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Why take part in contests?

Contests offer members of Toastmasters an opportunity to compete against their peers, they also give a chance for improvement whether as a competitor or as an observer.

Enjoyment for contestants and observers is derived from a sense of fairness, and Toastmasters competitions are run with attention to correct judging, timing and ballot counting.

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Contests & Judging team

The Contests & Judging team shares expertise in the effective management of contests for Clubs, Areas, Divisions and the District, assists with the coordination of judges and officials for Division-level contests and manages the District-level contests.

District contests

This spring, District 71 runs International speech and Evaluation contests through to Division finals. 

The District finals for International Speech, Evaluation, Humorous Speech and Table Topics  will be held during the District conference in Liverpool

Countdown to the conference


Contest news

What is the Hall of Fame?

It’s always good to reflect on our achievements and celebrate the excellent contributions of our members as they build their skills in communication and leadership. The Hall of Fame is a highlight of our Toastmasters year. But just what is the Hall of Fame?

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Meet the District Contest Team

Contests certainly create fun and new challenges for our members, whether competing, judging or supporting a successful contests. The District contests and judging team is here to help, and in this article we get to meet them

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