September/October Prize Quiz

September/ October 2018: Prize Quiz

Guest edited by Alex Knibbs of Saffron Walden Speakers


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  • All correct answers will be entered in a prize draw. Winners and Answers will be published in the November Edition
September Crossword grid

September Crossword grid


2 club officer who holds the ‘purse strings’ (9)

4 club officer who typically maintains all club records and takes minutes at club meetings (9)

6 vocal quality or method of visual dissemination (10)

7 Toastmasters workshop for under 18s? (5,10,7)

9 a lovely little lavender is an example of this rhetorical device (12)


1 Current Executive Director of Toastmasters international (6,3)

3 title of Ramona J Smith’s winning world championship speech (5.8)

5 one type of Toastmaster Club (9)

8 instrument used by an auctioneer – or a Toastmaster! (5)

Prize Quiz Results August/ September

Congratulations to winner Andy Nichols, Division E Director

Across Answers

1) xxxxx Toastmaster. Highest accolade. DISTINGUISHED

2) First speech delivered at Toastmasters ICEBREAKER

2) TMI community program for adults SPEECHCRAFT

4) Extemporaneous speaking TABLE TOPICS

5) TM promise to xxxx club meetings REGULARLY

Down Answers

6) One of Toastmasters values INTEGRITY

7) Specific projects in Pathways ELECTIVES

8) Number of Competent Communication speeches TEN

9) xxxx Mastery, one of 10 Pathways path. PRESENTATION

10) Provides word of the day at club meetings GRAMMARIAN

11) We learn best in moments of xxxxx ENJOYMENT

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