#Norwich19 Contest and Election

#Norwich19 Conference Contests

Huge congratulations to our winners and all those who participated and helped! We did it! We held 12 contests over three days.

Eight of those contests were the semi-finals held on the Friday with some contestants being in two or more contests. One of those, Pat Sexton, described Friday as the most exciting and inspiring day he had ever witnessed at a conference. The semi finals were organised into paired contests each placing three into the finals. The 12 Division winners were allocated randomly across the paired contests. The finals of the Table Topics and International Speech Contests were held on the Saturday whilst the finals of the Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests were held on the Sunday.

For 2019-20 District 71 will continue to run all four of these contests to a District final. On a Saturday at the District Council business meeting various alternatives of cutting back to three or two District contests, to ease financial and practical burdens, were discussed in a passionate debate, but no change won 117 out of 153 ballots cast with one spoilt ballot.

International Speech Contest

  1. Phillip Khan Panni
  2. Gerry Dunn
  3. Thomas Micklewhite

Table Topics Contest

  1. Vinette Hoffman-Jackson
  2. Pat Sexton
  3. Jon Carvel

Evaluation Contest

  • Simon Day
  • Vinette Hoffman-Jackson
  • Eileen Fleming

Humorous Speech Contest

  • Dermot Carey
  • Kate Trafford
  • William Feek

Images by James Warnes Photography

#Norwich19 Conference District Officer Elections

Images by James Warnes Photography

District Leadership Team 2019-2020

Left to Right:

  • Finance Manager Martin Foran (reappointed),
  • Administration Manager Jane Craggs (appointed),
  • District Director John Cox (elected),
  • Public Relations Manager Brenda Lannon (elected),
  • Club Growth Director Daniel Sandars (elected),
  • Program Quality Director Gerard Mannix (elected),
  • and stepping down Immediate Past District Director Patricia O’Reilly

Division Directors

Division A: Phillip O’Brien (elected)

Division B: Tom O’Keefe (elected)

Division C: Eileen O’Neill (elected)

Division D: Anthony Phelan (acclaimed)

Division E: Danny Banks (elected)

Division F: Rob Partridge (elected)

Division G: Natalie King (subsequently appointed)

Division H: John Kendall (elected)

Division J: (To be appointed)

Division M: Adrian Harney (elected)

Division N: Tina Norbury (elected)

Division S: Moira Beaton (elected)

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