District Strategy

What does our organisation want to achieve?

r district, D71 UK & Ireland, comprises of over 200 of over 16,000 Toastmasters International clubs in the world. The overall aim of Toastmasters International is to empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. D71 shares this mission and also shares the mission of all districts around the world to build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

What does this mean for us in D71 UK & Ireland?

To put it simply: we want more people to enjoy the benefits of joining a club. This means supporting existing clubs to be the best they can be and helping people to start new ones.

How do we do this?

By having clubs which are as successful and welcoming as possible!
As a district we want to encourage every club to create an environment in which all members can achieve their personal goals: gaining confidence, improving public speaking and leadership skills, and contributing to the wider community.

Your district officers: the District Leadership Team, Division Directors and Area Directors are all here to provide support. Specifically a) supporting club committees to work with their members to create and maintain vibrant, successful clubs, and b) getting new club off to the best start.
We do this by:-

  • encouraging clubs to achieve excellence through
      • developing mentoring programmes to help new members get started and stretch long-term members to achieve even more


      • helping members to achieve educational awards


      • holding workshops to enhance members’ skills


      • running quality contests


      • providing motivating speech and general evaluations


      • giving members the opportunity to contribute to the development of their club by participating in Moments of Truth review of their club’s activities


      • celebrating club and individual member achievements


    • sharing ideas and good practice with other clubs in their area/division
  • giving potential members the opportunity to experience what we have to offer via the Speechcraft Program
  • supporting the growth of new clubs to bring the benefits of club membership to even more people
    • both new community clubs and corporate clubs
  • reaching out to young people by encouraging more members to run Youth Leadership Programs
  • organising district conferences to provide networking and learning opportunities to members along with quality contests.
  • supporting clubs and members with easily accessible information through our member website and Easy Speak

All of these create exciting opportunities for personal development and reaching out to potential members.

How does Toastmasters International measure our success?

TMI measures success through the Distinguished Club/Area/District Programs.  Our goal is to be among the best districts in the world: a Presidents Distinguished District. With everyone working together we’ll do this by achieving:

– Club Growth of 10%
– Membership Growth of 10%
– 95% of Community Clubs Distinguished
– 60% of Corporate Clubs Distinguished

You can follow our progress by looking at the dashboards.toastmasters.org

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