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Every month an article written by one of our members is sent out via a press release and published. You’ll see that articles get placed on business and self-development websites, in print magazines etc. Recently our authors have been interviewed on business radio stations. We also have example of successful local club PR.

The purpose? To raise awareness of Toastmasters International in the UK and Ireland and encourage more people to come and visit one of our clubs.

Please browse the article and interviews. If you have friends or colleagues who might be interested please send them a link!



Storytelling: a powerful business tool. Chris Hirsch’s tips about how to engage your business audience with a story.

Tips about how improving your voice will improve the response of your audience from Andrew Bennett and here

Share what you know and door will open. Laura Bruce, Inverness Toastmasters explains how sharing your news from conferences, tips and tricks can create opportunities on many fronts. 

How to master the art of public speaking. Josephine Fairly of Green & Black quotes Toastmaster Sandy Eifion-Jones and her words on wisdom on eye contact and confidence, in The Telegraph

6 Tips to build confidence when delivering a talk. Sandy Eifion-Jones, Epsom Speakers Club.

How to use visual aids effectively and creatively when giving a presentation. Dorothea Stuart, DTM The Business Today website. (readership 52k)

Are you becoming invisible and losing audience connection? Dorothea Stuart DTM (readership 48k)

Building your confidence in public speaking. Listen to the podcast as Meg Heyworth DTM is interviewed on Knowing Your Business: online business conversations.

Why every presentation needs D.R.A.M.A. Meg Heyworth DTM, member of Worthing Speakers and Eastbourne Speakers gives a five point approach to help you deliver a great speech every time! (readership 173k)

Should you use notes when giving a speech? Bob Ferguson DTM, Herfordshire Speakers.

How business owners will benefit from joining a Toastmasters International club. Knowing Your Business: online conversations. Dorothea Stuart DTM, District 91 PR Officer is interviewed.

10 reason why most presentations fail by Barbara Moynihan (page 31)

Ten ways to build rapport and engage your audience by Dorothea Stuart DTM, District 91 PR Officer, shares (readership 173k)

BBC Radio Wiltshire interview with President Yvonne Davis and VPE Bob Gaught Thamesdown Speakers on 14 August 2014

Anthony Garvey of Tralee Toastmasters writes a great article on how to deal with difficult questions when giving a speech or presentation.

Michael Collins, District PRO 2013-14, share some tips on how to react on your feet if you find that business presentation is not going to plan.

Anthony Garvey of Tralee Toastmasters writes a great article on Toastmasters

Another fantastic article by Toastmaster Tom Balmont of Reading Speakers Club on breathing tips for speakers

District Toastmaster of the year, Christina Hession, shares useful techniques of how to bounce back from a brain freeze when delivering a presentation.

Eric Fitzpatrick, owner of ARK Speaking and Training, informs us how to make your presentation stick through the use of 7 key techniques.

Michael Collins,District PRO 2013-14, makes it into the Financial Times on the importance of being able to sell yourself as part of selling your product in a successful business.

Jim Davidson of Perth Toastmasters, Scotland, writes on how to boost your confidence through public speaking, rated as one of the key soft skills in many workplaces.

Eric Fitzpatrick,Toastmaster and owner at ARK Speaking and Training,shares some techniques on how deal with heckling during a presentation / training.

Members of Thamesdown Speakers are interviewed about what we learn at at Toastmasters club

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