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Public Relations: Do you want to write a national press article?

By Daniel Sandars, DTM; Public Relations Manager

District 71 retains a national Public Relations agent. The overall aim is to raise the profile of Toastmasters across the UK and Ireland. And the bonus is – it will also raise the profile of the author as you will be credited on all your articles e.g. Jo Smith of Toastmasters International. We have had a lot of coverage and previous authors have benefited a great deal from the additional exposure.

The article needs to be 1000+ words long and advice heavy. (no shorter than 950 words please)

Subject needs to reflect what we learn from Toastmasters i.e. subjects related to communication and leadership. Suggested topics for 2018/2019 include:

  • How to present when you’re the only man/woman in the room (i.e. your audience is made up entirely of the opposite gender)
  • How to sell at the end of your presentation
  • X ways to open and/or close your speech that will give it real impact
  • X of the best, unusual and most effective props to use when delivering a presentation
  • How to prepare for presenting a podcast
  • What to do when your presentation goes horribly wrong
  • How to deal with an audience of zombies – what can you do if they are giving you no feedback at all
  • How to add humour to your speech/presentation – even if you are not a comedian
  • How to give feedback when someone has done a truly dreadful job
  • How to judge a community event and not have to leave town afterwards

If it is solely a pitch/marketing the Toastmaster brand this will fall under the title of advertising and not go to press.

Websites taking our articles include training and personal development sites, business sites for small businesses, Executive Secretary, HR sites, career sites etc. We are regularly in top business websites in Northern Ireland and have featured in sites in Scotland and the north of England. Our authors have also been asked to write exclusive articles by specific publications/website. In addition, we had radio coverage as well as national newspaper coverage (in both the UK and Ireland) and national glossy magazine coverage.

From July 2017 to June 2018 we’ve had articles in publications with readership totalling 422million.

IN THE FIRST INSTANCE! Please, all expressions of interest to District 71 PR Manager, Daniel Sandars

#WeAreToastmasters in July – A random pick from our house hashtag

By Daniel Sandars, DTM; Public relations Manager

#wearetoastmasters great day at Area 6 division E Officer training. Thanks to everyone who attended and the presenters.

Introducing our 2018/2019 executive committee team and my fellow officers for this new #Toastmasters year!! #leadership

It will work but only if you believe it can.

Ajeet Maurya is attending Road to Chicago at London Business School with Aparna Pesala and Zsuzsanna Jakabfi.
#Toastmasters #WeAreToastmasters #WestHertsSpeakerClub

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