Region 11 Director Aletta Rochat to spend next week in D71

Aletta Rochat is Toastmasters International’s Region 11 Advisor

We’re delighted that Region 11 Director Aletta Rochat will be visiting us next week. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Aletta will spend a week in D71. She’ll be visiting clubs and giving presentations to a range of audiences across Division H. After a hectic week, she’ll join the District Leadership Team for training in Manchester at the weekend.

A packed itinerary

Among her stops will be the 15th Anniversary celebrations of Anglia Communicators on Monday 23rd January. An auspicious occasion indeed, Aletta’s presence will be the icing on the cake for this Peterborough, England club. There, she’ll lead a workshop, “How to Prepare a Great Speech when you have NO time to prepare” .

On Tuesday, Aletta will speak to a joint meeting of Cranfield University Women in Leadership Society and Cranfield Speakers Club. There, Aletta will lead a workshop on the importance of speaking as a leader.

Wednesday evening will see Aletta at Milton Keynes Executive (Careers) Action (MKEA). An organisation for graduates, as well as executives who have been made redundant, Aletta will lead a workshop “Are you immediately relevant when you speak?”. No doubt she will also inspire and encourage members of this organisation that Area 44 helps.

Thursday evening will feature an Open Night at Luton Communicators in Luton, England. Aletta will present “How to create a club that is a member magnet”, something many of us would enjoy hearing!

Can you make it?

Having been a part of Aletta’s visit last year to Scotland, I got a lot out of hearing her speak. Aletta came to the Highlands and presented “How to speak as a leader” to a meeting of Highland Business Women. It was the organisation’s best-attended meeting of the year, and was a sell-out days in advance. Aletta made a huge impression. One of the attendees was a woman who had recently joined Toastmasters Inverness. A few weeks later she told our club how she had used Aletta’s advice in an interview to get a high-profile position.

Aletta also presented in Edinburgh, and to groups in Glasgow, so she made the most of her time in Scotland. During this same journey she also visited Ireland. Karen O’Donnell, my predecessor, did a superb job generating publicity around Aletta’s visit.

If you want more information, please contact Division H Director Daniel Sandars. Daniel has done a superb job developing an itinerary for Aletta. It also includes some corporate and community visits not listed above. Please join me in welcoming Aletta to District 71.

Laura Bruce

Public Relations Manager

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