Idea for a PR Event?

Any Bright Ideas???

idea for a PR event to promote Toastmasters?If you’ve got a great idea to promote Toastmasters, then your District PR Manager wants to hear.

I am inviting you to come up with an idea for a PR event you would like to organise. A primary goal of the event is to generate media coverage to raise local awareness of Toastmasters. Publicity will be key to your event, and so it is crucial that a PR plan is a component of your event. [For information on how to generate publicity, consult the Toastmasters PR manual, “Let the World Know”.]

As a District, we can offer some financial support and will review each proposal on an individual basis. Please note that this funding is not for a traditional Open Night or Open House, but for an event that is publicity-heavy and triggers costs in excess of the typical club meeting venue hire fee, for example.

We can also offer some promotional material to assist you on the day.

But first, please review these criteria for receiving financial support

Your proposal should answer these questions to qualify for consideration:

  1. What is your vision for the event?
  2. What do you hope to achieve?
  3. What media outlets will you target?
  4. How will you promote the event?
  5. How many clubs are likely to benefit from this event?
  6. Who, from each of these clubs, will assist you with this event?
  7. How will you capture leads at the event?
  8. How do you propose to follow up with interested parties?

Toastmasters International can not be associated with fundraising event other than raising money for its own Smedley fund. For more read Protocol 8.2: Fundraising

If you have an idea for a PR Event, please contact Brenda Lannon D71 Public Relations Manager.

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