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PQD Incentives for Club Quality/ Distinguished Club Program (20-21)

Incentives #WeAreToastmasters

Club Quality is always a win-win for any club. A virtuous circle of members needs being met leading to a dynamic and more engaged club leading a club that can be a pleasure to lead to thrive. I am offering some additional incentives from District 71 this year

The Distinguished Club Program is a 10-goal metric that uses indicators of club quality.

Distinguished Club Program (DCP) Prizes

  • 7 DCP goals by 30 Nov, 20 lots $25 prizes
  • 10 DCP goals by 30 April, 20 lots of $25 prizes
  • Distinguished if undistinguished in last 2 years, 10 lots of EUR 41 prizes
  • In the event of under subscription the eligible clubs have Winners take all!

Club Excellence Prize

  • Highest members with new awards/ base members by 31st May
    25 lots EUR 25 prizes

The data are monitored through the District dashboard and the prizes will be distributed by random draw to clubs meeting the criteria. The prizes will be in to form of Concur expense allowances for eligible expenses, such as Toastmasters store items for end of session recognition and celebration

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