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Program Quality

The purpose of the Program Quality team is to manage all aspects of education and training within the District. This includes supporting quality club programming efforts, promoting the Distinguished Club Program, and planning and executing the District conference.

Upcoming Events

24/07/2024 – Canva for Public Relations<br>

30/07/2024 – Toastmasters Unplugged<br>Toastmasters Unplugged

10/08/2024 – COT 1 Training session<br>

10/09/2024 – About Mentoring<br>

18/09/2024 – Town Hall<br>Town Hall

02/10/2024 – Awards<br>Awards

22/10/2024 – Special Celebration<br>Special Celebration

12/11/2024 – About Mentoring<br>

04/12/2024 – Town Hall<br>Town Hall

08/01/2025 – Awards<br>Awards

14/01/2025 – About Mentoring<br>

11/03/2025 – About Mentoring<br>

19/03/2025 – Town Hall<br>Town Hall

02/04/2025 – Awards<br>

07/05/2025 – Candidates Showcase<br>Candidates Showcase

13/05/2025 – About Mentoring<br>

04/06/2025 – Town Hall<br>Town Hall

Recorded Events

How to start a Toastmasters club<br>

Unlock the power of effective communication and leadership by joining our Toastmasters training course on how to start a Toastmasters club!

How to run productive meetings using parliamentary procedures<br>

This session of the Club Excellence Series will help you understand how to run productive meetings using parliamentary procedures. The presenter is #Parliamentarian Larry Lyons.

Promoting your club and growing members through Meetup and social media<br>

Past District Director John Cox, DTM, shares insights on how to promote your club through Meetup and Social Media

Inspire and Educate Through Evaluations with Ryan Parke<br>

Ryan Parke, winner of the District 71 evaluations contest, explains how the skills of effective evaluations can inspire and educate your audience.

The Leader as Coach – with Aletta Rochat<br>

Second Vice President of Toastmasters International, Aletta Rochat DTM, delivers an inspiring presentation on the subject of ‘The Leader as Coach’

Successful Strategies For Building & Supporting New Clubs with Danny Banks/Mari Manning/James Hurford<br>

Danny Banks, Mari Manning and James Hurford of Toastmasters District 71 share their insights and strategies in how to build and support new clubs

Easyspeak Essentials #2 with Sam Warner DTM<br>

Sam Warner provides useful tips and tricks to help club officers and members get the most out of the easySpeak system

Presentation on The Distinguished Club Program with Nikita Parks<br>

In this informative presentation, Nikita Parks shares useful information about the Distinguished Club Program and the activities within the District

Planning for Spring Contests – Best Practice, Tools & Tips<br>

Join the Toastmasters District 71 Contests & Judging team as they share best practices and a wide range of tools & tips to make your contests go smoothly

Planning For Success – Tools, Tips and Thoughts – with Lucas Leibich<br>

District 71 Winter TLI/COT2<br>

The District 71 Leadership Institute 2022 was a highly interactive event that included talks on purpose, Pathways, “Mind Over Matter” (by Cyril Junior Dim, 2022 World Champion of Public Speaking) and a panel discussion with District leaders

Easyspeak – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About It!<br>

Learn useful tips and techniques to get the most out of the easySpeak system, presented by Sam Warner

Mastering Pathways Base Camp<br>

Mastering Pathways Base Camp, with Cajetan Barreto

Tactics to Retain Members<br>

Liz Welch, John Cox and Nora Duggan share useful tips on how to encourage and retain members

Turning Guests into Members<br>

Turning guests into members, with Danny Banks, District 71 Club Growth Director

Behind the Numbers with Mike Raffety<br>

This is an opportunity to learn more about what’s behind the numbers we see on the Toastmasters Dashboard.  You will also hear more about Mike’s reports that are widely used.

Leadership In Uncertain Times – with Morag Mathieson<br>

Hear DTM Morag Mathieson, International President-elect, speak on the subject of ‘Leadership In Uncertain Times’.  

Youth Leadership Program – Where do I start?<br>

Join the District 71 Outreach team as they share useful information about the Youth Leadership Program.

The Speechcraft Program – "How To Drive It To Continued Success".<br>

Presented by Sultan Kus, John Finnerty & Tom O’Keefe

Role of Contest Chairs<br>

Role of Contest Chairs – Nigel Smith & Olga Byrne

Essential Information for Contest Judges<br>

Club Excellence Series: Essential Information for Contest Judges – Tom O’Keefe & Will Feek

Conflict Resolution<br>

Conflict Resolution, presented by Gerry Dunn

Hybrid Meetings<br>

Hybrid Meetings, presented by Kit Barritt

Dashboard reporting<br>

Reports from the Dashboard – George Marshall

Planning for Contest Success<br>

Presented by Liz Welch, Tom O’Keefe and Will Feek

Going for Growth – Post-COVID<br>

Presented by Nora Duggan

How to grow clubs through PR<br>

How to grow clubs through PR – presented by Ernold van Beuren, District 71 PR Manager