Distinguished Club Program Incentives!

How many “Distinguished Club” ribbons does your club banner have?

Are you a newly chartered club, eagerly working to achieve your first Distinguished Club ribbon?

Perhaps you’re wondering, “What is the Distinguished Club Program?”

Quality clubs are at the heart of the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). The DCP recognises clubs that provide the kind of positive and supportive environment that ultimately leads to clubs’ and members’ success.

What defines a quality club? A quality club. . . 

  • encourages and celebrates member achievement,
  • provides a supportive and fun environment and
  • offers a professionally-organized meeting with variety
  • offers a mentoring program to its members.
  • provides the best possible member experience, so that existing members are retained, and new members join.

The Distinguished Club Program (DCP) includes 10 goals that your club should strive to achieve each year.


To qualify for the DCP, you must first be a club in good standing and have:

a) a minimum of 20 members, or

b) a net growth of at least five new members at 30th June 2018. Transfer and honorary members do not count toward the qualifying requirement.

The 10 “DCP” goals are grouped into four areas:

  1. Education: Members who have an opportunity to earn education awards are reaching their goals.
  2. Membership: When new members join, everyone’s experience is enhanced because your club has enough members to provide leadership and fill meeting and committee assignments.
  3. Training: Trained club officers are better able to serve and support your club because they know how best to fulfil their roles.
  4. Administration: Fulfilling administrative duties, including submitting information on time, helps your club run more smoothly, which benefits members.


The first 20 clubs to achieve President’s Distinguished status will receive a Wireless Presentation Advancer [a.k.a. “clicker”], or its monetary equivalent.



The first 20 clubs to achieve Distinguished status which were not Distinguished last year will receive a Club Ribbon Pack or Guest Book, or its monetary equivalent.



Already have at least one Competent Communicator award? Achieve another one this year and help your club achieve Distinguished, and you will receive an Outstanding Member Pin.

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