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Incentive Awards 2021-2022

District 71 – 50th Anniversary Year

How did we do in Q1 2021?

It’s 50th Anniversary year for District 71 and our dream is to have all clubs in the District Distinguished by 30 June 2022. Imagine how exciting that would be for all of us!

We invite all clubs in District 71 to help make this dream come true! For most clubs that means having 20 members and at least 5 Distinguished Club Program Goals.

How is your club doing and what do you need to achieve this. Check your Dashboard here! – Just type in your club name under “Club Search” . Want help? Just ask your Area Director. They will be happy to help you.

Distinguished Club Program Reports

Results of the Incentive Awards Q1

We are delighted to announce the results of the incentive awards for Q1

Golden Quarter Award

The three clubs which added the highest number of new members in Q1, who also renewed in October, received the Golden Quarter Trophy.

This is an outstanding achievement award and our thanks and congratulations go to the following three clubs who had exceptional growth in new members in Q1.

·       First place went to Godiva Toastmasters. 9 new members added*

·       Second place went to Tuam Toastmasters. 9 new members added*

·       Third place went to Lincolnshire Speakers. 8 new members added

*The tiebreaker was judged on the club which had the earliest member joining date.

Tuam Toastmasters renewed from a base of zero. Welcome back Tuam Toasmasters. We are delighted to see your club meeting again.

80/20 Award

Renewing members bring experience and loyalty to a club, help sustain it and provide a pipeline of club committee members for next year’s term.

Congratulations to the 22 clubs which renewed at least 80% of their membership in September renewals.

A special shout out to the 5 clubs who renewed 100% of their members:-

  • Analog D’Voices,
  • Cashel Club,
  • Castleknock Toastmasters Club,
  • GSK Herts Speakers
  • Phoenix-Tara Toastmasters.

7 of 7 Club Officers Trained

When Club Officers attend Club Officer Training (COT) they learn the objectives of their role, build up a network of peers across the District in the same role and acquire the skills to deliver a quality experience for their members and achieve Distinguished Status for their clubs. All club officers are encouraged to attend training which will be happening in January.

Aim to have all 7 trained to earn the round 2 COT incentive.

Congratulations to the 15 clubs who had all 7 of their club officers trained in round 1 and the 14 clubs with 12 members or less who had at least 4 club officers trained.

Special Recognition goes to Godiva Toastmasters

Very special recognition goes to Godiva Toastmasters who have added 17 new members to their club since 1 July 2021 and already have 7 goals registered on their Dashboard. Their President Nishanth C Mohan tells us how they achieved this:

“When we were sworn in as the new committee, the vision we signed up for was to “Become the best club in A42, Divison E in terms of DCP points, and reach President’s distinguished status in 6 months. 

So we were grinding for the last 3 months with our PR – pulling in lots of Guests, Membership – ensuring we do 80% guest-to-member conversion and with Educationals- doing maximum speeches with additional speakathons, thereby getting max points. 

We basically worked toward the vision with a well thought out  plan. All credit goes to the committee”

Dream, Believe, Achieve….it really works and we encourage all clubs to think big in this very special year.

Have a look at the remaining incentives for 2021/22 and see how your club can earn some credit.

2021/22 Q1 Incentive Results

Club NameDivisionAreaClub NumberClub StatusIncentive DescriptionNotes
Analog D'VoicesA497894605Active80/20 Sep100%30
Bradford Speaks Toastmasters ClubN157311213Active80/20 Sep80%30
Camulodunum ClubG15673Active80/20 Sep89%30
Capital CommunicatorsS307584Active80/20 Sep84%30
Cashel ClubD8864624Active80/20 Sep100% + Coached35
Castleknock Toastmasters ClubC166467Active80/20 Sep100%30
Chelmsford Speakers ClubG11195392Active80/20 Sep93%30
Dereham Articulate Speakers ClubG256844Active80/20 Sep83%30
Doncaster SpeakersN211371952Active80/20 Sep93%30
Dunfermline ToastmastersS335334085Active80/20 Sep86%30
Edinburgh Advanced ToastmastersS305507619Active80/20 Sep82%30
GSK Herts SpeakersH207594698Active80/20 Sep100%30
Headingley SpeakersN156935166Active80/20 Sep83%30
McAfee Toastmasters CorkA36806020Active80/20 Sep88%30
North Highland SpeakersS435527313Active80/20 Sep90%30
Norwich Speakers ClubG251292Active80/20 Sep80%30
Phoenix-Tara ToastmastersC16933947Active80/20 Sep130
Portlaoise ClubD409363Active80/20 Sep80%30
Sheffield SpeakersN211378608Active80/20 Sep80%30
Strictly Speaking HarrogateN151022885Active80/20 Sep93%30
Tallaght ToastmastersM266613254Active80/20 Sep81%30
Warrington ToastmastersN311706871Active80/20 Sep81%30
Blarney ClubA33579Active7 of 7 Sept25
Castleknock Toastmasters ClubC166467Active7 of 7 Sept25
Cornerstone Communicators Advanced ToastmastersH321479472Active7 of 7 Sept25
Godiva SpeakersE425512178Active7 of 7 Sept25
Heart of England ClubE426824Active7 of 7 Sept25
International Orators Toastmasters ClubH327788216Active7 of 7 Sept25
Kildare ToastmastersD28644057Active7 of 7 Sept25
Lincolnshire SpeakersE65168217Active7 of 7 Sept25
Loughrea Toastmasters ClubF126721377Active7 of 7 Sept25
Luton Speakers ClubH323919613Active7 of 7 Sept25
Nenagh ClubB247197Active7 of 7 Sept25
Online OratorsA497275105Active7 of 7 Sept25
Viking Voices ToastmastersC22767063Active7 of 7 Sept25
West Cork ToastmastersA115303564Active7 of 7 Sept25
West Herts Speakers ClubH328828Active7 of 7 Sept25
Godiva SpeakersE425512178ActiveGolden Qtr1st Trophy0
Tuam Toastmasters ClubF121139752ActiveGolden Qtr2nd Trophy0
Lincolnshire SpeakersE65168217ActiveGolden Qtr3rd Trophy0
West Limerick Toastmasters ClubB36827840Active7 of 7 Sept425
Dungarvan ClubD82985Active7 of 7 Sept425
Failte ClubB177508Active7 of 7 Sept425
Longford ClubF9610578Active7 of 7 Sept425
Thomond ClubB247729Active7 of 7 Sept425
Bray ClubM54488Active7 of 7 Sept425
Power Talk Advanced ClubM186496Active7 of 7 Sept425
Cashel ClubD8864624Active7 of 7 Sept425
Cavan ToastmastersF91755656Active7 of 7 Sept525
Cork East ToastmastersA32333Active7 of 7 Sept525
Linlithgow Speakers ClubS33709694Active7 of 7 Sept525
Advanced OratorsN481227757Active7 of 7 Sept525
Tuam Toastmasters ClubF121139752Active7 of 7 Sept625
Tullamore Toasmasters ClubF93727Active7 of 7 Sept625
Brenda Lannon

Brenda Lannon, Program Quality Director

It is important for all committee members in a club to understand what it is the other members are trying to achieve, why they are doing it and how they can support each other.

This incentive supports the Club’s Success Plan by providing clubs with a better chance of achieving their goals under the Distinguished Club Program (DCP)

Elizabeth Jordan
Elizabeth Jordan, DTM, Club Growth Director

Elizabeth Jordan, Club Growth Director

Many clubs experience a loss in membership at September renewals as existing members leave the club for lots of different reasons. This incentive rewards clubs which renew 80% or more of their membership base at 30th June 2021. Having a good base of experienced members is important to offer mentoring to new members and stability to the club. 

It’s a good idea to follow up with members who do not renew to help club officers to understand the reason for not renewing and to extend an invite to rejoin at a future stage. They may be happy to stay on the club’s email list with this in mind.

James Finnegan

James Finnegan, Public Relations Manager

Good PR attracts new guests, invites discussion and improves the reputation of the Club and Toastmasters generally.

Elizabeth Jordan
Elizabeth Jordan, DTM, Club Growth Director

Elizabeth Jordan, Club Growth Director

Many clubs experience a loss in membership at September renewals as existing members leave the club for lots of different reasons. Recruiting in the early months helps to maintain the membership based upon the number of members at 30 June.

Maintaining a healthy membership number (25+) gives the club a much better opportunity to hold quality meetings with enough members to avoid double roles. Quality club meetings attract new members. Healthy club growth is an important part of Club Success.