Toastmasters UK North & Ireland

Member of the month

We want to celebrate our  members that help us create our supportive and welcoming environment in our clubs. The "member of the month" initiative is your club's opportunity to give a shout-out and special recognition to a member of your club that has done something noteworthy.

It could be by mentoring a new member, delivering an exceptional evaluation, achieving a personal goal or making your club more fun by bringing biscuits.  

How does it work?

Each month, your club committee gets to decide who should achieve this award.  The criteria they use are unique to your club.

Once you’ve decided, present the award to the member at the next meeting.  You can create a certificate for the member, present them with a ribbon or pin. You might decide to invest in a trophy for the member to hold on to for the month.  You know your members, so decide on a way of presenting your award that works for your club.

Then, complete the form below to share the news.  Members who receive a member of the month award will be recognised at our quarterly awards ceremony.