What is Speechcraft?

Speechcraft is a training program that is designed to allow club members to teach the dynamics of public speaking to members of the public. It can be run as a four to eight session program for five-ten participants hosted within the Toastmasters Club or directly within the community.

The public gains from the knowledge and skills of Toastmasters within a setting and a timescale that can be adjusted to their needs all at an affordable price. Participants who complete the full course can get a three speech credit when joining a club.

Toastmasters gain by having fun, raising their profile in the community, delivering many of their own educational program projects, and by keeping surplus funds for their club’s bank account. Speechcraft is know as the #1 membership building tool.

No special skills are required and club members can help deliver Speechcraft as soon as they are comfortable with Pathways Level one and typical club meeting roles.  The coordinator gains credit for either their Advanced Communicator Gold or their Pathways Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Award.

In time Speechcraft will be adapted fully to the new Pathways educational program. Pragmatically, the advice is to replace some of the speeches with their Pathways level 1 and 2 equivalents. Which ever way the training delivered is invaluable.

For 2018-2019 District 71 Program Quality Director is incentivizing clubs with free kits see more:

Programme Quality Incentives

For examples of recent case studies and best practice ideas, including a club design from New Zealand based entirely on Speechcraft see:

Speechcraft case studies

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