Idea for a PR Event?

idea for a PR event to promote Toastmasters?Any bright ideas???

If you’ve got a great idea to promote Toastmasters, then your District PR Manager wants to hear.

I am inviting you to come up with an idea for a PR event you would like to organise. The goal of the event should be to raise local awareness and ultimately, to increase membership in our clubs.

As a District, we can offer some financial support and will review each proposal on an individual basis.

We can also offer some marketing material to assist you on the day.

But first, please review these criteria for receiving financial support

Your proposal should answer these questions to qualify for consideration:

  1. Who are you targeting with this proposed event?
  2. What is your goal?
  3. What is the format?
  4. How will you promote the event?
  5. How many clubs are likely to benefit from this event?
  6. Who, from each of these clubs, will assist you with this event?
  7. How will you capture leads at the event?
  8. How do you propose to follow up with interested parties?

Email me the details of your proposal using this link.

Good luck!

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