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Guest Division B (South West Ireland)

By Barry Lyons, Division B Director

Hello fellow toastmasters. You are very welcome to Division B guest contribution to this Month’s D71 magazine. I had the great honour of attending the D71 Conference in Norwich which took place recently. What a wonderful occasion it was and congratulations to all involved in running a super conference. Well done to the local Norwich club and the district leadership team in producing a wonderful event. Our division B contestants Jane Sheehan and Pat Sexton did their families, clubs, areas and division proud. They surely gave their personal best performances on stage and I am very proud of them as our Division B representatives. I had the privilege of interviewing the candidates during the candidate showcase and I also had the honour of being contest chair for the Humorous speech final. The power of the toastmasters’ programme helped me to perform this role and I am living proof that anything is possible once you put your mind to it.

Division B straddles most of the province of Munster in the South West of Ireland comprising counties Kerry, Cork (North of the river Blackwater), Limerick, Clare and North Tipperary. Noted for its tradition in Irish folk music, and with many ancient castles and monasteries in the province, Munster is a tourist’s paradise destination. Of course, rugby has also put the province on the map and hopefully this will continue.

The Division is divided into 4 areas:

  • Area 13 – Shannon, Raheen, Kilrush and Ennis. Area Director Donnacha Smyth.
  • Area 17 – Fermoy, Failte, Speak Easy. Area Director Helsa Giles.
  • Area 24 – Limerick, Nenagh, Thomond, Killaloe, Roscrea. Area Director Rose Walsh.
  • Area 36 – Tralee, Killarney, West Limerick, Listowel, Dell, Fexco. Area Director Derry Butler.

Listowel has just chartered this year and I spent a wonderful evening in their company last Friday night the 3rd of May as they celebrated this great achievement. Home of the late great playwriter JB Keane Listowel should thrive as a Toastmasters club due to the natural talent that I witnessed on Friday. More on this below from the clubs VPPR Tom Dillon.

All clubs are trying their best to keep toastmasters alive in their area and it can be difficult at times to keep the momentum going especially if you lose some members. There is a lot of transition nowadays in the work scene and this can be felt when it comes to membership retention. The decline in rural population is also posing difficulties as is the new Pathways programme. Clubs might struggle to reach goal targets for the next year or so while the transition takes place. Tom O Keeffe President of the Limerick club has put a lot of work into promoting Pathways. We also held area information nights between clubs with members bringing along their laptops and going through the process live. This was very helpful to members.

However, there are ways to enhance recruitment of members and word of mouth is probably one of the best ways to do so. Another great way to spread the word is the youth leadership programme. See below the article from the Nenagh club in relation to this. Nenagh is one of the top clubs in the Division now and I’m sure they are getting a spin off from all their hard work.

At this stage of the season I would ask all clubs to take stock of where their club is at right now and consider the following: Is your club in good standing, are you fulfilling the toastmaster promise and mission, are you doing everything possible to promote the benefits of toastmasters and opening your club’s doors to the possibility of recruiting new members. Are you looking to put a strong executive in place and shake things up a little so that each member gets a chance to grow and develop?

Is there an element of – all is fine, we have adequate members, we have a cosy set up, we don’t want to change the present situation.

New members bring energy to a club and it is important that we all do our best to reach out to the huge potential of possible members that reside in and around our clubs.

Two very successful Divisional Contests were held over the year and a very high standard was witnessed by all who attended. Toastmasters is playing a huge part in developing our members in their public speaking, presenting, creativity and excellent leadership skills development. It was great to have Brenda Lannon and Daniel Sandars along as District representatives at our contest Finals.

Listowel Toastmasters raise a toast to their new club

By Tom Dillon, VPPR

Listowel Toastmasters held a charter dinner on Friday May 3rd to celebrate its establishment as a new Toastmasters club.

The charter dinner was attended by over 30 people including members of Listowel Toastmasters and friends from other clubs in Killarney, Tralee, West Limerick and Shannon.

Renowned for writers and poets such as John B. Keane and Brendan Kennelly, the creativity which has earned Listowel its distinction as the literary capital of Ireland helped make the night one to remember.

Members gave poetry readings specially composed for the occasion while there were also songs, jokes, funny poems and magic tricks.

President of Listowel Toastmasters John O’Connor paid tribute to the committee, club members and members of the neighbouring clubs who helped bring about the foundation of the new club which was officially chartered in March 2019.

Encouraging words for the future were given by Patricia O’Reilly, District 71 Director, who addressed the gathering along with Larry Lyons, Division B Director; Derry Butler, Area 36 Director and Gerard Mannix, Club Growth Director.

Listowel Toastmasters meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month with a number of open nights held each year in the iconic John B. Keane’s bar.

Youth Leadership Program

by John Spillane Nenagh Toastmasters Club

Nenagh toastmasters have been delivering a youth leadership program for almost 30 years. The program was started by members who recognised the benefits of the Toastmasters communication and leadership program for transition year (TY) students.

This year a team of 7 toastmasters delivered the course to 130 students across 6 classes in two schools. Two toastmasters typically take one double class per week in place of the students regular English class. The first class is an introduction to the various toastmaster roles, combined with a talk on the benefits of being able to communicate effectively. All subsequent classes are conducted by the students as per a normal Toastmasters meeting with the Toastmasters limiting their input to short speech evaluations and guidance. We give a certificate at the end to each student. The success of the course is obvious by the time its finished as each student will have delivered two or more short 2-3-minute speeches and answered several topics. Others will have had leadership roles such as Toastmaster or Topics-master.

Our experience over the years means that we have streamlined the course to be easy to deliver while making it a rewarding experience for both the toastmaster and the students.

The A Team that deliver the Youth Programme in Nenagh

Heading to Norwich

Representing Division B at the Norwich Conference are Jane Sheehan, Killarney Toastmasters in The International Speech Contest and Pat Sexton, Speakeasy Toastmasters in the Table Topics and Evaluation Contests. Pictured with Sean Corcoran, President Speakeasy Toastmasters.

Going’s on at Speak Easy Mallow

Literary Speaking

Speakeasy Toastmasters annual Theme Night was an absolute treat for bookworms and members alike. Club members presented wonderful interpretative readings from famous Irish writers and former Club members who had stories published.

From Left – Liam Flynn, MC, Bobby Buckley, Sean Corcoran, Noel O’Connor, Michael Cronin, Pat Sexton, event curator. Seated – Anne Buckley, Loretto Barry, Bridie O’Connell and Deirdre Linehan.


I wish to thank all who helped me throughout the year and to the Area Directors for their input in keeping the wheel turning. To the clubs for their continuous leadership and commitment to the toastmaster mission. To my assistant Tom O Keeffe for his support throughout the year and to the District team for all their time and effort.


Feb ’19 News from guest Division F (North West Ireland)

Division S redirection link:

Guest Division F

By Division F Director Pat Croke DTM

Division F is geographically quite large with the furthest apart clubs Galway and Mid-Ulster 264 kilometres (160 Miles) from one another which is also a four-hour drive. The division has 20 clubs several of which are rural and are aligned to five Areas. Divisional contests can be challenging due to the distances involved. Understandably as judges must not be from a competing club it can be difficult to persuade somebody to drive four hours to the contest, judge the contest and then spend 4 hours driving home again particularly in the winter. However, all the clubs are in gorgeous locations with wildly different scenery and interesting history so staying overnight is not a hardship. This year we had the Division F Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests in our newest club Loughrea, County Galway in Area 12. The International Speech and Evaluation contests will take place in Ballybofey, County Donegal in Area 04 on Saturday April the 13th.

  1. Area 04 led by Area Director Ken McKenzie from the Foyle Speakers Club consists of four clubs: Talk on the Wilde Side, Talk Club, Foyle Speakers and Mid Ulster.
  2. Area 9 led by Area Director Thérèse Kinahan from the Athlone Club consists of five clubs: Athlone, Cavan, Longford, Mullingar and Tullamore.
  3. Area 12 led by Area Director Pat Coakley from the Galway Club consists of four clubs: Corrib, Galway, Loughrea and Tuam.
  4. Area 27 led by Area Director Paul Gannon from the Westport Club consists of three clubs Ballina, Castlebar and Westport.
  5. Area 38 led by Kevin McGill from the Carrick-on-Shannon Club consists of four clubs: Carrick-on-Shannon, Erne Speakers, Sligo and Sligo Public Speakers.

At the start of this year we had a realignment of clubs. The Loughrea Club chartered which meant that there were seven clubs in Area 12. It was decided to split Area 12 keeping the four Galway clubs in Area 12 and creating a new Area 27 for the three Mayo clubs. The old Area 12 was huge, and the new alignment is making Area Director visits and Area Competitions much easier.

This year is the first full year of Pathways and the Division’s main goal is to have at least one level 1 in each club and that person be an officer in next year in their club and be a pathways champion for their club. There is a clear co-correlation between the clubs that have embraced pathways in the division and club growth or decline. This makes sense since all new members joining after July have had to use Pathways as their educational program. Pathways appears complex when viewed in its totality. However, level one is very well thought out and easy to explain to new members. When they have completed level one they will have learnt what their existing skills are from doing an Icebreaker; learnt how to receive feedback and give a speech evaluation; learnt how to conduct research on a topic and use that to create a new speech. This is easier to explain than the old Competent Communicator and Leader programs. This is going to take a while to embed. The key is simplicity. Nobody in the past at their first meeting was told what exactly was involved in getting to a DTM and all the choices they would have to make along the way, given that at that stage they wouldn’t have known what a DTM was or why it was valued.

From Paul Gannon Area Director Area 27

Area 27 is the smallest area in the division with three clubs. Westport was chartered in 2003, Ballina was next and chartered in 2005, with our newest club, Castlebar, chartering in 2017. Toastmasters was not new to Castlebar as there was a club in Castlebar back in the 1980s and so it was wonderful to see some of the members in attendance from the original club on charter night.

For me as a local member it was a privilege to watch Toastmasters members from clubs in Galway, Ballina and Westport travel to Castlebar of their own volition, to demonstrate how a typical Toastmasters meeting is run. This was the spirit of Toastmasters in action, and Castlebar was extremely grateful to the members of the local clubs and to the Westport Club which sponsored the club and help them establish and charter.

As area director, this spirit continues to motivate me to give back as much as I have got from Toastmasters. It might be perceived as easy for me to be in regular contact with the officers in all three clubs in my area, as I have only three clubs to visit. However, the challenges faced in all three clubs are unique to them and keep me busy and engaged. It has been a privilege to serve as area director, and I have learned as much at club officer training as I have imparted.

Officers from Castlebar showing off their Banner. Donna Hyland, Tom Fahey, Alan Di Lucia, Maire Garvey, Leon Tunney-ware and Catriona Doyle.

Pat Coakley Area 12 Director

Area 12 incorporates four clubs in County Galway with 116 members and a combined 50 years club experience. This includes the Division’s most recent club, Loughrea, which chartered in the last year. As this would have entailed seven clubs in the Mayo-Galway area, this was divided into two.  Loughrea has grown to a vibrant club with membership now at a healthy twenty-eight.   Member numbers across the area cover a broad variety of ages and walks of life. Each club has its own distinctive flavour and style of meeting, but all are friendly and welcoming.

The area contest, hosted by Oranmore 10th November, showcased the skills of ten contestants in the Humorous and Table Topics contests.  It was a measure of the high standards here that the two winners, Rob Partridge and Gerry McNulty, progressed through the next level, and are to represent Division F at the District contests in May.

Loughrea Club hosted the Division contests 24th November with attendees travelling from across the midlands and north.

Area 12 did a Schools outreach with eight students at Coláiste an Chreagáin conducting the Youth Leadership Programme, led by Frances Geoghegan, assisted by Sarah Hearty and James Linnane.

Toastmaster’s highest achievement, Distinguished Toastmaster was attained by Division Director Pat Croke of the Galway Club. Three other members in the area are working to achieve the DTM award over the coming year.

In Front Left to Right Frances Geoghegan Galway, James Linnane Tuam and Sarah Hearty Galway with their students.

Thérèse Kinahan Area 9 Director

Area 9 covers four midland counties; Cavan, Longford, Offaly and Westmeath.

The oldest club in this region is Athlone. Members of this club were instrumental in starting the other clubs in the area as well as clubs in the west and north-west.

The current Area Director (AD) is from the Athlone Club and is the third consecutive AD from this club. Last year (2017-18), Athlone celebrated its 30th Anniversary, while also achieving President’s Distinguished. It’s an international club and during the past year has welcomed members from Ecuador, Brazil, Italy, India, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Portugal, Australia and South Africa.

The Assistant Area Director is currently serving as a coach to the Longford Club working with a past Area Director. Longford may be small, but the coaches have helped to increase membership and the standard of meetings is excellent.

Mullingar is the second largest town in Area 9 with a club which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. This is a club with a strong core of experienced speakers and leaders. It continues to grow and to innovate. This club does PR very well, with articles in the newspapers after each meeting. Meetings are always fun.

Tullamore has not been a very large club during the past couple of years but has a steady membership. Tullamore hosted a joint meeting with Mullingar this month, as a return visit following the club’s visit to Mullingar club’s open night.

Our Northern Star is Cavan which shines so brightly and welcomes us all so warmly as they did for the January COT, with full attendance from their own club. Big thanks to Navan for all the work with Cavan which has seen this club grow and develop.

Doing the work of AD is only possible with the active support of club officers.

Guest Division C (North East Ireland)

By Division C Director Barry Lane

As I sit here at my desk on January 1, frantically trying to meet PR Manager, Daniel Sandars’ deadline, I find it incredible to believe we are at the halfway point of the season. Or as one of our VPE’s phrased it, “We’ve reached the summit guys, now we can start going back down!!”

Hard to believe, but we have reached the halfway point of another Toastmasters season.

I have been in a member for 14 years now and I’ve never stopped learning because Toastmasters never stops teaching. Learning does not conclude with the awarding of a pin, a ribbon, or a certificate. Every meeting is a forum to pick up on something new, be that a topics response, an evaluation, or speech.

As Division Director, I have had the pleasure of visiting several clubs, stretching all the way from Dublin to Belfast. In fact, I’m pretty sure my car knows the M1 motorway better than I do now. In each club I have attended, I have received a warm welcome and witnessed Toastmasters amazing hospitality to guests. I have learned (that verb again!!) much by observing the diverse ways meetings are run, while always adhering to the Toastmasters Core Values of Integrity, Respect, Service & Excellence.

The 2018 portion of the 2018/19 season has been a frenetic, furious and at times frazzled experience but never less than enjoyable and highly rewarding. Some memorable points

Club Officer Training

A very enjoyable few hours with excellent hands-on presentations by our Pathways Champion (and Fingal President) Graham Dunne and Past International President Ted Corcoran

Autumn Contests

The Division witnessed 4 Area Contests and 1 Division Contest, all of them highly entertaining. Congratulations to Stephen Morrow (Lagan Valley) and Deirdre Davis (Phoenix-Tara) who go on to represent the Division in the Humorous Speech and Table Topics respectively.

Pre-Chartered Clubs

I was privileged to be invited to speak at the Division’s 2 pre-chartered clubs – Dublin 15 Toastmasters (Area 16) and Banbridge Speakers (Area 19). Both clubs are doing well and benefiting from support from neighbouring established clubs.

The Division Leadership Team

Big thanks to the Division leadership team; Marian, Marie, Chris, Michael, and Laurence for keeping me on course.

Pre-chartered Club, D15 Toastmasters

By Tony McIntyre – Founder

In February 2018 we started a new club Dublin 15 Toastmasters in St Mocha’s Parish Parochial Centre, Porterstown, D15. It was a success from the start. The club is being mentored by members from Phoenix-Tara Toastmasters and Castleknock Toastmasters. We have been growing steadily and we expect to charter in the first quarter of 2019. We also have had great support from many other clubs, the Area and Division Directors and this has been an immense help.

Dan Rex Presentation to EI Toastmasters

By Eileen O’Neill – President EI Toastmasters

“Enterprise Ireland had a warm welcome for the team from Toastmasters International and was delighted to receive the Toastmasters International Corporate Recognition award from CEO, Dan Rex. EI Toastmasters hosts fortnightly lunchtime meetings and membership is open to all staff working in Eastpoint Business Park. The club was established in 2013 and currently has 30 members with great cultural diversity represented by toastmasters from Ireland, the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, the US and more

Assistant Director, Division C

By Marian Brennan; President Phoenix -Tara Toastmasters

Seven years ago, while working in a Corporate Company I saw a sign that invited everyone to a Toastmasters open meeting. Suddenly looking at the poster I had an “Aha” moment. This is what I had been looking for, but little did I know that this was going to be one of the best decisions I had ever made. I remember thinking I have arrived! I had loved words all my life and writing short stories had been a secret passion of mine and now here was a place where a group of like-minded individuals were telling me how welcome I was, how I would be supported and encouraged every step of the way along this new journey.

Not too long afterwards I looked up a local club in my area Phoenix-Tara in Dunboyne. I remember so well the welcome I received at the door and the friendly encouraging faces that filled the room that night. Before long I realised I was sitting among some amazing people who were genuinely friendly and welcoming and from that night on I was hooked. I soon learned there was a lot more to Toastmasters than just getting the courage to stand up and speak. You also must learn to know what to say and how to say it. For the first time I learned how to craft my words into a speech that people would be interested in. I learned how to do this within a specific timeframe and through the amazing evaluations that were given each night. I have made friends of the very best kind and been encouraged, educated, and learned what true leadership is all about. From a business perspective it has given me the courage and self-belief to speak to clients and deliver a pitch with confidence. As an individual I have developed, grown, and learned wonderful skills that are invaluable to me. Socially I have made such amazing friends and whatever part of the world I am in I look up a Toastmaster Club that I can attend. This year I am honoured to be President of this great club and I look forward too many more years of remarkable story telling, camaraderie, fun and meeting wonderful people which is what Toastmasters is all about.

Area 10

By Director Michael Madigan

Happy New year from Area 10.

This is a vibrant area with five clubs having a combined membership of 130 Toastmasters.    Each club held their own Christmas party with the usual Toastmaster chats and fun – hard to beat a delicious meal with friends to round out the year.  Now as we move into 2019 all five clubs are planning to achieve nine of their club goals.  2019 meetings are planned to start in early January with open days and a recruitment drive to support the many New Year’s resolutions.  Working with all clubs to keep social media sites up to date to attract new members.  Focusing on one club to help grow membership back over 20 members.

Looking forward to a successful and fun year ahead and continue to learn by doing!

Area 16

By Director Marie McNamee

The clubs in Area 16 are, Castleknock Toastmasters, Phoenix-Tara, Navan, and I.B.M. Blue. As Area Director I am witness to the constant teamwork the clubs in my Area have shown over the year. Always willing, always steadfast, always a team in the bigger picture.

Friends and Toastmasters as we think about leaving behind all the successes, we have achieved in 2018 we focus on the challenges of the year ahead. We had an extremely successful Division C. Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests in the Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport on Sunday 18th Nov. Stephen Morrow and Deidre Davis won Division Humorous and Topics respectively. Gerry French and Regina Byrne were the runners up. These contestants will go forward to the District Contest in Norwich 10/12th May 2019. Well done to the Contest Chair, Laurence Kelly and Chief Judge, Teresa Redmond. Also worthy of mention, is our Division Director, Barry Lane for being the anchor of this major event.

Hopefully we will be welcoming a new community club into the Area early next year, Dublin 15 Toastmasters. I attended a meeting recently and the Toastmaster of the evening opened the meeting with a very inspirational quote about teamwork “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far go together”. How true this is. We are all very fortunate to have had the opportunity of becoming Toastmasters. It has given us all a voice and the skills to work as a team.

Two years ago, I joined a writing club. Before joining Toastmasters, it was just a dream. Words are powerful. Let us use them wisely. Mindful of the Christmas season on the horizon I wrote this poem for all those who do not have a voice.

The Gift of Time.

The Old Man with his half empty shopping bag
Making his way home to an empty silence
The old woman in the window
Who watches, watches, for movement
Somewhere, anywhere – to fill the empty hours

A young boy sitting on the pavement, with his paper cup, begging
He could be your son or mine
A young girl with her new born baby crying, in the corner of a doorway
Waiting, waiting, not for the coins, or discrimination
But for just a simple smile
We all notice but still we pass by

We complicate our lives with wants and needs
When all we need is time to hear, time to see the old man and woman
And not walk by

A friend whose sick and needs to talk
A friend that’s troubled but knows not why
All they need is time – your time to spare

The bustle of the crowd
I am not noticed
Who are these people hurrying by

Tired, troubled, lonely
This could be you or me
Let not this priceless gift of sharing time
Be wasted by indifference or the pace of day.

Area 19

By Director / VPE Newry Speakers – Chris McCabe

It has been a fantastic year for area 19 with it gaining a new prospective club, a member from the area winning the division humorous speech contest and the area itself achieving select distinguished.

When I first thought about taking on the responsibility of being area director I never envisioned how hard of a role it would be especially when I set the goal for the area to achieve presidents distinguished.

It’s been incredibly rewarding to really see a different side of Toastmasters, as when you walk into your first ever Toastmasters meeting, you do not realise the level of organisation that goes on behind the scenes.

Part of the requirements for the area achieving presidents distinguished is to have a growth of one club which has led to some great experiences.

A new club is like a blank slate, you forget a lot of the stuff that brings a club together which your existing club takes for granted like a venue, evaluation forms and even lights.

I visited a few potential venues and finally landed at the Downshire Arms, a hotel in Banbridge. It was one of the few places that fit the budget in the three towns I had shortlisted.

Luckily, other clubs have pitched in and taken on roles which I’m truly in their debt for. Banbridge Speaker’s regularly pulls in 10 people a meeting and with the New Year focusing everyone on their resolutions, I fully expect the club to charter before the end of the Toastmasters year.

The proudest moment for me has been watching one of area 19’s contestants, Stephen Morrow, compete in and win the division’s humorous contest.

Stephen has been a pillar of area 19, not only starting the Lagan valley club, serving as Belfast Toastmasters’ president but also serving as Area director previously. I fully expect Stephen to do well and place when he competes in the district final in Norwich.

Over the festive period, clubs are having their Christmas parties, my own club Newry Speakers are meeting in the local bowling alley for a game of bowls and a Christmas dinner. Some clubs have an end of the year awards ceremony to present achievement awards to anyone who has excelled in their club in the calendar year.

As we return to our clubs in January, I am encouraging the clubs to hold open nights and really drive growth. My own club had a very successful open night in January 2018 and we are hoping to repeat the success this coming January.

Area 22

By Director – Laurence Kelly

Area 22 embraces a portion of north Dublin City. We have both community and corporate clubs and as Area Director this year, I am hugely impressed with what they both bring to their Toastmasters members.

What strikes me about corporate clubs is that by their nature they must make every minute of the TM meeting really count. They can hardly return to work late just because a lunchtime meeting overran. I don’t think their manager would be impressed by hearing an excuse such as “Sorry boss, but Larry or Patricia went over time on their speech……” These meetings tend to be more focused and full of energy and maybe we could all learn a lesson from their approach.

Having visited both EI and Datalex TM clubs and attended several meetings of a promising prospective club, I have been wowed by their energy and participation. Corporate clubs attract members from several cultural, social, and educational backgrounds. The fusion of this diversity led to several interesting and enjoyable meetings recently. At one recent meeting the different nationalities and professions of the members led to a wide discussion of how Christmas or that season is celebrated or marked by various ethnic groups in Ireland. It was both interesting, educational, and inspiring to hear about the range of meals and family celebrations that were being held over the Christmas/holiday season.

The community clubs have a different approach and a broader range of membership. Those in Area 22, Glasnevin and Viking Voices are very welcoming and enjoyable. The social side comes more to the fore and this helps members to develop and feel comfortable as they explore and develop their speaking skills.

The recent Christmas TM night in Glasnevin club had members from other clubs also. A great night was had, and Santa took a break from his busy workload at this time to act as Toastmaster. Many “speakers tried to ingratiate themselves with him, especially a lady member who “claimed” to be 16!! (Even by reversing those digits you would still be kind to her). Seasonal topics, poetry, and stories with contributions from all present made a very enjoyable and festive meeting.

The day Dan Rex, CEO of Toastmasters International, came to District 71

Dan Rex District 71 IrelandDan Rex District 71 Ireland

By Patricia O’Reilly, DTM, District 71 Director, 2018-19

It was on, it was off and then miraculously it was on again and Dan Rex touched down on District 71 soil on Friday 16th November.

After a quick lunch it was off to EI Toastmasters to present the Toastmasters International Corporate Recognition Award to Enterprise Ireland, the company that supports EI Toastmasters. The engraving reads “Toastmasters International recognizes Enterprise Ireland for enhancing employee engagement through continuing support of Toastmasters Communication and Leadership programs”.

At EI, Lucy Clarke took on the role of Toastmaster and we were treated to a moving speech by member Greg Coyle, inspiring words from Dan Rex as he presented the award and an acceptance speech by Stephen Creaner, Executive Director of Enterprise Ireland.

Next it was off to pre-charter club Irish Life where Ronan Kearney and Paul Egan had organised a lively topics session and Dan spoke about the benefits of joining a Toastmasters club.
Dan Rex District 71 Ireland
On Friday evening Dan addressed the audience at the Division M contest and impressed everyone with his easy, relaxed style and his accessibility. Running a contest is pressure enough but that pressure is magnified when the CEO of Toastmasters International is attending. My thanks to the Division M team – Teresa, Bobby, Shalini and John.

Dan Rex District 71 IrelandOne member of Toastmasters was sitting on a train at 6 am on Saturday morning as he travelled from Cork to Dublin to interview Dan for his [District 71 sponsored] Podcast “Talk Show for Talkers”. [see on 24th Nov and 7th Dec shows]

That’s commitment for you. Ted Mellamphy is seen here interviewing Dan. I was present at this interview and I was struck by Ted’s interviewing style. It was like looking at two people having a relaxed fireside chat, although there were times when I wondered just who was interviewing whom.

Saturday afternoon Dan delivered an informative and thought-provoking workshop on “Quality Clubs”. He started this workshop by flashing on screen the club mission which is “to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth“. He then dissected the mission statement word by word. It redefined for us what is at the heart of our clubs. Everyone who attended the workshop was struck by Dan’s accessibility, by his knowledge of the club environment and what makes a quality club. Dan was very generous with his time and willingly and patiently posed for photographs. I am indebted to Colin Byford for the photographs which follow. It was an honour to have Dan Rex visit our District. He was likeable, approachable and gave very generously of his time.

Dan Rex District 71 Ireland

Dan Rex District 71 Ireland

Dan Rex District 71 Ireland

Dan Rex District 71 Ireland

Please note: Colin Byford sent me the photographs he took at the workshop. If Colin took any of you then email me and I’ll email it to you.

Announcing Dan Rex in Ireland 16-17 November

Dan Rex

Dan Rex, CEO Toastmasters International, to visit

We are honoured to announce a brief visit by Dan Rex to Dublin in November.  Dan’s Itinerary includes: the presentation of a corporate Club Award; lunch with past International Director Ted Corcoran, who is recovering from major surgery, and members of the District Leadership Committee; and a visit to Division M’s Contests on Friday Night.

16 Nov Evening Dan Rex at D71, Division M contests.



As Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Rex leads the Toastmasters World Headquarters team in providing service, resources, and support to 352,000 members in 16,400 clubs in 141 countries.  He works closely with the International President and the Board of Directors to develop the future of Toastmasters and create and execute plans and strategies to reach those goals.

Rex has worked for Toastmasters for 27 years, and during that time he has led several departments at World Headquarters, giving him a unique perspective and an impressive depth of knowledge of the organization.  In 2008, he assumed the role of Executive Director, a title that was changed to Chief Executive Officer in 2013.  Rex’s previous positions include Deputy Executive Director, Director of Communications and Marketing, Marketing Division Manager, and Membership Manager.

Rex holds a BA degree in Modern Languages from Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah, and an MBA in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona.  He holds certificates from the Leadership for Senior Executives course through Harvard Business School, and the Executive Leadership Program through the University of California, Berkeley.  He completed the Strategic Leadership Programme through the University of Oxford.

In addition to his Toastmasters duties, Rex serves as a member of the Key Global Associations Committee (KGAC) of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).



16 Nov Evening Dan Rex at D71, Division M contests.

D71, Division M finals of the Humorous & Table Topics speech contests.

Breaking News….

We are honoured to welcome Mr Dan Rex CEO Toastmasters International, who will attend and speak at our contest!


Dan Rex
Will we see you there?

A great night’s entertainment guaranteed.

  • 6:30pm Briefings for contestants & SAAs by Contest Chair, Mary Burnham.
  • And also 6:30 briefings for Judges, Timekeepers, Tallies by Chief Judge, Shaun Durnin.
  • Doors close at 7:25pm SHARP!
  • 7:30 pm start.
  • €10 entrance for ALL except contestants.

Don’t forget your TM club banner!



Talbot Hotel Stillorgan Talbot Hotel Stillorgan
Stillorgan Road, A94 V6K5 Dublin, Ireland

Club Banner presented at DELL EMC Limerick

Gemma Hickey accepts the club banner from Gerard Mannix Club Growth Director

Gemma Hickey accepts the club banner from Gerard Mannix Club Growth Director

Dell EMC Limerick Toastmasters
Club Number: 06786940, District 71, Area B36
Charter Date: Jun. 21, 2018

A great warm welcome to the new club at Dell EMC Toastmasters Limerick. The club currently meets for one hour every Friday at 11am. They had a very lively meeting on Friday 5th October 2018. Excellent speeches from Elaine Tynan and Lorraine Brennan plus superb Topics from Tom Moriarty. Present at the meeting were Michael Collins Past District Director, Bridget Elliott Past Division B Director and Gerard Mannix Cub Growth Director 2018/19.

Gerard presented Gemma Hickey on behalf of Dell Toastmasters with the club banner. Gemma has been the leader in the company to spearhead the foundation of the club.Her energy with the excellent support of Bridget Elliott had the club achieve charter in June.

Wishing all at Dell many years of  Toastmasters’  benefits, enjoyment and comradeship


Dell Toastmasters proudly sporting their new banner

Dell Toastmasters proudly sporting their new banner

Kindest regards.


Gerard Mannix
Club Growth Director,
Toastmasters International District 71



Club banner presentation to FEXCO

Gerard presenting Club Banner to FEXCO

Gerard presenting Club Banner to FEXCO

At a recent club meeting of Fexco, Killorglin, County Kerry,  Club Growth Director Gerard Mannix presented the club banner to Siobhan Colborne, President of Fexco Payments Toastmasters Club.


Sincere congratulations to Siobhan as she has been the brainchild and founder of this club. She was assisted by Toastmasters Debby Looney and Rachel Pinckheard. The club is thriving with regular very proactive and well attended meetings

 [FEXCO Payments & FX is a corporate club, Club Number: 06644880, District 71, Area B36, Charter Date: Nov. 30, 2017.

For a number of years now District 71 has incentivized the chartering of new clubs with their banner which is worth $100 plus shipping.  Banners make a strong branded professional statement and over time become adorned with the club’s honours and achievements.

addition by Daniel Sandars, PRM]


Kindest regards.



Gerard Mannix 

Club Growth Director,

Toastmasters International District 71

Guest Division Section – M

Guest edited by Division M Director (Div. D) Teresa Redmond ACB ALB

On the shoulders of giants….

with Teresa Redmond


That was shouted at all those of you who knew, and kept Toastmasters (TM) a deep, dark secret all these years!

I discovered Toastmasters after a life-time in Science Education, accumulating all the evidence-based gems that the education world had to offer in furthering the art of teaching and learning for my students and their teachers. Imagine my surprise when, about three years ago, I discovered it all: the resources; the skills needed to build supportive learning environments; adult teaching and learning methods and programs vs ‘taught’ programs; the methodologies; the… everything needed to succour and develop the individual to be all, and do all that they can be and do?

You won’t be surprised when I tell you that at least one major focus of my Division Director goals for the year is, not only to spread the word of what Toastmasters is, does and can do for the individual, but also to attempt to further the education of us all. This applies both within the organisation to facilitate better servicing of the needs of our fellow club members and of course, in so doing, better ourselves, and… without! The pursuit of Excellence in our home clubs, area and division will be targeted, but of course those ‘on the ground’ doing the heavy lifting will be our wonderful team of Area Directors: Area 5 Mary Burnham ACG, ALS; Area 18 Bobby Buckley ACG, ALB; Area 26 Shalini Sinha CC; and Area 54 John P Kelly ACG, ALB.

Besides embracing Pathways this year, I hope to relentlessly promote Toastmaster Community Programs, such as Speechcraft and Youth Leadership, for their dual purpose in: education, but also giving value and purpose to our more experienced Toastmasters. Through their delivery of these programmes, they will continue to grow by sharing their expertise through Service in our communities. This measure in turn should feed into the challenge of retention of our experienced members and those who recognise that they have already attained their personal goals.

My personal goals for the Division Directorship will of course reach fruition through giving the best support I may to our Division M Area Directors. Respect and Integrity, I hope will be my constant companions and guiding values for the year.

As it is yet incredibly early in the Toastmaster year, our principal endeavour thus far has been the organisation and coordination of the Division based Club Officer Training 1 (Div. M COT1) which we ran on Sat 30th June from 8:30 hrs through to 13:00hrs.

Applying some of the principals of adult education, our COT structure, content and methodologies were based on

  • analysis and reflection on practice (Moments of Truth (MOT) Workshop, carried out in home-club groupings);
  • the pursuit of excellence through interrogation and analysis of best practice (breakout officer trainings facilitated by excellence practitioners);
  • the sharing of mutual experience (very little ‘presentation from the top / death by PowerPoint’ but lots of time allocated to discussion & mutual problem-solving);
  • analysis and reflection on our OWN practice to facilitate our learning (detailed evaluation sheets prepared and dedicated ‘fill-in’ time given at the end of the program will be used to inform our COT2 sessions and future Division based training).

To put science into practice we divided our session as shown in the agenda in Table 1

Table 1 Agenda for Div. M COT 1



8:30 – 09:30 Sign -in and general room set-up Mary Conlon, Jillian Gerraghty, Mary Burnham

08:30 – 09:30 Tech Help Desks: TMI Easyspeak and Basecamp Patricia O’Reilly, Ciara Halloran, Gareth Coughlan.




09:30 – 09:45 Intro to Div. Dir and ADs (3 mins each) and Important dates Teresa Redmond and ADs




09:45 – 11:00 MOT workshop (All participants seated with home clubs) Teresa Redmond

Intro and instructions
10 mins to 09:55am

Personal filing of survey:
15 mins to 10:10am

Collate scores  ≤3
5 mins to 10:15am

Club Discussion ≤ 3:
30 mins to 10:45am

15 mins to 11:00

11:00 – 11:15 GDPR Retention and membership Patricia O’Reilly,




11:15- 11:30 Coffee and biscuits T/C/Cookies




11:30 – 11:40 Intro to Trainers Trainers




11:40 – 13:00 Officer training Trainers

40 mins

60 mins

80 mins

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch (own expense)  
14:00 – 15:30 Div. M Council Meeting Div. Dir and ADs ADs and Div. Dir

Bobby Buckley, Div. M, Area 18 Director welcomes both John Doyle, Plainspeakers Naas and visitor from Div. D, Deirdre Walsh, Athy TM.

A busy President’s breakout training session facilitated by Ciara Halloran, outgoing DIV Director, and Bobby Buckley Div. M Area 18 Director

To give some ‘flavour’ to our Div. M COT1 endeavours, in addition to the photographs, We asked several of the team to give their impression of the day’s proceedings:

  • Area M5 Director Mary Burnham “DIVISION M COT1 TRAINING”
  • Pat Rooney “A First-Timer’s Encounter with Div. M COT1 and MOT”
  • Karen O’Donnell “COT Vice President of Public Relations (VPPR) breakout group”

L to R: Declan Keane VPPR; Patrick Quigley Treasurer; Kevin Kinahan President; Michael McErlean VPE.

The Tech Help Desk: Anne Byrne VPE Bray Toastmasters getting expert advice from Gareth Coughlan VPE Tallaght Toastmasters and Pathways Guide on the Pathways and Basecamp helpdesk; Menchu Hernández, Cogito Toastmasters and Antrás Vargkas, Allianz Toastmasters, listening avidly to advice from Patricia O’Reilly D71 Director on the TI helpdesk;

And to set COT in the wider context of Division M success:

  • Area M28 Director Shalini Sinha “Why Bother Achieving Presidents Distinguished? My Vision for the Year.”
  • Immediate Past Division M director Ciara Halloran “From Greeter to Distinguished!”

– read on to their subsections.

But, first… of course we must recognise – all is possible because we stand on the shoulders of the giants who have gone before us along the Toastmaster path. Many of these wonderful Toastmasters, known to me, have already been ‘roped-into’ my ever-growing contingent of personal mentors! You know who you are, and I won’t even try to name you all, but… one stands out for her most recent and generous offers of help at our COT1. That is our very own District 71 Leader, Patricia O’Reilly. Patricia not only agreed to give her short presentation on GDPR, but also offered to (wo)man the TI aspect of our Tech Desk (8:30-9:30am), and to co-facilitate the Treasurer officer-training break-out group.

Thank you, Toastmasters, for this opportunity to pursue excellence through integrity. and respect for all, but above all these, in my book, thanks for the honour to be called on to serve. I will try to do my best.

Club-based MOT session: members of Clondalkin Toastmasters deep in discussion on how to improve their overall club performance using the MOT handout. Although with President’s Distinguished this year and last, they mustn’t be doing too much wrong! L to R: Aoife Cousins, new TM member; Pat Rooney VPM; Antoinette Doran, VPPR; Mary Conlon, Secretary; Ann Gordon, Treasurer; Marie Grange, member of Clondalkin and Tallaght Toastmasters.

Bonus Content

1st Toastmasters training manual by Ralph Smedley.


Division M COT1 Training

with Mary Burnham ACG, ALS. Area M5 Director

The words ‘Officer Training’ used to fill me with dread in my early Toastmaster days as it meant giving up the best part of my Saturday, travelling to an unknown venue, and then facing the prospect of sitting in a stuffy hotel room having my head filled with ‘useful’ information!

Mary Burnham Area M5 Director, introducing herself to Division M COT1 attendees.

Many years later, in my new role as Area Director for Area 5, I’m delighted to report that officer training is a wonderful way to get to know other Toastmasters and to learn how best to fulfil each role on the committee. It was an early start, but the room was virtually full by 9.30am with committee members and quite a few extra Toastmasters who came along to join in the learning experience.

There was a good atmosphere in the room giving everyone a chance to meet and greet before getting down to business with introductions, a few short presentations, and then breaking out into individual training sessions for each committee post. My table was dedicated to the role of secretary where I summarised this crucial role as a way of recording each meeting, and of keeping members who are unable to attend informed and involved.

We requested qualitative and quantitative feedback (see below) from attendees which were mostly complimentary – particularly about our Div. D Teresa Redmond! – and gave us a good indication of how well the meeting fit their needs. There was also a high degree of satisfaction, marked out of 5, the overall rating being 4.5.

  • “Immensely helpful, learned lots of little important things that I didn’t know”
  • “Well organised with good engagement”
  • “Terrific opportunity to meet other clubs”
  • “The breakout group was great for swapping ideas”
  • “Well structured, personable, kept to time”
  • “Especially useful explanation of CC / CL versus Pathways”
  • “Good to meet others and for my club to do MOT. A worthwhile session”

But as we all know there are always improvements that could be made to ensure we stay ahead of the game:

  • “To limit the number of Toastmasters in any one group as it can occasionally be hard to hear or to get a word in edgeways”
  • “Some handouts on GDPR would be helpful plus a plan for the year and a discussion about the new way of conducting the contests”
  • “More information on Pathways would help”
  • “Structure better to make sure that trainers don’t miss out when it comes to their own learning”

There was a great buzz in the room and, after a busy morning, members left armed with useful information to help them in the running of their clubs, safe in the knowledge that they each had an Area Director on call to answer queries and to help them attain all the points necessary for President’s Distinguished.

A First-Timer’s Encounter with Div. M COT1 and MOT

with Pat Rooney CC, Clondalkin Toastmasters.

I’ve been a member of Toastmasters since January 2018, aside from enjoying it hugely, I’m amazed at how quickly, and seamlessly TM has become a part of my life. So, naturally, when I was invited to give a little back by way of taking on the role of VPM for the coming year, I was more than happy to accept.

While my membership of Toastmasters stretches back all of 6 months, my experience of being involved in various boards, groups, committees, etc. goes back about 40 years. It was with a slightly jaded and experienced eye, therefore, that I attended the Div. M, COT1 event hosted recently by Division Director, Teresa Redmond, at our Clondalkin Toastmasters base, The Maldron Hotel, Newlands Cross, Dublin.

Happily, my jaded eye stayed firmly in its socket; while my experienced eye was thoroughly pleased with what it saw. The event was meticulously well organised and featured presentations of a uniformly high quality, all under Teresa’s guiding hand. The woman’s energy is matched only by her enthusiasm; both are inspiring.

Pathways featured as a frequent topic of conversation, with a powerful sense that we have quite a way to go before members become fully conversant with its finer points.

Moments of Truth (MOT)

Some of the most valuable learning of the morning centred on the ‘MOT Handout’ exercise, which involved individual scoring, discussion, and collation of group scores. The results generated from the exercise will prove extremely valuable for our club committee and membership during the coming Toastmaster year. However, I think there is also a lesson to be drawn from the fact that the completion of all three functions within the allotted time proved to be an overly ambitious goal.

The value of this workshop will, I believe, only become truly apparent when the results of the MOT questionnaire are brought back to individual clubs for analysis and as a developmental resource for their committees.

Another useful feature of the workshop was the use of dedicated evaluation sheets to generate qualitative feedback on the various sessions. The resulting overall rating of 4.5/5 for all sessions was, I feel, an accurate reflection of the quality of the work done on the day.

Overall, we owe a debt of gratitude to everyone involved in organising and presenting this workshop.

COT Vice President of Public Relations (VPPR) breakout group

with Karen O’Donnell, DTM.

At 1 o’clock and clockwise: Karen O’Donnell, VPPR training facilitator; Colm McGlade DD, Div. J; Colin Byford, Greystones TM; Winifred Ryan, Rathfarnham TM; Dana Diaconescu, Bray TM; Konrad Jacubowski Dublin Sth TM; Antoinette Doran Clondalkin TM.

I was delighted to be asked to facilitate the VPPR breakout group for Division M. I had 6 very enthusiastic VPPRs and even Division J Director, Colm McGlade sat in to pick up PR tips for his new Division.

It was fantastic to have 90 minutes for this officer session. I broke the session down into 3 distinct areas to maximise the learning for these awesome club officers.


As this is a Club Officer Training, it is vital that the officers require ‘training’ in the role they have agreed to take on.

  • Role of VPPR
  • Numerous ways of connecting with your target audience; and
  • PR Resources available to our VPPRs.

2.Integration of information

I had prepared various scenarios and asked the participants to get into pairs and work through solutions to the various scenarios. With 5 minutes to chat through each PR challenge, each pair then shared their solutions openly with the other VPPRs and we got through quite a few different scenarios. By carrying it out this way, there was a wide variety of suggestions and the training was well and truly integrated. What a super group of officers!

3.Q and A

The concluding section of our breakout group involved questions and answers. Many related questions I had faced from officers when I was both Division M Director and District PR Manager. I provided my contact details in case any of the officers wanted further clarification. Enthusiastic VPPRs did contact me in relation to mixed messages they had received from other Toastmasters. When replying, I could draw on personal experience and as always, would also direct officers to ‘Policies and Protocols’ something I learned from a wonderful Toastmaster, Luanne Kent!

What I felt worked well was the amount of time allocated for this section of the training. It was super to see Teresa take on board the feedback from previous COTs. The group that I worked with had time to integrate the learning with the case studies.

What we could improve on:

PR is a huge subject that most Toastmasters do not encounter during their daily lives. A lot of support is required and with Daniel Sandars as our District PR Manager, I am sure he will provide this support to our Divisions and Club VPPRs. Wishing all club officers an amazing year!

Why Bother Achieving Presidents Distinguished?

My Vision for the Year as Area M26 Director by Shalini Sinha ACB

My vision for Area 26 this year is that each club achieves Presidents Distinguished. I am sure every Area Director wants to reach for this goal but let me explain my desire. Simply, I believe this is the only goal I can hold that allows me to best serve the average member in a Toastmasters club.

I, like many, joined Toastmasters for my own reasons, but at the time had no idea Toastmasters had such a structured Educational Program. I was surprised to receive manuals (then) and see projects to work through step-by-step.

I faced a choice: stay paralysed with fear or start acting. I chose action.

Our educational awards recognise the action we take. The more action we take, the more skilled and confident we become. That is why we joined Toastmasters! To grow in skill and confidence. Achieving an educational award is useless as a goal, but it is deeply meaningful as a recognition that we achieved something else – became a better communicator and leader than we had been last year.

I have another secret. Achieving big goals is possible without working too hard and while having lots of fun along the way. This is what I want for each club member in Area 26 – to improve greatly in our skills without too much stress and with lots of fun. This is how we do this:

Achieving a goal requires 3 things: vision, a set of structures that make action automatic, and support.

What vision will you set for yourself this year? I would love you to aim to complete at least one educational goal this year. That is the only way to be sure you will become more skilled this year than you were last year.

Think about what one simple action you can do consistently to help you progress on achieving your goal. This will be the structure that will get you to where you want to be.

Finally, and most importantly, avail of lots of support. The two most profound benefits of Toastmasters in my life – things I’ve gained that I didn’t expect – have been good friends and a place to stretch, take risks and make mistakes. I want us to build strong relationships across Area 26 and help each of us to go farther than we have before.

Now, you see how I could hold no other goal that would serve you better, but to aim for achieving Presidents Distinguished in each of our clubs this year. I am with you and we are doing this together.

From Greeter to Distinguished!

By Ciara Halloran DTM, Immediate Past Division M Director, VPM PowerTalk Toastmasters, and Rathfarnham Toastmasters member

Having just completed my term of office as Division M Director on June 30, I have recently been asked for that elusive one nugget of wisdom to pass on to incoming Clubs Leaders enabling them to have an extraordinarily successful year!

Reflecting on this and determined to offer a useful insight even though there is no one silver bullet when it comes to the Distinguished Club Programme, I thought about not just the previous year but my many years in toastmasters as both club member and officer including my experiences in Dublin, Paris and Vancouver. Here is my suggestion to incoming club leaders.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression so boost your Club’s opportunity to create a warm welcome and friendly environment for guests and members through the introduction of the role of Greeter at your toastmaster meetings! The role of Greeter while not an official meeting role has been used successfully by many clubs in District 71 and further afield to set the right tone and start meetings on professional note. Having a dedicated toastmaster member act as Greeter each meeting to welcome members and meet guests when they arrive strengthens the likelihood of guests having a positive first impression, experiencing a warm friendly welcome and increases the chance of them joining as a new club member! Similarly, the role of Greeter is not just beneficial for guests but equally supports club member retention as everyone likes to be warmly welcomed and greeted in a friendly manner!

Here are some recommendations for successfully carrying out the role in your Club:

  • Rotate the role each meeting, it can be used to fulfil the task of Befriend a Guest in Project 7 Facilitation, Toastmasters Competent Leader Manual.
  • Greeter should arrive 15-20 mins before the start of the meeting so that they can greet guests and members before the start of the meeting.
  • Welcome everyone with a handshake and smile at the entrance to the meeting room.

For guests:

  • Have the guest sign-in or request to take their contact details so that the club can follow up with them after the meeting, follow Toastmasters General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • If using name badges, make a name badge for guest
  • Provide guest with agenda of the meeting and answer any questions they may have
  • Offer them a guest pack or information on club membership as appropriate
  • Introduce them to an existing member who can sit with them and explain the benefits of toastmaster including answering any questions they may have
  • Let the guest know if they will be asked to introduce themselves (usually at start of meeting) or comment on their experience to provide feedback to club at the end of the meeting
  • Make a note of all guests to pass on to Vice President of Membership (VPM) for follow-up at meeting break and after meeting
  • If club meeting agenda allows, have Greeter carry out the introduction of guests to the club by stating the name of each guest and whether it is their first, second or third visit to the Club at start of the meeting. If the guest is a toastmaster member of another club or a district leader the Greeter should mention this as part of the introduction.
  • Check-in with guests at break to see how they are doing.
  • At end of the meeting, be sure to offer a polite goodbye to guests and ask if they would like to attend the next meeting? Remind them you will pass on their contact details to VPM (or another club leader in VPM’s absence) who will contact them to follow up and inform them of the details for the next meeting.
  • If your club meets socially after the meeting be sure to invite your guests along and ideally escort or show them where to go to meet and socialise with your club members.

To complete the role:

  • Have guest or Vice President of Education complete the task evaluation for Befriend a Guest, Project 7 in Competent Leader manual if needed.
  • After meeting, remind VPM to follow up and pass on all contact details.
  • If you see guests again at another toastmasters meeting make a point of saying hello, letting them know you remember them from the previous meeting and are glad to see them again.

In the hotel industry, one of the main differences between 4-star service and 5-star (or above) is the dedicated level of service provided which often starts at the point of entry for example complimentary shuttle service, a valet, doorman and porter. Make your Club’s first impression a top star rating by creating the Greeter role at your meetings or delegating the role responsibilities above to a member of your club. This will not only support your club officers in growing and sustaining membership but may even help your club achieve Distinguished Club status by June 30th, 2019!