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Feb ’19 OpenNight and Video PR campaigns for growth

#OpenNight Incentive

– stock up your club with Pathways ribbons and badges

By Daniel Sandars, Public Relations Manager

An open night (or Open House or Guest Night) highlights and engages an entire club and helps it grow. Open nights can have refreshments, decorations and a headliner speaker. They are an all-round fun night.

Support: The District 71 Website has a page full of tips and ideas.

STOP PRESS: Toastmasters International have released new Open House Flyer Designs

Remember there are additional incentives you can build on around your Open Night, such as an external PR event, a new PR channel or activity, or a Promotional Club Video See

To claim

Simply send your Open Night guest list, highlight those that joined, and tell me about the PR channels you used. They can be back dated to Open Nights held after the summer break from 1st September 2018 EMAIL ME

For Example: campus-based Cranfield Speakers (Division H) had a stall at two freshers fairs, did poster and leaflet drops around campus, created an Open Night event on Meetup and Facebook and gave additional social media publicity on Twitter and Instagram. They had 133 new inquiries of which 80 attended the open night and ten had joined within two months

Google Claims Spreadsheet

To aid transparency all info that I receive pertaining to PR incentives can be checked out!

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Video project Incentives

#WowFactor!| #MyWhy| Club Promotional Video


Welcome 2019 – #WowFactor

#WeAreToastmasters Patricia O'ReilleyPatricia O’Reilly, DTM District 71 Director 2018-19

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”, Zig Ziglar (recognised as one of the greatest motivational speakers and recipient of the Toastmasters International Golden Gavel award in 1999).

Happy New Year and welcome to the second half of the toastmaster year 2018-19. Whatever your toastmaster goal is you have just under six months to achieve it. My wish for all members and all clubs is that you achieve your goals this toastmaster year.

A healthy club means more members and a better toastmaster experience for all. Lark Doley, International President of Toastmasters International, has introduced the #WowFactor program for clubs for 2019.

  1. Goal:
    To increase the quality & performance of every club and to get members to think and say “Wow!” when they attend a meeting.
  2. How:
    In January/February use the Club Quality Checklist or Moments of Truth to carry out a deep analysis of your club’s health. Find any gaps or areas of weakness. Club officers and members should work together to address any weak areas. Get on board with the District PR Manager Daniel Sandars’ incentives and hold Open House nights. Aim to make your club “the best club possible”.
  3. Video:
    Have fun and send in a one-minute video of your club’s unique “Wow!”
    experience using #wow!factor. Let’s put District 71 on the map internationally by sending in “Wow!” videos and copying them to Daniel Sandars – Daniel Sandars, District 71 PR Manager – so they can be put on the District’s Facebook page and website.

By March, every club should have achieved the “wow!” factor and should aim to ensure that every member and guest has a “wow!” experience when they attend your club.