Triple Crown Criteria 2018-19

Triple Crowns

Have you heard of the Triple Crown?  Surprisingly, few members have.  It is an award made available to District’s (and their members) to recognize educational achievement.  Members who achieve three or more educational awards in a single program year are listed in the Triple Crown report in the Daily reports section of the Dashboard for our District (

Each district identifies the combination of educational awards and any other parameters that count toward the Triple Crown.  In District 71 we have recognised members achieving Triple Crown in our Hall of Fame each year by asking them to stand and be recognised.  Under 1% of members achieve a Triple Crown each year.  Purchase of the optional pin badge is left to the discretion of the member or their club.

With the advent of Pathways, we have agreed that District 71 will for this year recognise Triple Crown for members that achieve any combination of three education awards including Pathways Levels.  So, for example, a Pathways Level 1,2 and 3 will constitute a Triple Crown award.  Any mixture of three awards – Pathways Levels and a CC, CL, Advanced Communicator, or Leader, or DTM will also be recognised as a Triple Crown Award winner.

Current Triple Crown Standing in District 71 (7th November 2018).  Congratulations to everyone!

Member Count Award
Barad, Tanya Louise 6 PM3 , PM2 , PM1 , DTM , PM4 , ALS
Cowley, Martin 4 ALB , DTM , ALS , CL
O’Brien, Moira 4 DTM , LDREXC , ACG , ALS
Leeman, Lauren 4 ACS , ALS , CL , LDREXC
McFadzean, John 3 ALB , ACB , CL
Cronin, Beryl 3 CC , ALB , CL
00671898 – Name unavailable 3 ALS , LDREXC , DTM
Hammond, Carl 3 ALS , LDREXC , ACG
01371735 – Name unavailable 3 ACS , DTM , ACG
01568270 – Name unavailable 3 LD5 , PWMENTORPGM , CL
Walton, Darren 3 VC4 , VC2 , VC3
Shaw, Gillian 3 DTM , ALS , LDREXC
Bruce, Lorna 3 ALS , LDREXC , ACG
03619993 – Name unavailable 3 ACS , DTM , ACG

“Name unavailable” means the member has not opted in to disclosing their information.  This can be changed under “Manage My Data and Consent” on your profile on the Toastmasters International website.

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