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August 2018: Prize Crossword

August/September 2018: Prize Crossword

Guest edited by Elizabeth Jordan, DTM

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  • All correct answers will be entered in a prize draw. Winners and Answers will be published in the September/October Edition


    • 1) xxxxx Toastmaster. Highest accolade.
    • 2) First speech delivered at Toastmasters
    • 2) TMI community program for adults
    • 4) Extemporaneous speaking
    • 5) TM promise to xxxx club meetings regularly


    • 6) One of Toastmasters values
    • 7) Specific projects in Pathways
    • 8) Number of Competent Communication speeches
    • 9) xxxx Mastery, one of 10 Pathways path.
    • 10) Provides word of the day at club meetings
    • 11) We learn best in moments of xxxxx

July/ August Crossword Results

The Luck Winner is Clare Crowther ACS, ALB, AS, Pathways Guide from Hull Speakers


3. Minimum number of DCP goals a club has to achieve to be recognised as President’s Distinguished (4) NINE

5. Birthday month of Toastmasters International (7) – OCTOBER

7. First name of the D71 PR Manager (6) DANIEL

10. Surname of the Toastmasters’ International President for 2017-2018 (10) ARUNASALAM

13. City where the D71 Spring conference will be held in 2019 (7) NORWICH

15. Full name (first and surname) of a presenter of the Toastmasters Podcast (4,8) RYAN LEVESQUE

16. Number of Paths available in the new Toastmasters Pathways learning experience (3) TEN

17. City where the D71 Spring conference (May 11th -13th ) was held (4) CORK


1. Number of levels in each Path of the new Toastmasters Pathways learning experience (4) FIVE

2. Nickname of the outgoing D71 District Director (3) RED

4. Host city of 2018 Toastmasters International convention (7) CHICAGO

6. Name of monthly magazine circulated by TMI at all its members ( 11) TOASTMASTER

8. Name of the gateway to Pathways Paths and Projects (4,4) BASE CAMP

9. Name of Toastmasters new education learning experience (8) PATHWAYS

11. The State where Toastmasters relocated its Headquarters in March 2018 (8) COLORADO

12. Middle name of the founder of Toastmasters International (8) CHESTNUT

14. Surname of current D71 District Director (7) OREILLY

The November 2017 Newsletter is out!

Read about the 2017 Hall of Fame inductees including Toastmaster of the Year Sharon O’Neill

The November 2017 issue of the D71 newsletter is out . . . and it’s chock full of coverage of the Steel City Conference!

Lots of great pics plus interviews with our Hall of Fame inductees.

We’ve got all the latest news from around the District, including:
  • in-depth coverage of the Steel City Conference, and lots of photos!
  • instructions on how to download your own copies of conference photos
  • Hall of Fame including Toastmaster of the Year
  • DCP incentives from our Programme Quality Director
  • Christmas and New Year membership building from Club Growth Director
  • Details of how you can win a place to the Spring Conference, by writing an article,
  • news about how your club can get €200 toward hosting an event, and
  • a personal message from District Director Red Skelton

Many thanks to Division E Director Angela Scott and her team for a number of the articles.

Click here to download the November Toastmasters District 71 newsletter.