Club Quality/Distinguished Club Programme

Daniel Sanders Programme Quality Director, District 71: 2020/21

Club Quality is always a win-win for any club. There are some additional incentives from District 71 this year:

The Distinguished Club Program is a 10-goal metric that uses indicators of club quality.

Distinguished Club Program (DCP) Prizes

  • 7 DCP goals by 30 Nov, 20 lots $25 prizes
  • 10 DCP goals by 30 April, 20 lots of $25 prizes
  • Distinguished if undistinguished in last 2 years, 10 lots of EUR 41 prizes
  • In the event of under subscription the eligible clubs have Winners take all!

Club Excellence Prize

  • Highest members with new awards/ base members by 31st May
    25 lots EUR 25 prizes

Data is drawn from the  District dashboard, clubs meeting the criteria will be entered in to a draw. The prizes will be in form of Concur expense allowances for Toastmasters store items as well as recognition.

Club Quality Training

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