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District Nominations 2019-2020

Red SkeltonRed Skelton, DTM IPDD, District Leadership Committee Chair

So, you are thinking about running for a District Office?  Congratulations!  But, not sure what to do, no worries we will figure it out together.  Nominations will be held for the following positions; Division Directors, District Public Relations Manager, District Club Growth Director, District Program Quality Director and District Director.  Anyone that is qualified can apply for any position.  The first important date that you need to remember is 15 December.  This is the deadline to declare your intent to run for a position.  Once you have filled in and submitted the appropriate paperwork, just sit back, hold tight and enjoy Christmas.  You will be contacted by the District Leadership Committee (DLC) Chair with a couple of dates/times where you will have (2) interviews with individuals on the DLC.  These questions will determine your knowledge regarding the position you are applying and to ensure you have a good understanding of what the role involves.  Then all you can do is wait until April 2019, when the list of nominated candidates is announced.  If, unfortunately, you are unsuccessful in becoming a nominated candidate, you still can declare yourself as a floor candidate after the results are released.  You will be guided along the way so why not consider this opportunity to serve others?  Who knows, you might be the next Division Director or a member of the District Leadership Team.  One Two Three…. Declare!

Formal call

The District Leadership Committee (DLC) is seeking Nominations

An overview of District leadership roles can be found here:

District Council Meeting 12th May 2018

Update from the District Council meeting:

Incoming District Director Patricia O’Reilly and PQD John Cox

The incoming District Director is Patricia O’Reilly (2018-19)

The incoming Program Quality Director is John Cox (2018-19)

Gerard Mannix was elected Club Growth Director.

Daniel Sandars was elected Public Relations Manager.

Division A: Maura Meeney was acclaimed.

Division B: Larry Lyons was acclaimed.

Division C: Barry Lane was acclaimed.

Division D: Shaun Durkin was acclaimed.

Division E: Andy Nichols was acclaimed.

Division F: Pat Croke was elected.

Division G: Alex Knibbs was acclaimed.

Division H: Steve Campion was elected.

Division S: Avril Stringer was acclaimed.

Their term will commence 1st July 2018.


  1. The Realignment Committee’s recommendations for new boundaries was approved.
  2. On the motion for future contests, Option 3 was approved: all 4 contests will be held at District Conference each year.
  3. Motion: From 1 July 2018, Area Directors in District 71 will be appointed by the District Director through a nominations committee: the motion was defeated.

18 Clubs have already achieved President’s Distringuished Status.

There are 22 DTMs this year, and 22 members have achieved a Triple Crown.

Killarney will host the 2020 District 71 Conference.

Contestants’ Briefing has been moved to Harbour 10.