Toastmasters UK North & Ireland

Incentive Awards, 2021-2022

District 71 – 50th Anniversary Year

How did we do?

It’s 50th Anniversary year for District 71 and our dream was to have all clubs in the District Distinguished by 30 June 2022.

The Covid legacy and our return to in-person meetings, the introduction of hybrid meetings and, for many, the continuation of online meetings has been a difficult challenge. Club members in District 71 have proven their resilience, professionalism and dedication by ensuring their club meetings were kept interesting, fun and educational.

100 of our 205 clubs achieved Distinguished Status or higher. Congratulations to all these clubs. Your achievement means that our District is Select Distinguished in the Distinguished Clubs category. Thank you!

Special recognition goes to all of the other clubs who retained their eligibility in challenging times. Thank you to each and every Toastmaster involved.

The Incentive Program is one way the District has of  thanking you for volunteering and keeping the passion you have for Toastmasters alive.

The Incentives earned by clubs for 2021/22 are now available. Make sure you know what your club has earned. Check below – Just type in your club name under “Club Search” . 

Club NameDivisionAreaClub NumberIncentive Description
Advanced OratorsN4812277577 of 7 Sept25
Analog D’VoicesA49789460580/20 Sep30
Anglia Communicators ClubH143380Distinguished this year not last year50
Athy Toastmasters ClubD28866008Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Balbriggan ToastmastersC10302292280/20 March30
Balbriggan ToastmastersC103022922Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Ballina ToastmastersF2783189780/20 March30
Bedford SpeakersH14911179Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Blarney ClubA335797 of 7 Sept25
Blarney ClubA3357980/20 March30
Blarney ClubA33579Club Values Video50
Blarney ClubA33579Helped in Chartering of New Club50
Bradford Speaks Toastmasters ClubN15731121380/20 Sep30
Bradford Speaks Toastmasters ClubN157311213Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Brandon Speakers ClubG252650Distinguished this year not last year50
Brandon Speakers ClubG252650Net growth of 550
Bray ClubM544887 of 7 Sept25
Cambridge Speakers ClubG418105Club Growth Award Q350
Cambridge Speakers ClubG418105Net growth of 550
Camulodunum ClubG1567380/20 Sep30
Camulodunum ClubG15673DCP Achievement50
Camulodunum ClubG15673Distinguished this year not last year50
Capital CommunicatorsS30758480/20 Sep30
Capital CommunicatorsS307584DCP Achievement50
Capital CommunicatorsS307584Distinguished this year not last year50
Capital CommunicatorsS307584Net growth of 550
Carrigaline ClubA23510Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Cashel ClubD88646247 of 7 Sept25
Cashel ClubD886462480/20 March30
Cashel ClubD886462480/20 Sep35
CastlebarF27587046580/20 March30
CastlebarF275870465Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Castleknock Toastmasters ClubC1664677 of 7 Sept25
Castleknock Toastmasters ClubC16646780/20 Sep30
Cavan ToastmastersF917556567 of 7 Sept25
Cavan ToastmastersF91755656Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Cavan ToastmastersF91755656VPPR of the month50
Chelmsford Speakers ClubG1119539280/20 Sep30
Clane ToastmastersD284327845Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Clondalkin ToastmastersM26518180/20 March30
Clondalkin ToastmastersM265181Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Cork Douglas ToastmastersA23396980/20 March30
Cork East ToastmastersA323337 of 7 Sept25
Cornerstone Communicators Advanced ToastmastersH3214794727 of 7 Sept25
Cornerstone Communicators Advanced ToastmastersH32147947280/20 March30
Cornerstone Communicators Advanced ToastmastersH321479472Helped in Chartering of New Club50
Cornerstone Communicators Advanced ToastmastersH321479472Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Cornerstone Communicators Advanced ToastmastersH321479472VPPR of the month50
Dereham Articulate Speakers ClubG25684480/20 March30
Dereham Articulate Speakers ClubG25684480/20 Sep30
Digital CommunicatorsN48784573680/20 March30
Digital CommunicatorsN487845736Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Digital CommunicatorsN487845736VPPR of the month50
Doncaster SpeakersN21137195280/20 March30
Doncaster SpeakersN21137195280/20 Sep30
Drogheda Toastmasters ClubC19742080/20 March30
Dublin 15 ToastmastersC16668439080/20 March30
Dublin 15 ToastmastersC166684390Distinguished this year not last year50
Dundalk Toastmasters ClubC1974469280/20 March30
Dundee ToastmastersS431121121Distinguished this year not last year50
Dundee ToastmastersS431121121Net growth of 550
Dunfermline ToastmastersS33533408580/20 Sep30
Dunfermline ToastmastersS335334085Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Dungarvan ClubD829857 of 7 Sept25
East CoastC1088980/20 March30
East Herts SpeakersH201395279Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
East Midlands SpeakersE61200787Club Growth Award Q350
East Midlands SpeakersE61200787Net growth of 550
East Midlands SpeakersE61200787Open Night75
Edinburgh Advanced ToastmastersS30550761980/20 Sep30
Edinburgh Advanced ToastmastersS305507619Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Elvet SpeakersN151492764Net growth of 550
Engineers ClubM18367780/20 March30
Ennis Toastmasters ClubB13336080/20 March30
Failte ClubB1775087 of 7 Sept25
Fermoy Toastmasters ClubB17284680/20 March30
Fil on ToastJ77811760Club Growth Award Q250
Fil on ToastJ77811760Recruited most members in Q2 (1 of 3)50
Fingal Toastmasters ClubC10625580/20 March30
Fingal Toastmasters ClubC106255Moments of Truth50
Galway ClubF129215Net growth of 550
Glasgow ToastmastersS60757480/20 March30
Glasnevin ClubC22565880/20 March30
Godiva SpeakersE4255121787 of 7 Sept25
Godiva SpeakersE425512178Club Growth Award Q552
Godiva SpeakersE425512178Club Values Video50
Godiva SpeakersE425512178Golden Qtr0
Godiva SpeakersE425512178Net growth of 550
Godiva SpeakersE425512178Smedley Award 5 New Members Q10
Godiva SpeakersE425512178VPPR of the month50
Godiva SpeakersE425512178Website of the year150
GSK Herts SpeakersH20759469880/20 Sep30
Guardian ToastmastersA3115355780/20 March30
Headingley SpeakersN15693516680/20 Sep30
Heart of EnglandE42682480/20 March30
Heart of England ClubE4268247 of 7 Sept25
Heart of England ToastmastersE426824Moments of Truth50
Hellfire ClubM18359980/20 March30
Hertfordshire Speakers ClubH206327VPPR of the month50
Hull SpeakersN211333315Distinguished this year not last year50
Hull SpeakersN211333315Helped in Chartering of New Club50
IE Templbar ToastmastersJ57419380/20 March30
International Orators Toastmasters ClubH3277882167 of 7 Sept25
International Orators Toastmasters ClubH327788216Distinguished this year not last year50
International Orators Toastmasters ClubH327788216Net growth of 550
Inverness ToastmastersS431444713Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Ipswich ElectrifiersG1645980/20 March30
Ipswich Electrifiers Speakers’ ClubG16459Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Irish Life ToastmastersJ57717501180/20 March30
Irish Life ToastmastersJ577175011Distinguished this year not last year50
Irish Life ToastmastersJ577175011Net growth of 550
Kildare ToastmastersD286440577 of 7 Sept25
Kildare ToastmastersD2864405780/20 March30
Killaloe/Ballina Toastmasters ClubB2477194080/20 March30
Killaloe/Ballina Toastmasters ClubB24771940Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Killarney ClubB36590632Distinguished this year not last year50
Kinsale Toastmasters ClubA11122308580/20 March30
Lilly GBS CorkA237683898Net growth of 550
Limerick ToastmastersB24534280/20 March30
Limerick ToastmastersB245342Club Growth Award Q250
Limerick ToastmastersB245342Recruited most members in Q2 (1 of 3)50
Lincolnshire SpeakersE651682177 of 7 Sept25
Lincolnshire SpeakersE65168217Club Growth Award Q451
Lincolnshire SpeakersE65168217DCP Achievement50
Lincolnshire SpeakersE65168217Distinguished this year not last year50
Lincolnshire SpeakersE65168217Golden Qtr0
Lincolnshire SpeakersE65168217Net growth of 550
Lincolnshire SpeakersE65168217Smedley Award 5 New Members Q10
Linlithgow Speakers ClubS337096947 of 7 Sept25
Linlithgow Speakers ClubS33709694Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Liverpool City ToastmastersN316973786Smedley Award 5 New Members Q10
Livingston SpeakersS334830516Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Longford ClubF96105787 of 7 Sept25
Loughrea Toastmasters ClubF1267213777 of 7 Sept25
Loughrea Toastmasters ClubF126721377Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Loughrea Toastmasters ClubF126721377VPPR of the month50
Luton CommunicatorsH325941966Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Luton Speakers ClubH3239196137 of 7 Sept25
Manchester Orators Toastmasters ClubN486726Club Growth Award Q350
Manchester Orators Toastmasters ClubN486726Net growth of 550
Maynooth Toastmasters D2895086280/20 March30
McAfee Toastmasters CorkA3680602080/20 Sep30
Microsoft OnevoiceM54774112780/20 March30
Mid-Ulster Toastmasters ClubF4352580/20 March30
Monaghan ToastmastersC197837479Moments of Truth50
Monaghan ToastmastersC197837479VPPR of the month50
Mullingar Toastmasters ClubF9882480/20 March30
Mullingar Toastmasters ClubF98824Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Naas ClubD28366980/20 March30
Navan ClubC16939680/20 March30
Navan ClubC169396Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Nenagh ClubB2471977 of 7 Sept25
Nenagh ClubB247197Distinguished this year not last year50
Newbridge Toastmasters InternationalD283653166Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
North Highland SpeakersS43552731380/20 March30
North Highland SpeakersS43552731380/20 Sep30
Norwich Speakers ClubG25129280/20 March30
Norwich Speakers ClubG25129280/20 Sep30
Nottingham Robin Hood Speakers’ ClubE63032977Net growth of 550
Online OratorsA4972751057 of 7 Sept25
Pegasus Speakers AdvancedH447776718Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Phoenix-Tara ToastmastersC1693394780/20 Sep30
Portlaoise ClubD40936380/20 Sep30
Powdermills ClubA49402880/20 March30
Power Talk Advanced ClubM1864967 of 7 Sept25
PWC ToastmastersJ57111866780/20 March30
Roscrea Speakers ClubB24991758Helped in Chartering of New Club50
Saffron Walden SpeakersG415483529Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Sheffield SpeakersN21137860880/20 Sep30
Smith & Nephew Hull80/20 March30
Society Toastmasters ClubJ2781180/20 March30
Speak Easy at Martlesham Speakers’ ClubG171416180/20 March30
Speak Easy at Martlesham Speakers’ ClubG1714161Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Stirling SpeakersS336643772Net growth of 550
Stirling SpeakersS336643772Open Night75
Strictly Speaking HarrogateN15102288580/20 March30
Strictly Speaking HarrogateN15102288580/20 Sep30
Talk Club @ LetterkennyF41229819Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Talking Heads ClubA3330080/20 March30
Talking Heads ClubA33300Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Tallaght ToastmastersM26661325480/20 Sep30
Tallaght ToastmastersM266613254Distinguished this year not last year50
Tara ToastmastersM54314180/20 March30
Thomond Club B2477297 of 7 Sept25
Thurles Toastmasters ClubD40417380/20 March30
Tinahely ToastmastersD403941402Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Toastmasters in Travel80/20 March30
Toastmasters4GolfA11784507980/20 March30
Tralee ClubB36932680/20 March30
Tralee ClubB369326Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Tuam Toastmasters ClubF1211397527 of 7 Sept25
Tuam Toastmasters ClubF121139752Golden Qtr0
Tuam Toastmasters ClubF121139752Net growth of 550
Tuam Toastmasters ClubF121139752Smedley Award 5 New Members Q10
Tullamore Toasmasters ClubF937277 of 7 Sept25
Tullamore Toastmasters ClubF93727Distinguished this year not last year50
Tullamore Toastmasters ClubF93727Net growth of 550
UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School ToastmastersM545766676Club Growth Award Q250
UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School ToastmastersM545766676Recruited most members in Q2 (1 of 3)50
Viking Voices ToastmastersC227670637 of 7 Sept25
Viking Voices ToastmastersC2276706380/20 March30
Viking Voices ToastmastersC22767063Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
Vox PopuliJ7714780/20 March30
Walsall SpeakersE395563060Net growth of 550
Warrington ToastmastersN31170687180/20 Sep30
West Cork ToastmastersA1153035647 of 7 Sept25
West Cork ToastmastersA115303564Pathways Adoption Rate 95%+50
West Herts Speakers ClubH3288287 of 7 Sept25
West Limerick Toastmasters ClubB368278407 of 7 Sept25
West Limerick Toastmasters ClubB36827840Distinguished this year not last year50
West Limerick Toastmasters ClubB36827840Net growth of 550
Westport Speakers ClubF27568480/20 March30
York EbOrators Toastmasters ClubN21705274Club Growth Award Q653