Open Night Incentive

Our Goal as a District is to return to the International Hall of Fame at the next convention in Denver. To do that we need more members and more clubs and it all begins with attracting more guests.

The flagship incentive is the Open House/Open Night

Simple claim is email me a guest list and an Open night flier or other example and tell me which guest(s) joined -You will get something or you can be more ambitious…

Criteria Evidence
Guests – 1 point per guest.
Maximum 15 points
Your Open Night guest list
(names only – not contact details)
Guests becoming members within 2 months of Open night – 1 point. 2 points if Club had less that 20 members on 1st July 2018
Maximum 20 points, either way
Provide Names, ideally with membership numbers. Simplest way is to highlight them on the guest list (see above)
Number of PR channels used. 1 point each or 2 if used multiple times e.g. repeat email campaigns
Maximum 15 points
  1. Weblinks if online
  2. File attachment if printed matter
  3. if neither -then just tell me

Points mean prizes and in this case Pathways ribbons and pins or by arrangement accumulated towards a contribution to branded club promotional materials.
one point = One Euro with a maximum of three claims a club and maximum overall limit 100 Euro a club this Toastmasters year.

This is designed to be incrementally progressive. Holding an open night is not the challenge, doing the public relations that makes it successful is. Points are awarded for the Public Relations effort in terms of the number of channels used e.g. event stall, radio interview, press release, Facebook event, email shot, flyer distribution campaign, etc. Additional points are awarded for the number of guests attending and the number of those guests converted to members. Clubs that started out the year with less than 20 members get more generous points. Official prospect clubs can apply. There is a limit, but two strong claims or three weaker claims per club over the year are possible.  The budget is structured to mirror and support the three remaining membership contests, Fall into Winter (November-December), Talk Up Toastmasters (February-March), and Beat the Clock (May-June). Claims can be backdated to 1st September.

To Claim

Email your claim, your evidence, your club, and a postal contact to me, Daniel Sandars
If you contact me in advance with event details I can use District PR channels to aid Publicity, but be warned District Social Media is largely followed by existing Toastmasters.

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An Open Night plan of attack?

  1. Form a committee of motivated members – remember the synergy of using projects from the member’s educational program such as the CL manual of High performance Leadership project
  2. Share and study the resources below
  3. Creatively brainstorm, Plan and implement your open night
  4. Let me know about your event and i will publicize on the District’s PR channels
  5. Claim your Incentive rewards

Open Night Resources

Broader Public Relations ideas

Sending out a media release is one of the most effective ways to let people know about your club and its activities.

Sharing a news release with your local media is very effective, as they can help you reach a much bigger audience than you might reach on your own.

If you would like to promote your club with a media release, here are three sample templates you can adapt and use for your club, area, or division!

For an Open Night click here

To share news of your Club Speech Contest Winners click here

To announce your new slate of Club officers click here

Finally, here is a press release template from Toastmasters International — feel free to adapt this for your club. Other sample releases, like for an Open Night, are also available, here.

Would you like to contact the media, but not sure what to say or how to do it? Here is a document to give you some step-by-step instructions: D71 approaching the media

If you are VPPR: “Let the World Know” is an essential guide for any Toastmaster wanting to help raise the profile of their club with PR: let the world know – Toastmasters International — it’s most important to VP PRs!

Webinars have been recorded so you can continue to benefit from the how-to information!

How to contact the media: Intro to PR — click here to view

Getting them through the door: How to attract visitors to your club — click here to view

Digital  “Succession Planning” – click here

PR Tips – click here to watch video or here

Creating Membership Magic: Tactics for Toastmasters — click here

Finally, here is a webinar from D71 specifically on how to use press releases and club videos to promote your club. Enjoy!

PR Tips Conference Call  – press releases & club videos


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