engagement can boost your bottom line

Readership: 35k

September/October 2018 Pages 48-49


Readership: 5k

August 29, 2018

Create a more profitable future for your business with employee engagement By Karen O’Donnell, Toastmasters International

How to use the 3 Cs for greater staff engagement and a more successful business

By Karen O’Donnell, Toastmasters International

Network She

Readership: 18k

August 21, 2018

On their migratory journey geese, in their V-formation, have a common goal and a sense of purpose. Growing a business involves a similar long journey. This journey goes more smoothly and effectively when we create a supportive environment. In this situation our team can be actively engaged and can a…

The three Cs holding the secret to employee engagement and happy customers

Readership: 76k
August 8, 2018

The traditional relationship between organisation and employee is not working in the majority of cases, for either the employee or the employer. We need…

How to keep employees engaged and make your business more profitable

Readership: 26k
Flight of geese
August 6, 2018

Keeping employees actively engaged reduces turnover, increase productivity, improve customer retention and significantly increase profits…

Become Speaker and Leader you want to be…

Cranfield Express
Cranfield ExpressFront Page August 2018 Edition No. 214

Daniel Sandars (Cranfield and Northampton Speakers Clubs)
Wrap up summary of Division H 2017-18. The article is centered on Cranfield and the Divisions main event host Cranfield Speakers Club and Cranfield University


Author Kay Heald (Shropshire Speakers)

The Introvert’s Public Speaking Toolkit

Empowered Business Magazine August 2018

Aug 24, 2018   pages 51-53

Developing your public speaking: a toolkit for introverted trainers

Introverted Trainer

Introverted Trainer
22 Jun 2018

Kay Heald (Shropshire Speakers)
Many people, not least trainers, are affected by a fear of public speaking, but learning how to overcome this and communicate confidently and …

How club gave Sam a new voice

Shropshire Star

Sam Warner
Telford | Education | Published: Jun 5, 2018

Sam Warner says there are many ways she has benefited since joining a public speaking group. She is now more confident in talking to people, more polished and authoritative in the way she comes across. But most of all, she says she has become a better listener…

District 71 PR Manager Laura Bruce (2nd from right) was interview by BBC Radio Scotland. District 71 PR Manager Laura Bruce (2nd from right) was interview by BBC Radio Scotland.

BBC Radio Scotland interviewed District 71 PR Public Relations Manager Laura Bruce about public speaking and presentations for “Personal Best”. Some great tips for interviews, wedding speeches and presentations. Members of Toastmasters Inverness including some first-timers also interviewed! Have a listen:

Congratulations to Alex Knibbs who secured two pieces of media coverage of his newly-chartered club, Saffron Walden Speakers, in his local media.


Avril Stringer DTM, President of Linlithgow Speakers, was interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland. The topic? Top tips for a successful speech. N.B. This episode of the Kaye Adams Show (Avril was interviewed in the last 30 minutes of the programme) is no longer available on BBC iPlayer.


District PR Manager, Karen O’Donnell, along with Sean Gahan and Ann Doyle, interviewed recently for the Farmers Journal (readership 235K)




Christine Rusk, member of Erne Speakers ‘Why every speech should be like a good three-course meal’

Click here to read more.   Published in 6 separate articles  (Total readership 300K)



Laura Ryan  member of EMC Ireland Toastmasters Club ‘Boost your sales, results in stepping out of your comfort zone’

Click here to read more. Published in 6 separate articles   ( Total Readership 36K) 


Essie Rewane of Eldergate Toastmasters Milton Keynes.  ‘Eight Ways to make a killer sales pitch’

Click here to read more (readership 46K)  The same article was also picked up by other media outlets.

Moira Beaton


Moira Beaton of Waverley Communicators, Division S had her article published ‘Public Speaking, From Good to Great’ – published with the assistance of Chantal Cooke.

Click here to read more.



Dave Linehan, Division M had his article published ‘How to connect with an audience when you speak’ – assistance through our external Publicist, Chantal Cooke.

Click here to read more.  (Readership 40K)



Simon Scriver, current District 71 International Speech Contest Champion 2016, had his articles published with the assistance of Chantal Cooke, our external Publicist.

Click here  to read more.  (Readership 47K)


October 2016 – written by Adrian Melia, Kildare Toastmasters, Area 28, Division D

The Kildare Nationalist (readership 15K)


Laura Bruce, Division S had her article ‘Share what you know and doors will open’ published with the assistance of our external publicist, Chantal Cooke.

Click here to read more.  (Readership 20K)


October 2016 – written by Michael Maunsell, Clonmel Toastmasters, Area 8, Division D

Tipperary Nationalist – (readership 10K)


September 2016 – written by Karen O’Donnell, District PRM

The Farmers Journal  (readership 235K)



Francis Cahill  has written and had published 4 articles with the assistance of our external publicist Chantal Cooke.  This article ‘Are you being heard’ can be see in here: wiltshirebusiness-2016-08-toastmasters  5  

5 Seperate articles (Total readership 910K)


August 2016 – written by Kathleen Boland, Plain Speakers Club, Area 26, Division M

Leinster Leader



Carmel Wynne of Engineers, Division M had articles published and also gave a radio interview

Click here to listen to her interview.

may-2016 May 2016 – written by Adrian Melia, Kildare Club, Area 28, Division D

The Kildare Nationalist  (readership 15K)

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