Table Topics Contest

Current Year Winner

YearContest WinnerClub
2020Jenny BrittLuton

Some say Table Topics is the most challenging of all Toastmasters’ speech contests. They may be correct. With no preparation, contestants are given a speech topic as they approach the podium. The contestant must then deliver a two-minute speech on that topic, ideally with a clear beginning, body and conclusion. Not for the faint-hearted, many would say, but like everything, Toastmasters is the place to learn to think — and speak! — on your feet.

Here is a list of the District 71 Table Topics Contest winners.

Year Contest winner Club
2018/19 Vinette Hoffman-Jackson Bedford Speakers
2017 David Clinton Athy Toastmasters, Kildare
2016 Paula Kelleher Guardian Toastmasters, Cork
2015 Patrick Sexton Speakeasy, Cork
2014 Elizabeth Toohig Thame Speakers
2013 David T. Jones Holborn Speakers
2012 David T. Jones Excalibur Speakers
2011 James McGinty Chelmsford Speakers
2010 David T. Jones Excalibur Speakers
2009 Kevin Walsh Fermoy Toastmasters Club
2008 David T. Jones London Olympians
2007 John Kelly Thurles Toastmasters Club
2006 Patrick Sexton Speakeasy, Cork
2005 Sheila Merriman North Norfolk Speakers
2004 David T. Jones London Olympians
2003 Paul Carroll London Athenians
2002 Bill Russell London Corinthians
2001 Bob Harvey Bromley Speakers
2000 Alan Warner London Corinthians
1999 Bill Russell London Corinthians
1998 John Cronin Lucan Club
1997 Helen Heneghan Society Speakers
1996 Patrick Sexton Speakeasy, Cork
1995 William Horwood Oxford Speakers

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