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May 2019: Prize Quiz

Guest edited by Alex Knibbs, Division G Director


  • Email completed crossword to by Friday 28th June 2019
  • All correct answers will be entered in a prize draw. Winners and Answers will be published in the Late June Edition

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As Toastmasters we hear quite a lot about rhetorical devices (did you know you can even obtain a Master’s degree in Rhetoric?)

The quiz below focusses on a range of rhetorical devices. The first two clues are straightforward cryptic clues; for the rest I provide actual examples of each rhetorical device.

Rationale I’ll amend for rhetorical device (12)







Pear moth squashed for figure of speech (8)






‘Nice to see you, to see you, nice’ is an example of this type of rhetorical instrument (8)






ML King’s “I have a dream … “speech made great use of this technique (8)





‘I’ve told you a million times not to exaggerate’ is an example of this rhetorical instrument (9)





Cuckoo, woof woof and screech are examples of (12)






‘He was as graceful as a fridge falling down a flight of stairs’, is an example of … (6)




Kate and Sidney … not steak and kidney!, is an example of a … (10)






Education, education, education (8)






An understatement in which an affirmative is expressed by negating its opposite is the definition of this rhetorical instrument e.g. ‘I was not a little upset’ (8)





Solve each clue and then rearrange all the letters in the green shaded squares to reveal the name of the US city where the very first Toastmasters meeting was held in 1924

Answers to April Newsletter Quiz

With the distraction of the District conference the quiz setter Elizabeth Jordan beat the District with no completely correct submissions.

1.    Engaging ……. is the name of new Pathways path that was introduced in February 2019? Answer: Humour (6)

2.    The month in 2018 in which Pathways was rolled out in Region 11, including D71. Answer: March (5)

3.    The number of semi-finals that will be held at the D71 Norwich conference? Answer: Eight (5)

4.    The D-Day ……. are the special Guest Act appearing at the Norwich Conference? Answer: Darlings (8)

5.    Lark Doley has declared this Toastmaster Year, The Year of the …… Answer: Wow (3)

6.    The 2018–2019 International Speech Contest is the first to include ……….. quarterfinals. Answer = Region (6)

7.    One job of the Base Camp Manager is to ……… level completion. Answer: Verify (6)

8.    One of the four Toastmasters Core Values. Answer: Excellence (10)

9.    The number of paths now available in Pathways. Answer: Eleven (11)


May ’19 Welcome New Clubs

On the 20th of May two new corporate clubs chartered into District 71, bringing to 12 the new clubs chartered this program year. Very many congratulations to all involved and their hard work.

  1. Toastmasters Takeda (11 on the map below) is based in Dublin within the pharmaceutical company Takeda Ireland. It is aligned in Division J Area 7 and the sponsor and mentor was/is Mairead Murphy
  2. Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press (12 on the map below) is aligned in Division G Area 41. The sponsors were Sultan Kus and Luc Moreau and the mentors are Robert Brooke and Martin Harnor

New Clubs in Dublin 2018-19 with latest addition, 11 Toastmasters Takeda

12 Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press

Club growth is one of the most rewarding activities for our members. As a rule of thumb there are opportunities to found new corporate clubs in companies with 200 hundred or more professional and managerial staff. A second good starting point is a company that already has a Toastmasters Club at another location and this is the case with Toastmasters Takeda who have at least one sister club Takeda Toastmasters, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Another starting point are the connections between clubs or members and the company. Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press Toastmasters Club grew from connections between the Cambridge Speakers Club and Cambridge University. Last year Cambridge Speakers ran a Speechcraft for a group of accountancy students at the University.

February 2019: Prize Quiz

February 2019: Prize Quiz

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Guest edited by Elizabeth Jordan (Hertfordshire Speakers)


  • Email completed crossword to by Friday 22nd March 2019
  • All correct answers will be entered in a prize draw. Winners and Answers will be published in the February Edition

Win Mini Notebook and Pen Set

Item 6850K

  1. What is the name of the keynote speaker at the 2019 D71 Spring Conference in Norwich? ______________________
  2. The club quality checklist is a useful measure of the______________________ of a club.
  3. Travelling Toastmaster (Jan 2019) Adrian Jefferson Chofor is pictured standing in front of which famous site in Paris. _______________________
  4. Which membership drive, and club growth incentive occurs between 1st Feb and March 31st? ____________________
  5. Deepak Menon, DTM, currently holds which Toastmaster Officer role? ____________________________
  6. Approximately how many clubs are there in D71? a)100 clubs b)200 clubs or c)300 clubs? _______________________
  7. Of the 10 Distinguished Club Program Goals (DCP), how many are Education and Training goals? __________________
  8. Which topic will be covered in the new Path to be made available in Pathways in February 2019? _______________________
  9. What is the name of the Region 10 Storyteller, Stand-up Comic and the first Toastmaster in Europe to be awarded a Pathways DTM? ___________________________
  10. After completing level 2 in Pathways, there is an option to complete The Pathways Mentoring program which consists of three sections: Prepare to Mentor, Mentoring and_______________________

Last Month’s Crossword Results


Orla Dowling (VMWARE, Division A Ireland). Very Many thanks to all those that took part

January’s Answers

  • Goals people aspire to achieve at the start of the New Year: Ans = Resolutions (11)
  • Surname of International CEO of Toastmasters International: Ans = Dan Rex (3)
  • City International CEO of Toastmasters visited in 2018: Dublin
  • The network of mostly navigable rivers and lakes in the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. Ans=The Broads (9)
  • Cathedral City where the D71 Spring Conference will be held; Ans = Norwich (7)
  • According to International President, Lark Dooley, who owns each toastmasters club? Ans = Members (7)
  • City where International CEO gave a Town Hall lecture that was broadcast live. Ans=Columbo (7)
  • Judge who remains confidential in club contests Ans =Tiebreak (8)
  • Second name of D71 Toastmaster to have completed Presentation Mastery L5 Ans = Barad (6) [Errata]
  • City where 2020 World Championship of Public Speaking will take place? Paris (5)
  • Sporting metaphor used by 2018 World Champion of Public Speaking Ans= Boxing (6)
  • Final month of Toastmaster year Ans = June (4)
  • ………………of Truth outlines how to create a positive first impression of your club Ans = Moments (7)
  • The ………… Speaker Program recognizes those Toastmasters members who have achieved a level of proficiency that enables them to be paid, professional speakers. Ans = Accredited (10)
  • One of the Toastmasters Promises is to provide fellow members with helpful, ………………. evaluations Ans = Constructive (12)

Welcome 2019 – #WowFactor

#WeAreToastmasters Patricia O'ReilleyPatricia O’Reilly, DTM District 71 Director 2018-19

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”, Zig Ziglar (recognised as one of the greatest motivational speakers and recipient of the Toastmasters International Golden Gavel award in 1999).

Happy New Year and welcome to the second half of the toastmaster year 2018-19. Whatever your toastmaster goal is you have just under six months to achieve it. My wish for all members and all clubs is that you achieve your goals this toastmaster year.

A healthy club means more members and a better toastmaster experience for all. Lark Doley, International President of Toastmasters International, has introduced the #WowFactor program for clubs for 2019.

  1. Goal:
    To increase the quality & performance of every club and to get members to think and say “Wow!” when they attend a meeting.
  2. How:
    In January/February use the Club Quality Checklist or Moments of Truth to carry out a deep analysis of your club’s health. Find any gaps or areas of weakness. Club officers and members should work together to address any weak areas. Get on board with the District PR Manager Daniel Sandars’ incentives and hold Open House nights. Aim to make your club “the best club possible”.
  3. Video:
    Have fun and send in a one-minute video of your club’s unique “Wow!”
    experience using #wow!factor. Let’s put District 71 on the map internationally by sending in “Wow!” videos and copying them to Daniel Sandars – Daniel Sandars, District 71 PR Manager – so they can be put on the District’s Facebook page and website.

By March, every club should have achieved the “wow!” factor and should aim to ensure that every member and guest has a “wow!” experience when they attend your club.

January 2019 Club Growth Report

January 2019 Club Growth Report

News from Club Growth Director Gerard Mannix


Liverpool City Toastmasters club was chartered on the 7th January 2019. This club is in Area 31 Division N.

Congratulations to all involved in establishing the club and every good wish to the members into the future.


Congratulations to 54 clubs that were successful in adding 4+ members in the period 1st November-December 31st. The incentives involved were a choice of a PIZZA supper or GIFT CERT from the TI store.


Cork East Talking Heads Cork Toastmasters Ennis Toastmasters
Raheen Club Nenagh Club Thomond Club Roscrea Speakers
Tralee Club Killarney Club Balbriggan Club Navan Club Tm
Drogheda Tm Dundalk Tm Belfast Tm Glasnevin Club
EI Toastmasters Dungarvan Club Tower Tm Clonmel Tm
Kilkenny Club Portlaois Club Gorey Tm Leicester Leaders
Bullring Speakers Walsall Speakers Heart of England Godiva Speakers
Talk Club @ Letterkenny Athlone Club Galway Club Tuam Club
Loughrea Club Ballina Club Carrick on Shannon Erne Speakers
Cambridge Speakers Anglia Communicators Hertfordshire Speakers Cranfield Speakers
Society Tm Accentuators Dun Laoghaire Engineers Club
Lucan Club Rathfarnham Club Leeds City Tm White Rose Speakers
Doncaster Speakers Warrington Tm Chester Speaking Manchester Orators
Capital Communicators Aberdeen TM

I request the Club to let me know their choice of either pizza or gift cert and the address to which it may be forwarded. My contact telephone 00353872193670



1st February -31st March 2019

  • Add 5+ new members in this period and receive a Toastmasters recognition ribbon and 10% discount at the TI store.
  • Add 5+ new members and get a $25-dollar gift certificate per club for items in TI store.
  • Add 7/8 new members…$40 certificate
  • Add 10+ new members…$50 certificate
    • PLUS Draw for 1 ticket to the Norwich Conference May 2019.


Membership Renewals

  • 80% membership renewals prior to 31st March…$15 gift cert for TI store.
  • 90% membership renewals prior to 31st March…$25 gift cert for TI store.


Clubs that charter prior to 31st March qualify for a free club banner valued at $100 and a free club ribbon set.

  1. PLUS,
    Timing Lights or Stand for banner Each valued at $100
  2. PLUS…PLUS A Club Starter Kit valued at $30


I invite any member with a suggestion of a lead, which could be the seed that sprouts a new club, to contact me at

Enjoy your Toastmaster experience in 2019.


Gerard Mannix

[Always check the The Latest Information on District Incentives]

January Update District Conference, #Norwich2019

By Red Skelton DTM, Conference Team Member

What does Norwich, 1940s, May 2019, fun, educational and yourself all have in common? If you guessed the 2019 Norwich Conference you would be 100% correct. I am getting excited that we are only five (5) months away from what will be a fantastic and history making conference.

Fantastic? You bet. We will have two outstanding Key note speakers. Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, Accredited Speaker, Toastmasters International will be visiting us from the United States. Eldonna speaks all over the world and we are fortunate to have her come to Norwich for her Keynote and will also be presenting a workshop. Our own Marcus Hemsley is our second Keynote speaker from Norwich. Marcus is the Founder of a Strategic Digital Marketing company, Fountain. Marcus has worked with many well-known companies but also enjoys working with start-up companies as well. Fountain has been awarded two prominent awards in 2017; Growing Businesses Online Award for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Four weeks later, Fountain was a Global Google award winner. He will be presenting both a keynote and a workshop, so we are very fortunate to have Marcus at our conference.


History Making? You bet. For the first time in our history, we will be holding eight (8) Semi Finals and four (4) finals Speech competitions at one conference. Please come along and support your Division Contestant in each of the Semi Finals and for those lucky enough to make it to the final, they will need your support to help them win!!

Please go to for more information and to book your place. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new. If you have any questions, please email

Division Autumn ’18 Contest Photos

We invited the Division Directors to send in a picture or two from their contest if possible. This is what they sent

Division A Humorous Speech 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Left to right: Humorous Speech winner: Laura Mehigan (Cork Douglas TM); Division A Director Phillip O’Brien; 2nd place – Holly Blake (Carrigaline TM) and 3rd place – Paula Kelleher (Guardian TM) Division A Table Topics 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Left to right: Table Topics winner: Murt O Súilleabháin (Bishopstown TM); Division A Director Phillip O’Brien; 2nd place – John Keating (Republic of Work TM) and 3rd place – Eric Downey (Cork East TM)
The Humorous speech contest winner, Sean Dwan {“Roscrea Speakers” club}, with the Division “B” director, Larry Lyons. The table topics contest winner, Pat Sexton {“Speak Easy” (Mallow) club}, with the Division “B” director, Larry Lyons.

Division C Stephen Morrow (Lagan Valley) 1st place Humorous Speech

Division C Deirdre Davis (Phoenix Tara) 1st place Topics
Charles Shier (Contest Chair), Tom Murphy (Humorous Speech winner), Shaun Durkin (Division D Director). Charles Shier (Contest Chair), Kae Slattery (Table Topics winner), Shaun Durkin (Division D Director).
Hello from Division E contest

Humorous Speech winner Rob Partridge congratulated by Division F Director Pat Croke

Table Toipics winner Gerry McNutty congratulated by Division F Director Pat Croke

Division G Director Aleex Knibbs and Humorous Speech winner Peter Lawton

Division G Director Aleex Knibbs and Table Topics winner: Angéline Chenu

Division H Tom Farrell (North Bucks Speakers) 1st Place Humorous Speech. Left to right: Steve Campion (Division H Director), Ryan Parke, Tom Farrell, Kat Anderson, and Faye Ritchie (Area 14 Director and Contest Chair)

Division H Vinette Hoffman Jackson (Bedford Speakers) 1st place Table Topics. Left to right: Binal Sawjani (Area 44 Director and Contest chair), Samantha Fairclough, Vinette Hoffman Jackson, Clifford Hurst, and Steve Campion (Division H Director)

Division J Humorous Speech winner Dermot Carey (Uncensored Club) being presented with his trophy by P.J. Claffey, Area 57 Director, who was Contest Chair

Division J winner of the Table Topics Contest was Elaine Gallagher (Dublin Toastmasters Club) being presented with her trophy by Mairead Murphy, Area 7 Director, who was the Contest Chair
Division M Humorous Speech Contest winners 2018/19. Left to Right: Jill McGrath (Greystones) 2nd, Chris Werner (Dublin South) 1st, Will Doyle (Wicklow) 3rd. Division M Table Topica contest 2018/19 winners. Left to Right: Eoin Broin (Clondalkin) 2nd; Mary Burnham (Area 5 Director) Contest Chair; Carmel Wynne (Engineers) 1st; Patrick Byrne (UCD Smurfit) 3rd.

Division N Humorous Speech contestants. Kate Trafford of Warrington Toastmasters (2nd left) won

Division N Table Tropic contestants. On Right Division N Director John McFadzean and 2nd right winner Jonathan Carvell (Doncaster Speakers)

Division S Director Avril Stringer & Jim Boyd (Contest chair) – Humorous Speech contest winner – William Feek

Division S Director Avril Stringer & Pauline Dix (Contest chair) – Table Topics contest winner – John Wood

Guest Division C (North East Ireland)

By Division C Director Barry Lane

As I sit here at my desk on January 1, frantically trying to meet PR Manager, Daniel Sandars’ deadline, I find it incredible to believe we are at the halfway point of the season. Or as one of our VPE’s phrased it, “We’ve reached the summit guys, now we can start going back down!!”

Hard to believe, but we have reached the halfway point of another Toastmasters season.

I have been in a member for 14 years now and I’ve never stopped learning because Toastmasters never stops teaching. Learning does not conclude with the awarding of a pin, a ribbon, or a certificate. Every meeting is a forum to pick up on something new, be that a topics response, an evaluation, or speech.

As Division Director, I have had the pleasure of visiting several clubs, stretching all the way from Dublin to Belfast. In fact, I’m pretty sure my car knows the M1 motorway better than I do now. In each club I have attended, I have received a warm welcome and witnessed Toastmasters amazing hospitality to guests. I have learned (that verb again!!) much by observing the diverse ways meetings are run, while always adhering to the Toastmasters Core Values of Integrity, Respect, Service & Excellence.

The 2018 portion of the 2018/19 season has been a frenetic, furious and at times frazzled experience but never less than enjoyable and highly rewarding. Some memorable points

Club Officer Training

A very enjoyable few hours with excellent hands-on presentations by our Pathways Champion (and Fingal President) Graham Dunne and Past International President Ted Corcoran

Autumn Contests

The Division witnessed 4 Area Contests and 1 Division Contest, all of them highly entertaining. Congratulations to Stephen Morrow (Lagan Valley) and Deirdre Davis (Phoenix-Tara) who go on to represent the Division in the Humorous Speech and Table Topics respectively.

Pre-Chartered Clubs

I was privileged to be invited to speak at the Division’s 2 pre-chartered clubs – Dublin 15 Toastmasters (Area 16) and Banbridge Speakers (Area 19). Both clubs are doing well and benefiting from support from neighbouring established clubs.

The Division Leadership Team

Big thanks to the Division leadership team; Marian, Marie, Chris, Michael, and Laurence for keeping me on course.

Pre-chartered Club, D15 Toastmasters

By Tony McIntyre – Founder

In February 2018 we started a new club Dublin 15 Toastmasters in St Mocha’s Parish Parochial Centre, Porterstown, D15. It was a success from the start. The club is being mentored by members from Phoenix-Tara Toastmasters and Castleknock Toastmasters. We have been growing steadily and we expect to charter in the first quarter of 2019. We also have had great support from many other clubs, the Area and Division Directors and this has been an immense help.

Dan Rex Presentation to EI Toastmasters

By Eileen O’Neill – President EI Toastmasters

“Enterprise Ireland had a warm welcome for the team from Toastmasters International and was delighted to receive the Toastmasters International Corporate Recognition award from CEO, Dan Rex. EI Toastmasters hosts fortnightly lunchtime meetings and membership is open to all staff working in Eastpoint Business Park. The club was established in 2013 and currently has 30 members with great cultural diversity represented by toastmasters from Ireland, the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, the US and more

Assistant Director, Division C

By Marian Brennan; President Phoenix -Tara Toastmasters

Seven years ago, while working in a Corporate Company I saw a sign that invited everyone to a Toastmasters open meeting. Suddenly looking at the poster I had an “Aha” moment. This is what I had been looking for, but little did I know that this was going to be one of the best decisions I had ever made. I remember thinking I have arrived! I had loved words all my life and writing short stories had been a secret passion of mine and now here was a place where a group of like-minded individuals were telling me how welcome I was, how I would be supported and encouraged every step of the way along this new journey.

Not too long afterwards I looked up a local club in my area Phoenix-Tara in Dunboyne. I remember so well the welcome I received at the door and the friendly encouraging faces that filled the room that night. Before long I realised I was sitting among some amazing people who were genuinely friendly and welcoming and from that night on I was hooked. I soon learned there was a lot more to Toastmasters than just getting the courage to stand up and speak. You also must learn to know what to say and how to say it. For the first time I learned how to craft my words into a speech that people would be interested in. I learned how to do this within a specific timeframe and through the amazing evaluations that were given each night. I have made friends of the very best kind and been encouraged, educated, and learned what true leadership is all about. From a business perspective it has given me the courage and self-belief to speak to clients and deliver a pitch with confidence. As an individual I have developed, grown, and learned wonderful skills that are invaluable to me. Socially I have made such amazing friends and whatever part of the world I am in I look up a Toastmaster Club that I can attend. This year I am honoured to be President of this great club and I look forward too many more years of remarkable story telling, camaraderie, fun and meeting wonderful people which is what Toastmasters is all about.

Area 10

By Director Michael Madigan

Happy New year from Area 10.

This is a vibrant area with five clubs having a combined membership of 130 Toastmasters.    Each club held their own Christmas party with the usual Toastmaster chats and fun – hard to beat a delicious meal with friends to round out the year.  Now as we move into 2019 all five clubs are planning to achieve nine of their club goals.  2019 meetings are planned to start in early January with open days and a recruitment drive to support the many New Year’s resolutions.  Working with all clubs to keep social media sites up to date to attract new members.  Focusing on one club to help grow membership back over 20 members.

Looking forward to a successful and fun year ahead and continue to learn by doing!

Area 16

By Director Marie McNamee

The clubs in Area 16 are, Castleknock Toastmasters, Phoenix-Tara, Navan, and I.B.M. Blue. As Area Director I am witness to the constant teamwork the clubs in my Area have shown over the year. Always willing, always steadfast, always a team in the bigger picture.

Friends and Toastmasters as we think about leaving behind all the successes, we have achieved in 2018 we focus on the challenges of the year ahead. We had an extremely successful Division C. Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests in the Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport on Sunday 18th Nov. Stephen Morrow and Deidre Davis won Division Humorous and Topics respectively. Gerry French and Regina Byrne were the runners up. These contestants will go forward to the District Contest in Norwich 10/12th May 2019. Well done to the Contest Chair, Laurence Kelly and Chief Judge, Teresa Redmond. Also worthy of mention, is our Division Director, Barry Lane for being the anchor of this major event.

Hopefully we will be welcoming a new community club into the Area early next year, Dublin 15 Toastmasters. I attended a meeting recently and the Toastmaster of the evening opened the meeting with a very inspirational quote about teamwork “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far go together”. How true this is. We are all very fortunate to have had the opportunity of becoming Toastmasters. It has given us all a voice and the skills to work as a team.

Two years ago, I joined a writing club. Before joining Toastmasters, it was just a dream. Words are powerful. Let us use them wisely. Mindful of the Christmas season on the horizon I wrote this poem for all those who do not have a voice.

The Gift of Time.

The Old Man with his half empty shopping bag
Making his way home to an empty silence
The old woman in the window
Who watches, watches, for movement
Somewhere, anywhere – to fill the empty hours

A young boy sitting on the pavement, with his paper cup, begging
He could be your son or mine
A young girl with her new born baby crying, in the corner of a doorway
Waiting, waiting, not for the coins, or discrimination
But for just a simple smile
We all notice but still we pass by

We complicate our lives with wants and needs
When all we need is time to hear, time to see the old man and woman
And not walk by

A friend whose sick and needs to talk
A friend that’s troubled but knows not why
All they need is time – your time to spare

The bustle of the crowd
I am not noticed
Who are these people hurrying by

Tired, troubled, lonely
This could be you or me
Let not this priceless gift of sharing time
Be wasted by indifference or the pace of day.

Area 19

By Director / VPE Newry Speakers – Chris McCabe

It has been a fantastic year for area 19 with it gaining a new prospective club, a member from the area winning the division humorous speech contest and the area itself achieving select distinguished.

When I first thought about taking on the responsibility of being area director I never envisioned how hard of a role it would be especially when I set the goal for the area to achieve presidents distinguished.

It’s been incredibly rewarding to really see a different side of Toastmasters, as when you walk into your first ever Toastmasters meeting, you do not realise the level of organisation that goes on behind the scenes.

Part of the requirements for the area achieving presidents distinguished is to have a growth of one club which has led to some great experiences.

A new club is like a blank slate, you forget a lot of the stuff that brings a club together which your existing club takes for granted like a venue, evaluation forms and even lights.

I visited a few potential venues and finally landed at the Downshire Arms, a hotel in Banbridge. It was one of the few places that fit the budget in the three towns I had shortlisted.

Luckily, other clubs have pitched in and taken on roles which I’m truly in their debt for. Banbridge Speaker’s regularly pulls in 10 people a meeting and with the New Year focusing everyone on their resolutions, I fully expect the club to charter before the end of the Toastmasters year.

The proudest moment for me has been watching one of area 19’s contestants, Stephen Morrow, compete in and win the division’s humorous contest.

Stephen has been a pillar of area 19, not only starting the Lagan valley club, serving as Belfast Toastmasters’ president but also serving as Area director previously. I fully expect Stephen to do well and place when he competes in the district final in Norwich.

Over the festive period, clubs are having their Christmas parties, my own club Newry Speakers are meeting in the local bowling alley for a game of bowls and a Christmas dinner. Some clubs have an end of the year awards ceremony to present achievement awards to anyone who has excelled in their club in the calendar year.

As we return to our clubs in January, I am encouraging the clubs to hold open nights and really drive growth. My own club had a very successful open night in January 2018 and we are hoping to repeat the success this coming January.

Area 22

By Director – Laurence Kelly

Area 22 embraces a portion of north Dublin City. We have both community and corporate clubs and as Area Director this year, I am hugely impressed with what they both bring to their Toastmasters members.

What strikes me about corporate clubs is that by their nature they must make every minute of the TM meeting really count. They can hardly return to work late just because a lunchtime meeting overran. I don’t think their manager would be impressed by hearing an excuse such as “Sorry boss, but Larry or Patricia went over time on their speech……” These meetings tend to be more focused and full of energy and maybe we could all learn a lesson from their approach.

Having visited both EI and Datalex TM clubs and attended several meetings of a promising prospective club, I have been wowed by their energy and participation. Corporate clubs attract members from several cultural, social, and educational backgrounds. The fusion of this diversity led to several interesting and enjoyable meetings recently. At one recent meeting the different nationalities and professions of the members led to a wide discussion of how Christmas or that season is celebrated or marked by various ethnic groups in Ireland. It was both interesting, educational, and inspiring to hear about the range of meals and family celebrations that were being held over the Christmas/holiday season.

The community clubs have a different approach and a broader range of membership. Those in Area 22, Glasnevin and Viking Voices are very welcoming and enjoyable. The social side comes more to the fore and this helps members to develop and feel comfortable as they explore and develop their speaking skills.

The recent Christmas TM night in Glasnevin club had members from other clubs also. A great night was had, and Santa took a break from his busy workload at this time to act as Toastmaster. Many “speakers tried to ingratiate themselves with him, especially a lady member who “claimed” to be 16!! (Even by reversing those digits you would still be kind to her). Seasonal topics, poetry, and stories with contributions from all present made a very enjoyable and festive meeting.

January 2019: Prize Crossword

Guest edited by Elizabeth Jordan (Hertfordshire Speakers)

Amended Version


  • Email completed crossword to by Friday 15th February 2019
  • All correct answers will be entered in a prize draw. Winners and Answers will be published in the February Edition

Win Mini Notebook and Pen Set

Item 6850K

Prize Crossword GridAcross

4    Sporting metaphor used by 2018 World Champion of Public Speaking (6)

7    One of the Toastmasters Promises is to provide fellow members with helpful, ………………. evaluations (12)

9    Second name of D71 Toastmaster to have completed Presentation Mastery L5 (6) error (5) BARAD

10    Surname of International CEO of Toastmasters International (3)

11    Goals people aspire to achieve at the start of the New Year (11)

12    The ………… Speaker Program recognizes those Toastmasters members who have achieved a level of proficiency that enables them to be paid, professional speakers (10)

14    According to International President, Lark Dooley, who owns each toastmasters club? (7)


1    ………………of Truth outlines how to create a positive first impression of your club (7)

2    Judge who remains confidential in club contests (8)

3    City where 2020 World Championship of Public Speaking will take place? (5)

5    The network of mostly navigable rivers and lakes in the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk (3,6)

6    Final month of Toastmaster year (4)

8    Cathedral City where the D71 Spring Conference will be held (7)

13    City International CEO of Toastmasters visited in 2018 (6)

Last Month’s Crossword Results


Robert Beauchamp (Camulodunum Speakers)

December’s Answers

Christmas Word Scramble

Xmas Tree

dholrup Rudolph
sgcoeor Scrooge
scsrtiamh eert Christmas Tree
seglhi belsl Sleigh Bells
nsata clasu Santa Claus
storfy Frosty
mesoettli Mistletoe
eendrier Reindeer
cmieyhn Chimney
olne Noel
whaert Wreath
ksgnicto Stocking
scsrtiamh gindudp Christmas Pudding
stnpeesr Presents
emcin eisp Mince Pies

The day Dan Rex, CEO of Toastmasters International, came to District 71

Dan Rex District 71 IrelandDan Rex District 71 Ireland

By Patricia O’Reilly, DTM, District 71 Director, 2018-19

It was on, it was off and then miraculously it was on again and Dan Rex touched down on District 71 soil on Friday 16th November.

After a quick lunch it was off to EI Toastmasters to present the Toastmasters International Corporate Recognition Award to Enterprise Ireland, the company that supports EI Toastmasters. The engraving reads “Toastmasters International recognizes Enterprise Ireland for enhancing employee engagement through continuing support of Toastmasters Communication and Leadership programs”.

At EI, Lucy Clarke took on the role of Toastmaster and we were treated to a moving speech by member Greg Coyle, inspiring words from Dan Rex as he presented the award and an acceptance speech by Stephen Creaner, Executive Director of Enterprise Ireland.

Next it was off to pre-charter club Irish Life where Ronan Kearney and Paul Egan had organised a lively topics session and Dan spoke about the benefits of joining a Toastmasters club.
Dan Rex District 71 Ireland
On Friday evening Dan addressed the audience at the Division M contest and impressed everyone with his easy, relaxed style and his accessibility. Running a contest is pressure enough but that pressure is magnified when the CEO of Toastmasters International is attending. My thanks to the Division M team – Teresa, Bobby, Shalini and John.

Dan Rex District 71 IrelandOne member of Toastmasters was sitting on a train at 6 am on Saturday morning as he travelled from Cork to Dublin to interview Dan for his [District 71 sponsored] Podcast “Talk Show for Talkers”. [see on 24th Nov and 7th Dec shows]

That’s commitment for you. Ted Mellamphy is seen here interviewing Dan. I was present at this interview and I was struck by Ted’s interviewing style. It was like looking at two people having a relaxed fireside chat, although there were times when I wondered just who was interviewing whom.

Saturday afternoon Dan delivered an informative and thought-provoking workshop on “Quality Clubs”. He started this workshop by flashing on screen the club mission which is “to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth“. He then dissected the mission statement word by word. It redefined for us what is at the heart of our clubs. Everyone who attended the workshop was struck by Dan’s accessibility, by his knowledge of the club environment and what makes a quality club. Dan was very generous with his time and willingly and patiently posed for photographs. I am indebted to Colin Byford for the photographs which follow. It was an honour to have Dan Rex visit our District. He was likeable, approachable and gave very generously of his time.

Dan Rex District 71 Ireland

Dan Rex District 71 Ireland

Dan Rex District 71 Ireland

Dan Rex District 71 Ireland

Please note: Colin Byford sent me the photographs he took at the workshop. If Colin took any of you then email me and I’ll email it to you.