Travelling Toastie Program

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Build your network and get recognised with the Travelling Toastie Program!

This program was adapted from other District programs.  It encourages and recognises those Toastmasters within our district who take the time to continue to grow by experiencing the world outside of our individual clubs.

Can you win the Travelling Toastie reward for your Division?

This year the Public Relations objectives take centre stage:

  1. Capture a prominent branded (current brand) photograph of you and a host club officer or a short testimonial interview video with a host club officer.
  2. Place it on social media or a website where it is highly visible to the general public (check people’s sensitivities before hand)
  3. Generate some social media buzz by tagging and hash-tagging, in particular #WeAreToastmasters and, if on Facebook tag to the District’s Facebook page (tagging is easier if you like the page first)

For example from 2017-18, Current brand, host Club, The visitor, tagging, date, social media buzz (likes and comments) and placed in a public part of Facebook. A bonus would be to have a host club officer

What’s in it for ME?

New ideas to bring to your own club to help it continue to grow and serve the membership.

Additional chances to work towards your goals and experience speaking in front of different audiences.

Making new friends and meaningful connections to help you continue to grow.

How to participate in the Travelling Toastie Program (TTP)

Find a club to visit, any club!  You aren’t limited to your area, division or even your district.  Attending any Toastmasters event, counts. The only stipulation is that in order for the visit to count towards the TTP it cannot be a club you are a current member of and it cannot be a club under your jurisdiction as an Area or Division Director.  Area and Division Directors can still participate by visiting clubs outside of their jurisdiction.  (only one visit to a club will be counted towards your TTP progress per Toastmasters year.)  You also need to be a Toastmaster in District 71.

Contact the club if you would like to sign up for a role, otherwise you can just show up!

At the meeting observe, participate, and have a good time!

Points awarded for taking on various tasks and roles and bonus points if you participate at a club with a membership less than 15.  Set an example as a District 71 Travelling Toastie!


To earn the District 71 Travelling Toastie Award, I understand that I need to visit at least 3 clubs, of which I am not a member as of the date of my visit. If serving as an Area or Division Director, I can only receive credit for visiting clubs outside my Area or Division of responsibility, respectively. I also understand I cannot receive credit for multiple visits to the same club.

Deadline  April 30th 2019 is the final date all forms will be accepted.

How to Claim

Include all of the following information if not already include in the social media posting for three points

  1. Your Name
  2. Your email
  3. Your Club
  4. Your Club’s Division/ Area
  5. Describe your Visit
  6. Name of the Club visited
  7. Date of Visit (must be after 1st July 2018)
  8. Name and email of a Club Officer hosting your visit
  9. What did you like about your visit
  10. Weblink to your Travelling Toastie social media post

Extra point to add to the claim

  • + 1 point if you took part in the meeting with a role other than table topics
  • + 1 point delivered a prepared manual or Pathways speech
  • + 1 point if you also brought a non member friend
  • + 1 point if visiting a club that started out the year with less than 15 members on 1st July 2018
  • + 3 points if your took a branded video as well as a photo (provide weblink)

Email your completed claim to Daniel Sandars

Deadline  April 30th 2019 is the final date all forms will be accepted.

All District 71 Travelling Toasties will be recognised for their accomplishments. The Travelling Toasties who accumulate the most points, from each Division, will receive fame, glory and a hard cover Toastmasters Notebook.


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