Time is running out. . .


Only five more days to achieve the Smedley Award and to encourage your members to pay their Dues Renewals.

The Toastmasters International website will be busy at the weekend so please don’t leave it to the last minute.

So how are you doing?

The following clubs have already added 5 or more new, dual or reinstated members this Toastmasters year so they could be in line for the Smedley Award if those members were registered in August and September.

West Cork; Bishopstown; Sheffield; Spa; Bullring; Manchester Orators; Didsbury; Camulodunum; East Herts; Society; Accentuators; Cogito; Amazon; Haymarket; Livingston; Aberdeen and Glasgow.

It would be great if they all were Smedley Award Winners.

Other clubs still have a chance if you get your new members registered before Sunday

Don’t forget all the other incentives that are in place for club and membership growth – they also appear in the latest District Newsletter.

Many thanks to all of you who I know are working hard to make their Clubs, Areas and Divisions a success.

— John Cox, Club Growth Director



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