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Kevin O’Reilly

Area 19 Director

Kevin O'Reilly

Area 19 Director

Kevin is a mindset and communications coach that specialises in interview coaching.  He uses advanced coaching techniques from his training as a behavioural analyst, an NLP practitioner and Hypnotist to give people hope for the future, courage to overcome their fears now and build confidence beyond what the client believes possible.  He works with individuals on a one-to-one basis and provides workshops for schools and colleges.  In addition, he also works closely with organisations both public and private, who have employees going through efficiency and redundancy processes prepare for the future.  His motivation is to help as many people as he can get the career they want, because he passionately believes that “on the other side of a successful interview is the life you deserve!”

He worked for over 20 years as a manager and area manager for a large sports retailer across the UK.  Where he achieved the accolade of achieving a Chartered Manager status for his services and experience in leadership and management through the Chartered Manager Institute.

The pandemic gave him an opportunity to do something new.  He re-trained and started his own business ( which focuses improving clients lives through mindset coaching and communication and presentation mastery.  He now also hosts and produces his own podcast “The Interview Jobcast”, where he interviews individuals and organisations around the topic of interviews.

How I have benefited from my Toastmasters experience
"Toastmasters has changed my life". I talk for a living through my coaching, training and hosting a podcast business. Therefore, if I am not improving my abilities to connect with people in a deeper way then I can’t do what I love to the best of my ability. Constantly improving my skills allows me to give the very best to my clients with every interaction. It has helped me to see the potential in myself through building the confidence to be able to speak out constructively and effectively.

What most excites me about my District role
Having the opportunity to meet new people through visiting all the clubs in my area and providing encouragement, support and guidance for each of them.

What I would say to someone considering a Toastmasters leadership position is....
I have learnt a lot about myself as a person and a leader taking on this role. At times it has been challenging but it has stretched me to learn new things and become a better person and leader. You get as much out as you put in. If your motivation is to really help people, not just yourself, you can do this with people who really need and are grateful for your help. You’ll also be amazed what you personally receive from the role.

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