Region Advisor Aletta Rochat makes the most of her visit

 We have been delighted to host Region 11 Advisor Aletta Rochat in District 71 for the past week. Division Directors Robert Brooke and Daniel Sandars in Divisions G and H created a jam-packed itinerary. In total, Aletta attended nearly than a dozen District 71 events! At the majority of these, Aletta led a workshop, so she’s been very busy to say the least!

Sharing a laugh at Milton Keynes Executive Action


Her week with us began with the 15th Anniversary celebrations of Anglia Communicators, which was coupled with an Open Night for the club.

Their 15th Anniversary celebrations must have been a great party — this is the only photo we can find! Beautifully decorated cake by Mrs Luckman.

Next, Aletta led a workshop at Milton Keynes Executive Action.

At Milton Keynes Executive Action

This is an organisation which helps executives who have been made redundant to retrain and develop new skills.

Melvin Hurley from MKEA thanks Aletta for her visit

Later, she led a workshop at Cranfield University. Co-hosted by Cranfield Communicators and Cranfield University Women In Leadership Society, the event was a big hit.

Aletta at Cranfield Speakers and Cranfield Women In Leadership Society joint meeting

A great turn-out in Cranfield!


A group photo with members of Cranfield Speakers

Aletta was the centre of a lively crowd at Luton Speakers Thursday evening

Daniel Sandars DTM, Aletta Rochat DTM, Elizabeth Jordan DTM, and Vinette Hoffman-Jackson at the Luton event.

Prior to her arrival in D71, Aletta attended training in Lisbon. Here she is with a group of Club Growth Directors from across Region 11. Can you spot our shy, unassuming CGD?

Division G Director Robert Brooke led a visit to Charismedic Communicators in Cambridge.

An interactive session at the Luton open night.

At Luton Communicators.

Region Advisor Aletta Rochat with Steve Campion (left) and Marcin Tolycz











On Thursday, Aletta travelled down to Luton, to an Open Night at Luton Communicators.

Amidst all of this, she was able to squeeze in a daytime visit to Charismedic Communicators in Cambridge.

Aletta ended her week travelling to Manchester with our District Director Red Skelton, and on Saturday she met with the District Leadership Team.

On Sunday, Aletta will lead a workshop at District Officer Training in Manchester. More than 40 members of the District Executive team will attend the training, which is the final training of the year.

Aletta will fly home to Cape Town, South Africa, immediately after the DOT, wrapping up an extended visit to the UK where she also visited our friends in District 91.

Our sincere thanks to Aletta for her dedication and time away from her family in South Africa. We are very grateful for your time and attention here in District 71, and we look forward to your return visit.

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